Written by Northeast guy

3 Nov 2012

As Lynn and I drifted apart I had more time on my hands and my cock releasing the sexual tension which built up( I was used to shagging Lynn at least once a week) I started reading the personals and erotic stories readers letters etc and decided to see if I could find a couple looking for a guy

In those days chat rooms weren't around so I sent few letters off to local couples advertising

I was giving up on the idea when I received a reply from a late 40s couple about 10 -15 miles away I spoke to him on the phone they wanted a guy to join them and this was there first time so Very nervous.

I invited them over to my place on the Saturday night I showered changed into just t shirt jeans no underware to make things easier bottle of wine at the ready they where a bit late then I saw a car moving slowly along the street checking the numbers stopping outside I opened the door waved them in he was thin slightly bald guy with glasses about 5'8" - about same height blonde curly hair she was wearing a long black coat but her figure looked good beneath it also knee black leather boots

We said our hellos I took her coat which had concealed a knee length black dress showing a fair amount of cleavage and leg they sat on the sofa we chatted about what they where looking for she had some wine he was driving so declined so everybody relaxed I asked the big question did they want to do any thing tonight, looking at her she nodded to her hubby and said " can I use your bathroom to get ready" sure I said she disappeared leaving me and her hubby"better get stripped off then be ready for her" he said I followed his lead soon we where both sitting naked and hard she appeared in the door way in just black basque stockings ( Joan Collins style) she walked over to us giving a twirl in front of us" what you think of her"" very nice really sexy" I replied she was smiling but quickly bent forward taking hold of my cock ( which was couple inches bigger fatter than her hubby's) then began to lick suck me into her mouth her hubby moved down be side her as she knelt between my legs.

" you like that love" he asked her "umm" she replied not lifting her head from my cock

His hands slid over her bum to her pussy she moaned a little as he began to finger fuck her making her gasp the squelching noises telling me how wet she was" you ready love" " yes" she gasped he pulled her by the hips to the middle of the room now on all fours he nodded to me pointing towards her head which was bowed down but lifted to start sucking me again holding her hips he entered her from behind fucking her fast pushing her on and off my cock.

This was her fantasy coming to life she was gasping shaking her hubby was gasping too grabbing her hips thrusting deep into her as he came whipped out his cock spunk ing over her arse

I past him a towel he cleaned her up I still hadn't cum I ask if I could fuck her"you ok with that love""yea fine""how do you want her" " doggy over the sofa" I replied sloping on a condom I shuffled up behind her adjusting my stance her hand guided me to her entrance I slid in to the hilt which made her gasp the slowly began to fuck her gradually building pace "that's it love let it go""enjoy that nice big cock"" let him make you cum" her hubby whispered gently to her then she was cumming gripping the cushions pushing back on my cock her pussy gripping me in pulsing bursts I let go allowing my own orgasm to build thrust deep filling the condom deep inside her with drawing she turned kissing her hubby passionately " thanks love" then to me and " thank you too for lovely time"

That was my first couple but not the last