Written by Steve_Johnston

9 Dec 2012

It was four days after our first BDSM session, and 3 days until the next one we had planned.

It was a Monday morning about 10.30 am and I was in my workshop putting the finishing touches to a small cabinet for a customer. We have a cordless phone system with four separate handsets, the one in my workshop, began to ring.

“Hello”, I said on answering. “Hi honey” came Sue’s voice “I’ve just been speaking to Linda, she said she’d like a “test run” on the bench before Thursday”. “Why”? I responded “Well, she said after seeing me being “punished”, which really turned her on by the way, she just wanted to know what she could take before we did it properly.” “What does she want to do, is she coming round before Thursday”? She’s coming round at 11.30 this morning” said Sue. “What for a test run”? I enquired. “Dooo, no to do your ironing, yes for a test run” came Sue’s response sarcastically. I knew that Sue had driven to see a client and was at least 50 miles away. “Are you coming back then”? I said “I’m miles away and will be tied up with the client until late afternoon” replied Sue.

When we first became involved in the threesome with Linda Sue and I had discussed the situation at length, and agreed that neither of us would have sex with Linda without the other present. We had heard of this kind of thing splitting people up, because one or other of the couple went off with the third person. Sue and I were deeply in love and didn’t want anything to jeopardize that. We said that Linda was just effectively a “sex toy” and we wouldn’t get emotionally involved. It was now over a year since that first encounter and we both knew that Linda was far more than a sex object. We both had strong feelings for her, but knew that what Sue and I had as husband and wife would not be compromised.

“So what do you want me to do? Cane her arse and send her home”. “Don’t be daft; you know that if you just caned her it wouldn’t work. The point about receiving the punishment whilst sexually aroused is what such a turn on and not just pain”. “Again so what do you want me to do”? “Do exactly what we did the first time. The bench is stored in your workshop anyway, so take her in there and do a replay of what we did”. “So what about our agreement of not having sex with Linda without us all being there”? “Steve, nothing is going to cause a problem between us, and the thought of what you’ll be doing to her is already making me moist, which will make for some pleasant fun when I get home”. Well OK as long as you’re sure”, I said trying to sound apprehensive, when in reality my cock was already bursting my jeans at the thought of it and I really want to shout “Yippee”. “Just two things” said Sue “what’s that”? I replied “Only come once so you still have enough cum for me later, and don’t wash your cock so I can taste Linda’s pussy on it when I get home, oh and video it for me”. “That’s three things I said. “Never could count” said Sue. “But you’re an accountant”! “Enjoy” said Sue as the phone went dead.

My mind was spinning. Every time I’d had sex with Linda, Sue had been there and I’d had to share my attention. The thought of being able to devote my entire time to pleasuring Linda solely was a massive turn on, and what’s more I had Sue’s blessing. How could a bloke be this lucky? I nearly pinched myself.

I checked my watch and it was 11.45. I had 45 minutes before Linda was due. I went and showered. I have shaved around my cock and balls for a number of years; I love the smoothness of being hair free and also think it heightens the sensitivity when having sex. I normally shave once a week, and after a quick inspection decided to give a shave around the old tackle.

It was the first week in July, and surprisingly for the UK was a very warm day. I pulled on a pair of shorts and put on a pair of flip flops. I went to the workshop and cleared a space in the large centre area and placed the “punishment bench” in the middle of the space. I set up our video camera on a tri pod at the end where Linda’s arse would be. I focused it and set the zoom so that it took in the whole scene. I then sat in the lounge waiting for Linda, with a permanent semi-hard cock at the anticipation of the forth coming events.

Linda arrived bang on 11.30. “Well this is an unexpected pleasure” I said as I let Linda in. “I just needed to know if I was up for it before we tried the proper thing” said Linda. “You do know that to get the turn on from being submissive and being spanked you have to be sexually aroused or there’s no point”? “Yes Sue said the same, she told me what you did on your “test run” and I want to do the same”.

I took Linda to the work shop. “Sue’s idea”? Said Linda, pointing at the video camera. “How did you guess”? I said as I turned the video on. Linda was wearing a short white denim skirt buttoned up the left side and a white “V” necked tee shirt. It was clear Linda was bra-less as her erect nipples were protruding through her tee shirt. I took hold of Linda in an embrace and we kissed passionately, our tongues doing the usual exploring of each others mouths. I put my hand under Linda’s skirt, and coming into contact with her smooth knickerless pussy made my cock jerk inside my shorts. I pushed my growing erection into Linda’s groin as we continued to kiss like animals, both my hands now on her arse pulling her into my cock the whole thing getting to fever pitch, as Linda began to stroke my rock hard cock through my shorts.

