Written by blueskies

10 Jul 2014

Following on from yesterday. Gerry was a lot better in the days and weeks after his unexpected meeting with my wife. She is fifty years old and remains fit and agile with a beautifully looked after body. Not to the extent of obsession, but regular walks and fitness trips to the gym, a bit of cycling, all of which have kept her body as good as many ten years younger, 5'6" tall, dark hair and 34E breasts, soft skin and a naughty streak in her that I love. My lack of jealousy has allowed her to take advantage of the opportunity to meet and play with other men if she fancies them enough and this has led to some fabulous times for her and sometimes with me involved too provided the guy is tolerant of such things. I do not possess a bi side but do love watching her without the guy knowing.

So bringing the story forward to more interesting times. It was a few weeks after the dog walking incident where they got soaked by a summer downpour and she saw Gerry, a recent widower wanking into her discarded panties when they should have been in the tumble drier.

Gerry saw her in town and invited her for a cup of tea where he apologised for the earlier incident and Liz laughed and told him not to be daft as she found it quite amusing and that she was not too shocked or disgusted, saying everyone needs release. The discussion turned to decorating and she suggested a trip to a nearby store where some interesting colours could be found to transform his rooms. The expedition went well and Gerry was loading his car with all the paraphernalia required to do two rooms immediately. He returned home with a boot full of stuff and an agreement from her that she had two days off at the end of the week and she could make a start if he could have the room prepared, stuff off the walls and furniture out of the way or covered up.

Liz told me she was going to do the painting as we got into bed that night, my cock went rigid immediately and she looked at it and grinned and said 'Yes I thought that would get a reaction' and we fucked wildly that night as she told me what might happen if he was lucky.

Next day she was up bright and cheery, I saw her dress in a short skirt which she had only just bought, her legs looking fantastic and as I noticed, she revealed a lot when bending down or stretching up, obviously designed to attract attention. Her top was just a tee shirt with a bra beneath. Her nipples were proudly showing, no doubt in my mind that Gerry was going to see her at close quarters. I hoped he was going to like it, but then I knew what may lay in store for him. I did not notice any panties being put on and decided against asking as it added to the fun.

I left for work and Liz walked the dog before going to Gerry's place just a few minutes drive away.

Nothing happened for about two hours when my mobile buzzed in my pocket. A message from Liz, photo attached. Glorious, Liz naked, her pussy oozing spunk and the caption, 'Lovely fuck, not getting much paint on, might take a while to do the lounge, see you later'. I was going to be beautifully tortured all day now until I got home. I was obviously delighted that she had been taking a cock deep in her and had no doubt managed to come by the look of her juicy well filled pussy which I enlarged and studied in detail before returning to work with only half an eye on the job. This was going to be worth waiting for, still four hours before I got there, maybe she would get another load, hope so. More to come tomorrow, must get back on the job for real, will reveal her naughty goings on in part three.