Written by Steve_Johnston

12 Dec 2012

It doesn’t matter how many times you re-read and re-check the content, before you hit the submit button, there will always be the odd misspelt word, word missing or some other grammatical error. Near the beginning in my last contribution, I receive a phone call from Sue at 10.30 telling me that Linda will be coming round to our house at 11.30. Some time after ending the call, I check my watch and state that I have 45 minutes before Linda is due to arrive. Anyone with half a brain therefore, should be able to deduce that when I check my watch it must be 10.45. I was called a “time traveller” because I committed the heinous crime of accidently typing 11.45 instead of 10.45. If you do the maths, anyone smart enough should have realized it was a “typo”. Now I’ve got that off my chest I apologize in advance for any “typos” in my next offering, but compared to some of the submissions on here I could be the next “poet Laureate”.

Oh, and before anyone says how could this have happened on a Thursday, when the posting was Wednesday the day before, the events I’m telling you about took place over three years ago!

Linda arrived at our house at her usual time, on the Thursday, three days after we’d had the “test run” in my workshop.

We sat in the lounge chatting and generally catching up on things. Sue said “I’ve got a few new bits that should be fun”. “Let’s have a look then” I asked “I want to surprise you once we’re upstairs”. Surprises can be fun I thought. “I know we said that Linda would be the one to receive the “punishment” this time, but we’ve had a chat and as we’ve both been on the receiving end, we think it’s your turn to get punished” said Sue. “Oh, do you”? I responded. Both the girls really got off big style, on having their arses caned, but I still wasn’t sure it was going to do it for me. I couldn’t lose face and “wimp” out, so to speak, but said “OK, I’m sure I can take the punishment but I’m not sure, it’s gonna’ turn me on, so if it’s not making it don’t be offended if I call a halt to it”. “We always said that if anyone of us isn’t happy with any part of what’s going on the others will respect that” said Linda.

“I’ve also done a bit of research” said Sue “and not every BDSM threesome has one “dom” and two “subs” I watched a great video, where two girls were both “doms” and took turns punishing the guy”. “Oh, I see I’m not sure I’m going to get off on being punished and you want two of you to thrash me, brilliant”! “Don’t be such a baby; we know none of us are into inflicting real pain. We’ll be gentle with you Steve”, mocked Sue. “Ha fucking ha”, came my reply.

“You’ll never know unless you try” said Sue. With that we all moved to our bedroom, where the bench was in its usual place. “Linda and I are going next door to get ready, wait here naughty boy” said Sue tossing me the cock ring. They disappeared into the spare room. I stripped off and got the cock ring in place once more feeling its tight grip around my scrotum and cock, inducing the beginnings of an erection.

I lay on the bed looking at the ceiling, wondering why they were taking so long. They’d been gone over 20 minutes, when the door opened and they both strutted in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sue was wearing a black leather Basque, which was wired under her breasts but had no cups, forcing her firm pert tits out above the rest of the garment. The bottom finished just above her navel, giving a great view of her smooth pussy. It had a suspender strap at each corner holding up sheer black stockings. Over these she wore her black high heeled knee length boots. Sue had applied almost “Goth” like make up with black lipstick, white face powder and dark shading high on her cheeks bones. Her hair was spiked and wild. She also wore a black leather choker around her neck and studded wrist bands. To be honest she was almost unrecognizable as Sue. Linda was wearing a completely see through, sheer black body stocking, again with suspenders holding up stocking, showing off her pussy also. Linda also sported boots over the stockings. Her makeup was also over the top, but she had gone for bright red lipstick, with black eye shadow.

I moved to get off the bed when Linda said “stay there, slave”. I lay back on the bed, they had clearly worked out a script and I was a little intrigued to see how things unfolded. Sue was holding the riding crop with the leather flap at one end, she placed the flap under my cock and raised it in the air. “This cock is for our pleasure only” said Sue in a firm harsh voice “If we decide to let you come it will be only when we say so do you understand, slave”? “Yes mistress” I replied. Linda produced a pair on leather wrist restraints joined by a short chain. She buckled them onto my wrists, she tied two ropes to the chain and pulled my arms above my head attaching a rope to the carved acorns at the top of each bed post. Ropes were tied around each ankle and secured to the bottom legs of the bed making me spread eagled.

Sue said “we’ve heard you’ve been wanking without our permission. This will not be tolerated and you are going to be punished”. Sue flicked my balls with the flap on the crop which made me jump, she then slapped my cock repeatedly causing it to tingle. Linda took the cat o nine tails and began to whip my chest flicking my nipples and turning the skin a pale red. I was getting really turned on and my cock was stretching the cock ring with a massive erection. “I think its time, the slave did his duty and cleaned our pussy’s and arses” said Sue. “I think so” agreed Linda, who climbed onto the bed and squatted over my face, keeping her pussy about three inches from my mouth. Linda began to rub her clit and finger her cunt, right over my face without me being able to touch her; I just wanted to stick my tongue in her hole but was powerless to do so. The slapping of my cock continued and I was becoming more and more aroused. I thought a little begging might turn them on and said “please mistress’s let this slave do his duty and clean you both”. Linda lowered herself down and my tongue went straight to her arse hole rimming her smooth puckered hole. Linda kept moving back and forth so that my tongue alternated between her arse and cunt.

After a few minutes Linda began to moan, saying “make me come you worthless slave”. I upped the pace of my tongue on her clit and seconds later Linda gave a squeal as her orgasm took over her. The lips of her pussy were soaking and I lapped on the nectar. All the while, Sue had been slapping my cock with the crop. Not hard but just enough to make the whole of my genitals tingle with pleasure.

