Written by hardsix

20 Jan 2013

If you have read Parts 1 and 2 you would know that I, Alan have been fucking Kate, the bosses Girl Friday, who he also fucks. We have to keep our relationship secret but that’s OK. She, that’s Kate is a beautiful girl with a body to die for and a big appetite for sex.

Max the boss, along with Kate and I headed down to the boat for a couple of days. The idea was for me to get familiar with the boat and its workings as we would be taking some business associates out for trips very soon. The boat was moored at a jetty in front of a large house Max owned down on the bay. This was about 2 hours drive from the estate.

When we arrived at the house, I had a quick look over the boat with Max and we soon got underway. Max was impressed with how I handled it. The boat is quite large, 96 feet and sleeps about 12 people in comfort with proper cabins, galley and everything else you could possibly need. Kate had given me all the specs about the boat and I had studied them so I had all the basics in my head. Max pays to have the boat kept ready so he can just go aboard and use it. I have handled work boats this size before. With Max and Kate to help, we were soon pushing out of the harbour and into deep water.

When we had been steaming for about half an hour Max called on the intercom and said “Alan don’t be shocked but out here its clothes optional. You can come down to the back deck and relax when you find a quiet spot”. I steered the boat over to an anchorage behind a small island and wandered down to the rear deck dropping my shorts on the way. Kate had told me about the “clothing optional” so I was ready for it. Max was pleased to see that I had got into the spirit of things and was not afraid to bare all. Kate looked beautiful and Max for a guy in his fifties had a pretty good body. He had a good sized cock as well. Kate had told me that also. He may even have been slightly larger than me but she never measured him so we could never compare statistics.

It was fairly hard and I don’t mean my cock to stay close to Kate and not be able to touch her. A few times I started to harden and I had to move around to avoid being embarrassed. Max looked to be semi hard most of the time which added to the impression of his size. He would touch and caress Kate when he sat with her while we talked and reviewed things about how the boat worked.

Kate went to prepare lunch and I gave her a hand to carry the food and drinks to the back deck. While in the galley she whispered “sorry you poor darling. I will make it up to you”.

After lunch I turned the boat out to sea and put it through its paces. After a while I switched on the sounder and located some schools of fish and soon had Max and Kate landing a few nice deep sea fish. What a sight to see naked people fishing particular one like Kate. It was a lot of fun.

We turned back from the fishing spot and headed south and I let it steer itself for a while and went back to see Max to see what he wanted to do. I made plenty of noise before reaching them but when I got there Kate looked sheepish and I could see when she turned around that all around here crutch was slick and shiny. He had definitely been fingering her. She must have enjoyed it. As I said before she gets very wet. I have seen plenty of that with our times together. I talked to Max and he was happy to stay at sea for the night so I went back to the wheel.

As evening approached I found a place to anchor and cleaned and filleted the fish. Kate and I grilled them on the deck and we had an excellent meal. They had a few wines but I stuck to coke as I was the skipper. After dinner they retired to the main cabin, I went to the other end of the boat and found a bunk. It was a long night. I was determined not to wank and it was murder to lie their knowing Max was giving her his all just at the other end of the boat.

Next morning we cruised till nearly lunchtime then headed for our mooring.

It had been arranged that a guy from the company who cleans, services the boat and replenishes all the supplies would come and meet me. So as soon as we tied up he arrived. Max and Kate headed inside the house and I was left to make further arrangements. I would be the one dealing with this firm now so I had a busy hour or so.

When the guy left Max and Kate were ready to go so we headed back to the estate.

Max could not be happier with how I handled the boat and how I had taken to organising everything regarding the boat and the fishing. He was confident that our future trips when we entertained his business people would be big successes. Better than when he hired short term skippers.

When we arrived it was fairly late and Max said to let him out of the house with his bag and for me to see Kate to hers with her bag. We never made it that far.

When we got to my door I was carrying both Kate’s and my bags. I opened my door and pushed her inside and grabbed her and started to kiss her. She responded and we swapped tongues for a while till I started to undress her. She tried to stop and murmured that she wanted to shower and clean up before we fucked. I would not any part of it. I said “I want you now, no I need you now”.

I continued to remove her clothes and knickers. She was still standing. I dropped to my knees and pushed my face between her legs, my tongue found her quim and I lapped along the slit. She was wet sticky. I was pretty sure she had not had a chance to clean up after making love to Max in the house. The taste of their interlude was strong and she still had a salty taste on her skin from all the sea air. It was heaven. She soon bucked in pleasure and I sucked and sucked. You could say I was a little rough but probably more determined to have my fill.

My cock was standing to attention so when I stood up I laid her down on my bed and slipped into her. I knew I would not last long but she gave me a good ride. I had to concentrate hard and savour the moment. My cock was sliding effortlessly into her warm and well used pussy. She came again just as I reached the point of no return and I shot into her. We lay for a moment until she said “you are a bad one” but with another one of her grins said “but a good one”.

We both got up and sort of dressed and I took her and her bag to her unit. She went in and got ready to shower. I told her I would shower and get some takeaway and would see her at my place in 40 minutes. She was more than happy with that and I shot off.

Later when she arrived at my place we had dinner and talked. She told me she was sorry that I had to put up with no sex while at the boat but over the moon at my actions on arrival home. I told her to get used to that as I found it all quite exciting and sharing her was not a problem.

She also told me again that she would make it up to me which I said I thought she had. She said “No, there’s more, you’ll just have to wait for your surprise”

More soon.