Written by Babs

31 Aug 2017

Having recently retired I joined the Ramblers and started going on their walks. This was hard at first but great fun. Then I was invited to a birthday party given by one of the guys. There were nine guys there and two women including me. I am short 5ft 2 slim with firm 36dd breasts. My husband has lost any interest in sex and I thought that I had two. We all drank too much and I and the other woman started dancing. One of the guys then asked me to dance to a slow number. He was very close to me holding me tightly and I could feel his cock pressing against me. It was a good size and I could not resist touching it through his trousers. His right hand was skilfully removing my thong and I felt my pussy being stretched. I was very wet and he suggested we rest in the front room.

We were alone in the front room and it was clear he wanted to fuck me as he lay me down on the carpet within minutes his cock was stretching my pussy .I soon came Now I am regularly fucked by members of the group. Babs