When Linda recovered from her orgasm, Sue took her place. Doing as Linda did, at first frigging herself over my face without me being able to touch her. Then lowering her arse onto my mouth with the instruction “Clean your mistress, you worthless piece of crap”. I was so turned on I would have done anything at this point. I lapped Sue’s arse and cunt savouring her juices. Linda meanwhile was thrashing my cock and balls with the cat. It’s hard to describe but because the cat was made of such a soft material, it didn’t matter how hard she hit me with it, all it did was enhance the sensitivity and bring me to the verge of shooting my load. Sue was soon pressing her wet cunt hard onto my mouth as she came with shuddering force on my face.

After a few moments I was untied and told to assume the position on the “punishment bench” for my real punishment. I lay on it face down with my face through the hole staring at the floor. My ankles and wrists were secured with the straps and I lay there helpless with my arse in the air and a huge erection pointing towards my chin. Sue produced the ¼ inch dowel from my workshop and said “your arse is mine” and brought in down across my arse cheeks with a loud thwack. This was a different feeling altogether from the crop or the cat. This produced a real sting and burning sensation across my arse. I let out a small whimper, but strangely I wanted more. I sensed a silence in the room, and I think Sue was wondering if she’d hit me too hard and there was a long pause, until I said “please mistress give this slave what he deserves some more just like that”. I thought this would let Sue know it was OK without coming out of character which would have spoiled things.

Sue began to beat my arse at a steady pace, making me yelp each time, the sensation was amazing a sharp sting followed by a strange orgasmic like feeling. Apart from being slapped my cock had not been wanked and I was on the verge of shooting my load. Linda got the cat and started to thrash my back. It was unbelievable, I was almost trance like moaning “that’s it punish me”. There was a pause for a minute or so which allowed me to come back to my senses. Sue grabbed my hair and pulled my head off the bench. In her other hand she held up the butt plug. “This is going right up your worthless arse hole”. I had never had anything stuck up my arse and would normally said “no it’s fucking not” but I just didn’t care so high was my state of arousal it was like being on a drug. Sue lubed my arse and put the point of the plug in my hole. It wasn’t a massive plug, only about 3 inches long and just over an inch thick at its widest point, but on my virgin butt hole it felt enormous. She gently eased it into my arse I was breathing heavy and making gasps. All off a sudden the plug slipped past its widest point and filled my arse. The initial pain was replaced by an intense pleasure and Sue began to fuck my arse with the plug.

“OK, slave you are going to produce some warm spunk for us to share, not for your pleasure but for ours because we love the taste of fresh cum” said Sue in her course sexual voice. I was unstrapped and made to lie on my back on the bench with my knees pulled towards my chest. Linda took over from Sue on the butt plug and continued to fuck my arse with it. Meanwhile Sue had hold of my cock, lowered her mouth over it and began to suck me off. “I’m cumming” I announced within a few minutes, Linda was now fucking me with the butt plug as fast as she could. Sue took my cock from her mouth and started to wank me like made. I let out a yell and shot a massive jet of spunk that hit me under the chin, I can’t remember ever cumming so much. Jet after jet of hot spunk splashed onto my stomach and chest and dripped down my shaft covering Sue’s hand and dribbling round my balls. Sue’s mouth was soon over my spunk covered cock feasting on my cum. Linda joined Sue and began licking up my spunk. Linda moved to my mouth and clamped her mouth over mine transferring my cum from her mouth to mine. “That’s it make him eat his own filthy spunk” said Sue. The two of them spent the next few minutes sucking up my cum and either kissed each other with a mouthful of it or did the same to me.

After they had finished Sue pulled the butt plug out of my arse. It felt sore but also throbbed with pleasure. I sat on the floor completely fucked. Sue and Linda, had obviously turned themselves on so much by what they’d done to me, they were locked in a 69 on the bed well and truly servicing each others cunts and clits with their tongues. They must have been at each other for over 20 minutes and were moaning and thrashing about like mad. I watched the show while my cock eventually started to come back to life.

“I need cock” I heard Linda exclaim. “And me” said Sue. “Come here slave and service these wet cunts” said Sue. They both knelt side by side with their arses in the air and I went up behind them and slid my cock into each of them in turn, giving them both an equal number of strokes before moving to the other. Linda was the first to announce “Oh, fuck yes I’m cumming” I quickened my pace bringing her to orgasm. Sue was rubbing her clit and moaning loudly as I slipped my cock back into her pussy, and rode her until she came loudly. “Give us more spunk” said Linda and they lay side by side as I jerked my hard cock off over their faces. There was soon a second eruption from my cock as I unloaded all over their faces and tits. The cum soaked into Linda’s body stocking making dark patches on it. “Clean us up” demanded Sue and I spent the next few minutes licking my own cum off their bodies.

I had been totally used, abused and humiliated and I’d loved it. I never thought I would but it was the biggest turn on I’d ever had. We all discussed how we felt about it, and both the girls said it had been a massive turn on being totally in control over a helpless man.

Well I’m getting pretty near the end of the Steve, Sue and Linda adventures. We continued our threesomes, for another year, rerunning most of the things I’ve already told you about. Sue was offered a senior accountants position which meant, we sold up and moved to the midlands. It was very emotional, the day we left and Sue and Linda shed a lot of tears. We used to hook up on skype, with web cams and Linda would watch Sue and me getting each other off, but in the end she found it too frustrating not being able to be hands on, so we stopped doing it. As I said at the beginning of this series on 1st November, Linda has visited us a few times in the two years since we moved, and we’ve had some memorable weekends. However it has never seemed quite the same as those first few times when we were experimenting.

Linda is due to visit the weekend before Christmas, and if anything exceptional happens I’ll share it with you.

It’s been great sharing these fantastic memories with you all and I hope you have enjoyed the Steve, Sue and Linda saga! Bye for now. S