Written by D290g12lox

8 Oct 2008

Lisa and I have been married for the last 3 years and because we both work in high pressure professional jobs we live quite separate lives during the week and sex is never too elaborate. In fact it has become more of an outlet form the pressures of the week. When we first started going out, Lisa had only had one other boyfriend and was a little inexperienced beyond the standard teenage sex.

We decided that it was time for a little holiday and decided to visit Sydney Australia. The idea was to go somewhere far and not know anyone so as to be able to spend all our time together.

Sydney in Spring is a beautiful place with many beaches and inlets surrounding the city. We decided to do a harbor cruise one day and on this cruise we went past a beach that the guide informed us was a nude beach. Now, I have always imagined nude beaches as the bastion of perverted old men and more of a gay beat. I was surprised to see (from the boat we were on) that there was a high number of younger couples on these beaches. As the cruise passed the beach I spied a few people among the rocks and bushes surrounding the beach. Upon my return, curiosity got the better of me and I researched this beach on the internet. I also found that this beach was in a National Park with remnants a few old World War 2 bunkers that overlooked the entrance of Sydney Harbor. There were also a few bush walks that we could do around the area.

That night over dinner I spoke to Lisa about this and we both decided that it would be fun to spend the day walking and exploring and maybe finish with a picnic at the beach. I was surprised to find Lisa waxing herself later that night and she told me that she might just be daring enough to go fully nude if she felt like it. By this stage, I thought that Lisa agreeing to go to a nude beach was as good as it got but never ever imagined that she would toy with the idea of going nude in public. I must add that she has always been comfortable about her body and will often get dressed quickly with the home curtains open rather than spend time closing them just to get dressed.

We arrived at the entrance o the park late morning and proceeded to make our way to the bunkers with the help of a map the concierge had provided us. The place was absolutely stunning and we spent a lot of time taking some great photos. Being a work day, there weren’t many people about except for the odd tourist. Soon another couple showed up and they looked like they had been there before. They proceeded to make their way to what from our view looked like some bushes. After a while they seemed to have disappeared all together. Our map didn’t really show anything in the area they had gone. We followed their path and soon came to a sand track partially hidden by some bushes.

I pushed past and it was obvious to us that this was a well used track. We proceeded up this path which soon came to a clearing that offered more spectacular views of the harbor. At this stage, we saw the couple ahead of us climbing down some rocks towards the water. We started to climb down as well and Lisa was not too keen to proceed any further as the climb was quite steep. We decided to remain where we were for a while. We continued to take more photos and I tried to plot our position on the rudimentary map I had. Lisa then nudged to me and pointed below us. The couple below had fully undressed behind a rock-face and though they were hidden from the harbor, from the position we had started our decent from, we could see them quite clearly from where we were. She was lying on his chest and they both soaked up the sun oblivious to our presence above. Lisa thought that we should give them their privacy but as the couple was about our age and rather appealing to the eye, I wanted to enjoy a little more eye candy.

Lisa made some comment about me being a pervert and continued to take photos of the harbor. I looked around to find a more spot where we would not be easily be seen. When I looked back at the couple again, she was playing with his ever growing cock. I directed Lisa’s attention to the couple. We watched as his cock got real hard and she proceeded to suck on it eagerly. Lisa was dead quite as her gaze was transfixed to the couple. This went on for a while and Lisa kept looking around to make sure nobody else was around to catch us watching.

I came behind Lisa and hugged her from behind pressing what was fast becoming a hard reaction to the scene unfolding before us. Lisa looked around again nervously and I suggested we move a little so that we weren’t standing out in the open. We moved a little further behind some rocks which still afforded us a good view of the ad hoc sex show.

The couple before us were now in a 69 position and things were really heating up. I put my hands under Lisa’s shirt and began playing with her nipples as we continued watching. Lisa tried to move away a little but I assured her that there was no one about. I continued to press into her while rolling her nipples between my fingers. Lisa began responding with heavy breathing and began to grind herself into me. I moved my hand down her shorts and was not surprised to find it very wet. I kept one hand on her nipples as the other massaged her pussy. When Lisa gets really turned on, her clit gets hard and manipulating her love button often gets her soaking wet.

I slowly undid the top of her shorts and dropped them to the ground. At this, Lisa panicked but I increased the tempo of my pleasuring and she soon relaxed again and even spread her legs apart to allow me better access. At the same time Lisa started playing with my cock which she too had taken out of my shorts. This mutual masturbation carried on for a while and the couple in front of us started fucking. I then lowered Lisa’s panties and teased my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Lisa pushed back hard and suddenly and moaned rather loudly as my cock entered her.

I kept fucking her slowly but with deep stroked. I then bent her over and as she held on to a rockface; holding her by the hips, I fucked her hard. She was really into now and I took off her shirt so that my beautiful wife was standing there stark naked while I plowed into her. The scene in front of us providing us with the added stimulation. The couple below us had finished and were lying in the after-glow of their passion. Lisa then turned to me and asked if we could go somewhere a little less open so that we carry on. She proceeded to pick up her clothes and I stopped her reminding her that the nude beach was just around the corner. She was not too sure but rubbing her pussy with my cock made her just want to find a spot and carry on where we left.

We walked a little off the track naked and through some bushes, I found a little grassy spot completely hidden from the track. I put our blanket down and pushed Lisa down as I stood over her and rubbed my still wet cock all over her face. Lisa was filled with wonton lust and it was ages since we have been so horny. I started to suck me off as I told her how much better she could suck cock and if only we could b the ones being watched by the other couple. This seemed to have turned Lisa on even more as she deep-throated my cock gagging on it every now and then.

