Written by cumguzzler

21 Jul 2009

I’d like to tell you all a story about a complete fucking slut and she is a slut of the highest order and the biggest slut that I have ever had the pleasure of using.

I was travelling over to her place and she had already told me how much she enjoys warm strangers’ spunk and so I thought I would give her what she wanted and stopped off at a local dogging site on my way there in order to milk a load of guys into a plastic container. There must have been about 20 loads in there come the end and when the last one had jerked himself into it I proceeded to her house.

She answered the door looking every bit the slut I imagined, dressed in black heels, flesh coloured stockings with a short skirt and a white thong. She had a silky slip on with a black bra and her lovely breasts looked gorgeous. Her face was done up to make her look a bit glam but as I greeted her I just told her that she didn’t fool me – she was a slut

I immediately bent her over my knee and spanked her for about 10 mins using my hand and a paddle until she had a nice glow. Playing with her stockings had made me hard so I instructed her to get me naked and suck on my hard cock. She took her time on my cock the slut, paying attention to it and treating it with respect. I liked that and rewarded her by slipping 1 then 2 fingers into her lubed manpussy. Before long she was gaping and my 2 fingers were getting no purchase her pussy was so wide so I rammed her plug in her all the way then made her sit on it so it couldn’t escape. I then showed her the spunk I had collected (a surprise) and her cock twitched hard and dribbled precum. I tasted her nectar and it was as sweet as could be expected.

Bending her over the bed I replaced the plug with my cock and fucked her bareback for ages. Fuck me what a loud tart she is!! A real screamer and I had to ram some dirty silk panties in her gob to shut her up. I fucked her in a range of positions and called her all sorts of filth as I did so and as my seed rose she begged me to give it her, so I rammed by cock right into her mouth. She lapped at her manpussy juice and milked the seed from it until I spurted hard and fast and filled her mouth. I held her head, not wanting to release until I had made my full deposit and she showed me the cream on her tongue. Then swallowed it all whilst looking directly at me………SLUT!!

I then blindfolded her and tied her to the bed – not too much of a struggle but had to slap her to put her in her place. Then I took a funnel and poured the contents of the container into her manpussy. She moaned as the seed filled her and I let out a filthy laugh. Taking out the funnel her pussy clasped shut and the seed was now swilling inside her. Then slowly I nudged the end of some rubber tubing into her pussy and put the other part in her mouth. Over the next 10 mins she proceeded to suck the salty, bitter contents of her pussy up through the tubing and into her mouth. I videoed as she did so and had her on the bed in such a way that her pussy was in the air – once the flow of spunk started it did not finish until her pussy was empty and do you know what, the tart swallowed every last drop of the stuff….honest!

She was now full of muck, both ends and I rammed my fingers into her pussy and gave them to her to suck so she could get the last bits out of her mantwat. She then licked the funnel and the container clean the whore. She explained she hated seeing cum go to waste and who was I to argue. She couldn’t get her tongue far down into the container enough so I put one of her many dildos down there to collect it and she sucked the seed from the end of that. I also filled it with a bit of water and swilled it around before she knocked it back quicker than I drink tea in the morning.

I then plugged her ass again, got dressed and wrote “CUMSLUT” across her chest in bright ruby red lipstick as a reminder of what she really is. Then I untied her and left her there, on the bed, used and told her I would be back in a few days to take her for public group use……..to which she agreed.

Would you like to hear what happened?

She is a tart and a whore of epic proportions!!!! And she would agree!