Written by hardsix

6 Feb 2013

Following on from the previous 6 parts. If you’re keeping up I have incredible relationship with this girl Kate and her friend Sarah. Kate is also being fucked by our boss, Max. I had just spent the night with Sarah and her boyfriend Tony is coming into town. Sarah asked me to wait a day before she, Tony and I hooked up.

I spent the day around the estate washing the cars and bikes and making sure everything was up to speed. I talked a lot with Max’s wife Nina. I got along with her quite well and she told me about her and Max’s relationship and what they had been through in the past. They had lost a baby years ago and could not have any more so there were no family really to pass things onto other than relatives.

She told me that Max really looks after Kate in a financial way and that if I stayed then he would do the same for me. I did not know what to say so I just took it all in.

The next day I phoned Sarah about midday and she was very excited. She said that Tony was keen to meet me and was looking forward to this evening. But then she said so I want you to be at my place by 3 this afternoon. She said it with a bit of a laugh and asked quickly again if I could get there by then. I said I would and got back to the work I wanted to complete.

I told Nina I was heading into the city and staying the night. I was taking one of the cars and would go to the dealers in the morning. Max and Kate would be back in the afternoon and I would pick them up from the airport.

I got to Sarah’s right on 3. She invited me in and got me a drink and then immediately phoned Tony at his work. She said she knew he had a meeting at 3.30 and would catch him before it started. He rang back about 10 minutes later. He must have asked what was wrong because she just said “Nothing but Alan is here and we are going to start without you. Alan is going to fuck my brains out”. I don’t know what he said but she then said “oh well you’ll have something else to think about while you’re in the meeting. Bye for now, don’t be late”. She hung up and laughed and raced over and dragged me into the bed room.

She was naked in an instant, her beautiful body gleaming in front of me. She was excited and her chest was heaving, her nipples extended. She had been planning this little scenario and she was enjoying this game of lust. She said in a very low whisper that when she told Tony about me and how I was Kate’s new bed partner and that we had all partied together. He became very excited and immediately started planning this night about what we two males would do to her. She saw her game as a way of controlling the night and the outcomes would be more spontaneous.

I did not argue.

I just started to kiss her all over and gently laid her down on the bed. I ran my hands over her boobs and worked my way down to her pussy lips, it felt wet and slippery. I had to taste that so I turned my head down there and started to lick along the slit. My body was bent around and her hand found my hard cock and she started to pull it towards her mouth so I shifted and lay beside her. She took me in her mouth and sucked me right in. It felt fantastic, the way she sucked cock you knew she must enjoy it. I licked more and started to dart my tongue in and out of her hot box. I then used my strength to roll and get under her so we were now in the traditional 69 position with her on top. Her legs were spread wide and I could really give her a good tonguing. She came quickly and continued to cum over and over again. She was hot and her body was lapping up anything I could dish out.

She was doing a good job on my cock as well. Every now and then she would release my cock and then run here tongue around my balls. She would suck one in her mouth and pump my cock with her hand. I knew I could not last much longer so I stopped licking and said “can I fuck you”. She let me go in an instant.

I rolled to the edge of the bed and stood up. Then I dragged her across and lifted her legs in the air straight up in front of me. I bent a little and pushed my dick straight into her. I did this for a few minutes but it was hard on my back so I reached for a pillow and then a second one and lifted her and shoved them under her bum. She was now at a good height and I just pumped in and out of her. It didn’t take long to send her over the edge again and she screamed “fuck it that’s good”. She did this three times and I thought it must be my turn and let myself shoot into her.

I continued to pump but more slowly until she calmed down and I could not stand the sensation on the head of my cock anymore. I slowly leg her legs down and sat on the bed beside her.

She put her arm around me and said “Kate is a lucky having you but I’m glad she is willing to lend you to me. That was amazing”. I could only agree, I had never met anyone before like Kate and Sarah. Truly amazing girls.

We lay back and relaxed and after a while we got up and had a shower. After we got dressed we sat in the lounge with a drink and waited for Tony to arrive. He turned up about 5.30 and just about broke through the door getting in quickly. He said “hi, you must be Alan” and shook hands. He then looked at Sarah and said “Bloody hell you wound me up. I had to sit through that meeting thinking about what you two were doing” I may as well not been there as I was not listening and have no idea what was agreed too. It was a total waste of time”. Never mind said Sarah with a giggle and she kissed him and started to take his tie of and the rest of his clothes. In a matter of about 30 seconds he was stripped and he was tearing her clothes of.

