Written by blueskies

17 Jul 2014

The decorating was done in about three days and Liz discussed with Gerry the next scheme and finishing the lounge and bedroom with new cushions, curtains and blinds plus a bit of a woman's touch with pictures bringing the house up to its modern image.

The day drew closer when she knew she would be the centre of attention from the guys who had seen her naked on Skype. She did not know their names but was aware she would be sucking their cocks under the direction of her master, Gerry.

She excused herself for two days while getting some other work completed for a client (non sexual) and having told me about the parcel, she said she would bring the dress and underwear back from his place to get ready for the big night. She and Gerry had planned a bit of bondage, using the handcuffs but the vibrators remained pristine in their wrappings, new batteries lying ready beside them in a box in the bedroom. A couple of days before the big night, Gerry rang and asked if she was free the next morning as she was needed for some measuring. Sensing this was something for her, she agreed and was told she was to be naked again for somebody's arrival.

It was just after nine when she met Gerry, he smiled and kissed her, pleased she was in just a tight skirt and loose top, both of which made it obvious she was nude beneath.

They had a cup of tea and as they chatted a van rolled up and a workman jumped out, Gerry grinned and told her to go get ready. The bedroom was behind her and she slipped into it as Gerry answered the door. Something substantial was being brought into the house. As she emerged naked she saw the tradesman was a joiner with some large balks of timber. Gerry said that it was a crucifix that she was going to be tied to and she was required so the fit was right for the night. He sent her for a vibrator and the joiner fixed the the cross in an x shape so she would be spread-eagled and fully on show. It was quite funny she said seeing such an inventive flat pack, the sort that Ikea just did not do. Bolts applied to pre drilled holes, some adjustment and final securing and it was in place in a corner of the lounge, at the top were two ropes, soft and thick, run through holes in the cross and looped, the joiner had made a clamp to secure the ropes when she was against the posts, two more ropes were similarly mounted for her ankles, securing the ropes was a one handed job, leaving no lost time doing messy knots for people not used to the finer refinements of bondage, yet wanting authentic restraints.

The joiner seemed to be very interested in his naked assistant now holding a vibrator in her hand and waiting to be inserted into a cross and then being helpless in front of two men. Gerry told her to lay back against the cross which was at a sixty degree angle and securely propped, her wrists were tied firmly and then ankles parted and secured, her naked body completely open to both guys' gaze. Gerry opened a drawer and pulled out a tassled stick, and began to flick it over her body, dragging it slowly over her nipples and letting the tassles tickle her as it was drawn around her breasts and nipples, then down across her stomach and down to her shaved cunt, the lips were now puffy and showing a slick of wetness, she closed her eyes in sheer joy at the gentle flicking and caressing, it made her shiver. Gerry passed the stick to the joiner and told him to enjoy.

She then watched as he sent her into raptures with the erotic lightness of the touches, Gerry left the room momentarily then returned naked, his cock as usual, firmly erect. He told the joiner to get naked too as they were both going to fuck her. He needed no further persuasion and his clothes were soon dumped on the floor and his cock was also ready for some fun. Between them they used the tassle and the vibrator to send her into a frenzy, nobody had actually penetrated her and they had been exciting her for some time, it felt like ages to her but she thought probably around fifteen minutes, but all the time she was being brought to mini orgasms and then teased some more as they waved their cocks towards her and talking dirty to her, saying she was going to be fucked by them and that she was a naughty girl deserving the torment before the fuck.

They continued to torment her for almost half an hour before the tassle was put down and the joiner was allowed to touch her body with his hands. She felt like a jelly and her arms ached from being in such a position for so long so they let her down temporarily until the blood was running properly again, during which time she was encouraged to play with their cocks, a task she warmed to immediately, but for a short while her fingers were too numb and pins and needles had set in, so she was put on her knees and told to suck them both, once more a pleasure for her rather than a challenge.

After about twenty minutes she was place back on the cross and the vibrator inserted after she had been fingered by both guys and had gushed her come across the wooden floor, leaving a puddle of come and a lovely aroma of sex filled the room. The vib was turned on and shock after shock shot through her as it wormed around and was gently thrust in her by the joiner. Gerry was watching intently and urging the guy to make her come again, which she obliged them with quite quickly.

The joiner was getting very carried away and was wanking himself as he vibrator fucked her then Gerry said to him, fuck her now she is ready for it' At that Liz told me she felt like screaming 'Yes, fuck me now' but she was so carried away she just whimpered and sighed as he slipped easily into her. She told me that night it felt about the same as mine and he was good, very good. However the occasion got to him and he shot his spunk deep in her a bit too soon for her liking. Slightly disappointed when he slipped out but was replaced by Gerry who said he loved creampie and slid into her warm creamy cunt as some of his spunk oozed out.

Gerry was keen to try out his slave tied firmly to his new toy and slid his cock in and started playing with her breasts as he fucked her slowly, saying how much fun this all was. He was also quite obviously more excited than he expected as he too spunked a huge wad into her unprotected cunt and gasped as he withdrew, shooting some more come over her breasts, buckling at the knees. The joiner had quietly dressed and said he had to go as he was needed at work but would rather have stayed. He and Gerry undid her restraints and both kissed and groped her once more before he left and Gerry took her to the shower, soaping her down gently in the warm spray.

When she got back home she told me her tale and I fucked her too but let the side down again because I could not believe my ears as she told me. It was after that that she put on the clothes she was going to wear for her three in a night which was only two nights away.