It was then that I realised a certain movement in the bushes. I looked carefully and saw someone trying to discreetly position themselves closer. Initially I was alarmed but then remembered that the couple could be on their way back and probably caught us in the act. Lisa was still oblivious to the other person. I soon realised that this was not the other couple but a single guy who would have been in his early 20s. I was not sure exactly what I was feeling as initially I was angry that someone was peeping at us (ironic after what we had done) and the other was of pure pride. Pride that someone was watching my beautiful wife, full naked and gagging on my cock.

I knelt down, turned Lisa around and fucked her on all fours. Lisa was a little more vocal now thinking that we were in a more secluded spot. I kept talking to her and asking her to tell me what she had seen and what she felt. I asked her if she would have liked to fuck me while they watched which she replied yes. Conversation got more dirty as we vocally fantasized about how we would fuck alongside the other couple and then swap partners. I suddenly realised that I had crossed a line with something we have never discussed before. Lisa carried on fantasizing and telling me how very much she would like that.

I looked across and spotted the guy again. I signaled to him to show him that I was aware he was there but to stay away which he did. I could see that he had his cock out and wan jacking off. Lisa of course was still talking dirty. I asked her what would happen if we got sprung right now and would she show the person what a slut she was to which she said yes.

I asked her to imagine a guy watching us right now, describing our new friend in the bushes. Lisa, still thinking it was just a fantasy began to describe what she would do with this stranger watching and even surprised me by telling me how she would suck him off while being fucked. In between all this Lisa was grunting as she does when she gets extremely horny. I signaled to the guy to get his clothes off but to remain where he was.

I kept talking dirty to Lisa who responded in the dirtiest of ways I have ever heard her speak. As she was facing the other way, I signaled the guy to approach quietly and stop nearby. I then picked Lisa up under her arms so that she was only on her knees as I continued to fuck her. I started whispering into her ear about how gorgeous she was and that a guy was watching us right now. Thinking that it was still a fantasy, she asked me why I didn’t ask the guy to join us. I told her it was because he wanted to enjoy her and not have her stop.

I started talking in a loud voice telling her that only sluts fuck other guys when they were married to which she replied she was a total slut. I held one of her hands in mine and brought it behind her. The guy got the idea and came close enough, knelt next to me so that our hands brushed his cock. Lisa froze but I started pounding her really fast and with a loud voice asking the guy if he liked what he saw. He told Lisa that she was drop dead gorgeous and she had got his cock so hard just watching us. He told her how lucky I was to have such a great fuck.

This made Lisa relax and I made her hold his cock as I continued to fuck her. She was a little hesitant and dropped back with one hand supporting her but I continued to instruct her to jerk his cock off and feel how hard it was. She started getting into the spirit of things and started moaning again as the guy continued to pay her compliments.

I then asked the guy if he would like to move away a bit, sit down and enjoy the show to which he promptly did. He moved to the corner of the blanket and sat down while jerking himself off. Lisa looked into the ground out of shyness as I kept describing to her what he was doing. Finally I asked her to look at him which she did. She stared as he slowly jerked himself off. I then pulled her back up so that he could see her whole body while I mounted her from the back. I kept asking her how she liked what she saw and describe what he was doing. “Why don’t you show him your tits babes?” I asked to which the response was Lisa cupping her breast and licking her nipple. This move surprised me a little but it was obvious that Lisa was enjoying herself.

The guys then stood up and approached us. His cock was now eye level with Lisa as he continued to jerk off. I asked Lisa to tell him what I was doing to her. She described how I was fucking her cunt. I instructed my slut to hold his cock again and jerk him off. This went on for a while and without any warning, my baby took his whole cock into her soft mouth. I almost came instantly. Here were 3 people stark naked outdoors fucking our brains out.

The sound of my wife’s muffled moaning as she was fucked from both ends caused me to shoot a huge load of cum up her. My throbbing cock kept pulsating as I pumped what seems like gallons of spunk into my wife’s pussy while she purred appreciatively with a cock still in her mouth. I could feel her pussy spasming which means Lisa is cumming. I pulled out of Lisa and sank back which caused her to lean forward and pushing her mouth even deeper into him.

I stood up, stepped back and watched as my wifegive this young stranger a blowjob. He told her he was about to cum and wanted to know where she wanted him cumming. She told him to wank all over her face to which he did. He like me shot loads of cum all over her face and halfway through the wonton lust in my wife caused her to take his still pulsating cock into her mouth as he carried on cumming in her mouth. This made her whole body shudder and I realised that she was cumming again.

I was surprised to find that I was hard again and almost came again when she looked at me and let the cum in her mouth dribble all over her body. She then lied backwards totally exhausted. My princess was covered in cum and I could see it oozing out of her pussy as well.

The guy introduced himself as Simon and told Lisa that it was the most amazing experience he had ever had. Seems he was bushwalking as well when he first spotted us following the other couple and had been watching ever since. He asked if there was any way he could get a picture of Lisa to remember by. Though we take a lot of videos and photos of ourselves, we don’t share them with anyone else. As a compromise, I took a few photos of Lisa on Simon’s camera with her face obscured but showing her whole tan body with cum. The combination of a nude/ well fucked woman taken outdoors makes for a very horny photo.

Simon was a gentleman enough to then thank us and leave us to ourselves. I wiped Lisa down and told her how very much I loved her and how I will never forget the day my beautiful princess got spit-roasted outdoors and drank a man’s cum.