She had hold of his hand and headed for the bedroom calling me to follow. I shed my shorts and shirt and we all hit the bed. Sarah had a cock in each hand and was playing and rubbing us as we licked and tongued her breasts, nipples and kissed her lips. Tony was very excited, his cock was hard and sticking straight out. I had an opportunity to have a good look at his cock to see how it compared to mine. His was quite large and would have been a bit longer than mine. He was circumcised like me but the head of his cock tapered more to a point than mine. The head on my cock sort of mushrooms which I have been told by some ladies including Kate and Sarah that it is one of my assets. He said “I want to fuck you.” Sarah said “no I want to be eaten first”.

I knew he needed some action so I pushed him up toward her head and I dived into her crutch.

She sucked him as he knelt beside her and I licked up and down her snatch. I soon had he squirming and pushing her gash into my face. He was talking saying how good she was sucking him and in no time she came and gushed all over my face. She let his cock fall from her mouth as she screamed. She then took it back in and I went back to a bit less frantic attach from my tongue. I intended to let her get her breath back but Tony shouted “I’m cumming. I’m cumming”. She had her hand behind his bum and pulled him further into her mouth and throat. Her cheeks bulged and as I looked up I could see her release and let him slide back and she swallowed. Then pulled him forward again and repeated this about five times.

When he slid his cock out of her mouth he slumped onto the edge of the bed. I reckoned it must be my turn so I sat up on my knees and spun her over with her arse in the air. I pushed my cock into her very wet pussy and gave it to her doggy style. Tony just lay and watched and reached under and played with her boobs. She came about three or four times before I shot into her.

The three of us sat and lay on the bed and Sarah said “well that was a good way for you and Tony to officially meet”. We all had a laugh. Sarah got up and had a shower then Tony and then me.

We went out and had a meal, not a big one but in a lovely French Restaurant. While we were having a drink afterwards I said to Sarah “What would be the chances of when we get home that both Tony and I get to fuck you together. I went on “One in your pussy and one in your arse”. Sarah’s eyes lit up and said “How are you boys going to decide who does what”. I replied “Nothing to decide. I taking the back door” We all laughed and that is exactly what we did.

When we woke next morning it was quite late and Tony wanted a fuck before he had to go to work so I just lay beside them while he fucked her missionary style. I enjoyed that. My dick was hard but I never touched it. It felt good waiting in anticipation. When Tony finished he got up and showered and dressed. Sarah and I cuddled but didn’t get into any action as I wanted to clean up first. After last night’s threesome my cock and balls were pretty crusty. When Tony was ready we had coffee with him. I had a shower and let Sarah say goodbye to him on their own as he was heading home later that day.

Sarah had a shower and we had a light breakfast and talked. She said Tony had said he had had a great time and could not wait for the next. He hoped Kate would be involved sometime as well.

We then went back to the bedroom and we had a long fuck. I went down on her and then we tried about three different positions before I came. It was getting near time to pick up Kate and Max from the airport so I said goodbye and left.

I picked them up and drove back to the estate. They were both very happy and immediately went into the main house. I went to the garage to get things in order.

About one hour later Kate came into the garage. She was still dressed as she had travelled in a short skirt and a jacket top. She walked up to me and kissed me. She said she missed me and hugged me for a long time. I looked into her eyes and said “I did exactly what you told me to do and hooked up with Sarah and Tony. As a matter of fact my cock was in Sarah less than three hours ago”. She straight away unzipped my fly and fished out my cock. She then squatted down and ran her tongue over the head of it. “I can taste her “she said looking up with devilish smile. Then she said “you know my pussy had Max’s cock in it less than one hour ago. What do you think of that?”

Quick as a flash I dropped onto one knee. She let go my cock and I whipped my hand up her skirt and my finger went past her panties and I pushed it into her very wet sticky cunt. I pulled it out then put it to my nose and then my mouth and sucked and licked my fingers. I made sure they were very wet and I then pushed two fingers back into her. She thought I was going to do the same and put them in my mouth but I started to rapidly finger fuck her. I went hard and fast. She came and sprayed my hand and her panties and slumped forward onto me. She looked at me and just said “that caught me by surprise but fuck it was good. It’s good to be home”.

We straightened up and she took off her panties and wiped herself. She said that we were all having lunch together and to come up in half an hour. She then went to her unit to shower, change and get ready.

We had an excellent lunch. Max talked how good the project was going and what the next steps were. He then got some plans and pointed to an apartment on one of the floor plans. He said “that one is yours”. I looked “What do you mean”. He said “I told you that you would be rewarded and this is yours. It’s free; you own it to do whatever you like. Fuck what a job.

More soon.