Written by Northeast guy

30 Oct 2012

Hi the story continues

Lynn's hubby worked away from time to time just the odd night now and again by this time I was just a mate drinking buddy to him Lynn didn't like being on her own with two young kids so it was agreed I could sleep on sofa when he was away.

We watched telly kids put to bed watched bit more to let them settle.

Lynn popped upstairs to check on them and returned in a long pink dressing gown siting in the arm chair opposite me her leg exposed to her thigh I gestured to her to undo the gown

She undid the belt opening the gown her nipples where hard her breasts rose and fell giving away her sexual excitement "open your legs" she did I could see her damp freshly shaved pussy " you can get them wider than that" she shuffled her bum forward spreading her legs wider her pussy lips parting slightly" play with nipples" her fingers began to pinch and roll her breasts around "now play with your clit, show me how you cum"

Her hands slid from her breasts over her stomach along the top of her thighs before she drew them back along her inner thigh gently running around her pussy teasing the lips apart , all the time she was starring at me going from my eyes to my crotch .

One hand rested on her mound she spread her lips exposing her clit and with the fingers of the other hand she began to move in slow circles over her clit area , her breast were heaving small pants escaped her lips as her pace quickened her hips moving in time with her hand which was now moving faster harder concentrating on her clit , her eyes met mine she gasped her legs clamped around her hand her body shook as she came

I moved over to her as she lay breathless her legs slowly parting I pulled off my t shirt she sat up in the chair urgently undoing my belt releasing my cock running her fingers over it and around my balls pulling the fore skin back plunging her mouth around my cock deep hard sucks I ran my fingers through her hair enjoying the sensations she was giving me ( I have pretty good self control can last long time too much wanking I think lol) I was slowly fucking her mouth. I thought about cumming in her mouth I wanted too but told myself there was plenty time later

I stopped her sliding from her mouth she looked up puzzled slightly" turn around on your knees facing the back of the chair" she grinned spinning around resting her arms on the chair back giggling a bit but not for long I pulled her hips back and up" lift your arse up high" she did bending my legs I ran my hand along her wet pussy finding her wet hole and guided my cock in it slid in to the hilt she gasped her head dropped onto her arms "keep your arse up""you can get it higher" I gripped her hips pounding her fast her back arched as she struggled to lift her arse higher " oh my god am gonna cum" she moaned I slowed right down just moving" don't stop you bastard fuck me fuck fuck" "you sure" I teased" yes spunk in me oh fuck" I grabbed her hips pounding her hard and fast she began to shake collapsing onto the chair as she came panting her gripping pussy enough to trigger my own climax I buried my cock deep in her falling on top of her back letting my balls empty into her

Hope there's not too many errors in here and you enjoyed my story