Written by Dai_Verse

29 Jan 2014

Hi I am Lindy and my story occurs when I was in my very early 30s but first some background to give it context. I live in a very small village in the West Country. So small that there is not even a pub! I married Eric when I was a teenager and we live in a council house with our son. I don't drive, Eric never encouraged me. Now the bus service has ended my only escape is Saturday when Eric drives me into the local town to do the weekly shop while he goes to the pub. Eric's idea of ambition was affording Sky Sports. As for me, I felt trapped and believed that I had more to offer the world.

A couple moved into a large house in the village. He was a well built, thick framed man who I often saw running along the lanes. She was a tiny thing and worked in the local city. I heard on the grapevine that they were looking for a cleaner. Well the extra money would help so I went and knocked on the door. I discovered that Jenny worked for a big insurance company while Dai worked at home. They seemed very pleased and I got the job. Little did I know that my life was going to change.

When I say Dai worked, I mean that he pottered around doing DIY, mechanics or writing but rarely finished projects. He always found time to chat with me and have a laugh. I felt very relaxed alone with him.

One day as we were having coffee, I refused sugar saying that I was on a diet. Now I am 5 foot 6 tall, long straight black hair, size 12/14, with C cup breasts. Dai said that dieting was very bad for you and that I should increase my activity to burn up the calories. We discussed various options and I mentioned that I enjoyed running at school. Dai offered to mentor me.

We started off with just a half mile and slowly increased the distance. One day we returned to his house. I was well out of breath puffing like a steam train. Dai looked at me and said.

'Lindy, you are really going to have to invest in a proper sports bra before you damage those.' Pointing at my chest. I looked down and my nipples were sticking out like organ stops. I would have blushed if my face was not already red from the run.

'There is a great running shop in Exeter.' I had to admit that I did not drive and that my only escape was the Saturday shop. He looked at me with a frown. 'Well, I will take you there and we will teach you how to drive, there is no time like the present.' Throwing me a set of keys we went to his back field where there was an old mini. Well after half an hour of stalling, grinding gears and laughter I was roaring round the field like James Hunt. Once we finished I thanked Dai profusely for being so kind.

'No trouble, Exeter on Thursday, I will pick you up at 10?'

'I must repay you somehow.'

'There is no need but if you insist a small kiss would suffice.' Well I have not kissed another man since I married but what harm was there particularly as I did find him attractive. I leant forward and our lips touched and I felt his tongue part mine and slip into my mouth. It was lovely and sensual, not rushed and sloppy like normal. I could feel my groin tingle. Dai broke away and said. 'That was lovely, Thursday then.' I was all of a turmoil, what if he tried it on? Would I resist?

Thursday came and I was fitted with a proper sports bra and Dai added some running shorts and vests to the pile. He also insisted on paying.

The driving lessons continued and we even ventured out onto the lanes. I insisted on paying. The kissing became more and more intense and accompanied with caressing of my breasts. I was coming more and more aroused. One day, I am sure Dai wanted to go further but I was on my period.

'Not a problem but next week when you come to clean, you must do everything I say.'

As the day approached I was becoming more and more excited. I had never had an orgasm with Eric, with Dai we spend more time kissing than Eric manages performing. Once I saw Eric and our son off in the morning, I showered and trimmed my bush. I laid my clothes on my bed. A black T shirt and mini skirt, half cut bra and tiny lace black panties. The phone rang.

I wrapped the towel around me and dashed downstairs.


'Hi Lindy, it is Dai.' Oh my God he is cancelling.

'Oh Happy Birthday.'

'Thanks, when you come up wear you black high heels?

'OK.' Phew he is not cancelling.

'And your macintosh?'

'OK.' Strange I thought.

'And nothing else.' I was struck speechless. The phone went dead.

Ten minute later, I was walking through the village dressed as requested hoping my cheeks were not too red from embarrassment. Waving to Mr Bennett, stopping to chat with Mrs Jones. I could feel my nipples hardening partly from the situation and partly in anticipation. After what seemed an age, I was at Dai's kitchen door. I entered closing the door behind me.

'Hi, it is only me.' I hoped I sounded confident and composed but I do not think so.

'Hang your coat up Lindy, the Hoover is in the sitting room.' It took a minute or two for this to sink in. I hung up my coat and tottered on my high heels into the sitting room. There in the centre was the Hoover and on the table polish and duster. Dai was sat in an armchair wearing running shorts and vest. The bastard wants me to do the cleaning! Well the more I did the braver I got giving him great views of my quim as I bent over. He never moved and never touched me but I was getting more aroused by the second. Once I finished I asked.

'Is that satisfactory?'

'Excellent, Lindy. I think upstairs now.'

I walk towards the stairs and am about to climb them when he says 'Stop'

I feel his breath on my neck, he starts to nibble it. His hands are cupping my breasts and his thumbs are flicking my nipples. At last! One hand caresses my bottom and the slips between my legs. I part them to accommodate him and his finger slides along my very wet lips. I sigh involuntary as a finger enters my pussy. Yes. As his finger withdraws another is added. Yes!

'Climb the stairs.' Have you ever tried to walk upstairs with 6 inch heels on and two fingers in your pussy? I grasp the handrail to stop me collapsing. The sensations in my pussy are phenomenal. As I reach the penultimate step the first orgasm hits me. I am literally shaking on his hands, the fingers are wiggling inside me and I can feel my juices running down my thighs. Dai pushes me to the top step, withdraws his fingers and guides me to the bedroom. We stand facing the bed, he is still behind me and offers his fingers to 'Suck.' I suck my juices off his fingers. I am still in a trance from the orgasm.

'Kneel.' I get on the bed on all fours. I feel him part my cheeks. His hot breath on my pussy. Oh my God he has just licked my pussy. This is so new and so great. His tongue pushes into my vagina and Dai greedily sucks my juice. Christ his fingers have found my clitoris and now his tongue. Tremors spurt through my body. I thought multiple orgasms were just in magazines. His head withdraws and I feel his cock being rubbed from my clitoris to my bum hole and back. I look through my legs. Oh My God It Is Massive. Twice the size and girth of Eric's. I feel it nudging my entrance, it will never fit but my cunt stretches to accommodate him. He gives me an inch at a time and by the time his testicles bang against my clitoris I am cumming again. He quickly withdraws fully and thrusts into me again. Christ! This happens a dozen times or was it a million, I was on Planet Zog!

Dai withdrew and spun me around. There in front of my eyes was this fantastic throbbing tool that had just taken me to paradise. I opened my mouth and sucked on the knob. I tried accommodate as much of his length as I could but concentrated on sucking the end. I was rewarded with his cock twitching and his hot spunk hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed thinking that is another first.

Under Dai's guidance I learnt to enjoy sex, pass my driving test, run marathons, go to night school, get a proper job and find a new intelligent loving husband.