I pulled Linda’s tees shirt over her head and sucked her stiff nipples which made Linda groan with pleasure. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her skirt causing it to fall to the ground. Linda stepped out of her skirt and I guided her backwards towards the bench. As the back of Linda’s thighs came into contact with the edge of the bench, I lowered her onto her back on the bench. I went between her legs and draped them over my shoulders as I buried my mouth into her soaking cunt. I licked her labia and clit letting my tongue slip into her wet hole. Linda started to moan and said “I’m cumming”. “Oh no you’re not” I said as I stopped licking Linda’s pussy. “On your knees you slut” I said. Linda obeyed. I removed my shorts and tossed them aside, standing in front of Linda both sideways on to the video. “Suck it bitch”. Linda took my swollen cock into her mouth licking my knob. She licked and sucked from the tip to my smooth balls. It felt amazing and I knew if I let it continue for too long she’d soon be getting a mouthful of spunk. “Get on the bench face down” I ordered. Linda did as instructed and I secured her ankles and wrists with the straps.

I took the ¼ inch dowel I’d used on Sue and swished it through the air next to Linda’s head. Linda is slightly taller than Sue, which meant that in this position on the bench her arse was pushed back and up slightly more than Sue’s was giving a great view of her swollen cunt and arse. I ran the dowel between her legs causing it to go between her pussy lips and over her arse hole. Linda moaned gently. I placed the dowel across both of her arse cheeks and pressed it into her firm flesh. I raised the dowel about 2 feet and brought it down with a sounding thwack across her arse. Linda let out a squeal. “You ok”? I said. “Fuck, that hurt” said Linda. “Do you want me to stop”? I said. “It hurt, but it almost made me come. As the pain subsides my whole pussy began to throb and tingle” replied Linda. “OK, if the initial stoke hurts I’ll use less force on that and you tell me how it feels”. I gave Linda another stroke, using less force than the first one. Her arse glowed a soft red. “Oh, yes give me a few just like that” groaned Linda. I gave her about five strokes in quick succession “yes, please give me more just like that”, moaned Linda. I knelt between her legs and started to rim her smooth arse with my tongue, working my way down to her clit. I could feel Linda tensing and in a gruff sexual whisper, said “I’m gonna’ cum”. “No you’re not”, I said as I stopped licking her and stood once more behind her. I began to cane Linda’s arse with a steady rhythm. After about ten stokes Linda was moaning, giving little cries saying “yes, yes please make me cum”. I dropped the dowel and stood behind Linda sliding my hard shaft into her very wet cunt. No sooner had I entered her Linda howled, as she had a massive orgasm, her body jerking below me. I took hold of the back of Linda’s hair like a horse’s mane and began to pound my cock in and out of Linda’s hole. “When you’re ready come in my mouth, come in my mouth” gasped Linda. After several minutes of fucking Linda as hard as I could I pulled my cock out of her pussy and moved to the top of the bench, continuing to wank my cock as I did so. “Turn you head sideways” I said. Linda lifted her face from the cut out in the bench, turning her head to face my cock. Linda opened her mouth and I emptied a great load of hot spunk into her mouth and over her face, then pushing my cock into her mouth as she sucked on it for all she was worth. After a few seconds I withdrew from her mouth and returned to the bottom of the bench and slid my cock into her sopping pussy once more. I gave her a few gentle strokes of my cock as it began to go placid. I withdrew my cock and saw it glistening with Linda’s juices. “That’ll be just right for Sue”, I thought. I released Linda from the bench, and she threw her arms around my neck and forced her tongue between my lips I opened my mouth to allow her access and immediately could taste my own salty cum on her tongue. We kissed madly for several minutes before I broke free and began to lick her neck and chin taking in my own cum before returning to Linda’s mouth with the spoils, and having the spunk swop kiss that Linda normally has with Sue.

After coming back to normal, we sat naked side by side on the bench. “Well”? I said to break the silence. Linda put her head on my shoulder turned to look at the video, put her thumb up and said “Awesome, just fucking awesome”.

“Can’t wait until Thursday” Linda said as I showed her out of the house. Neither could I.

Sue arrived home at just after 7pm. I was sitting in an armchair watching the TV. As soon as she came through the door she threw her briefcase onto a chair knelt between my legs and pulled my shorts down. She took my fast hardening cock into her warm mouth and began to lick and suck my shaft. As I looked down at this gorgeous thing, all prim and proper in her business suit sucking me cock, I thought “You lucky, lucky bastard”. “Linda tastes good” said Sue as she came up for air. “Show me the video”. “All cued and ready to go”, came my reply and I pressed play on the remote.

Sue was soon down to her stockings and suspenders as we lay wanking each other off as we watched the “Steve & Linda” show on the TV. As the video finished and the TV screen went from a picture to a black and white fuzz, Sue said, “time to fuck me Stevie boy”, “your wish is my command” I replied as I slid my cock into the second wet pussy of the day.

Thursday was going to be something else, and I’ll tell you all about that next time. Bye for now!