Written by Toolman

12 Sep 2017

The wife and I have been together for 16 years now. But this happened some time back.

We lost a business and money in the big crash of 2008. So we had to fight back again. Both of us got jobs and ended up in a small house which we remodelled, extended it then resold it a good profit. Then we bought another. A big place on a corner with 2 streets access. It had been a dance studio with accommodation on top. It had been fire and water damaged, not structurally but still lots of work. Our plan was to turn it in a large house on top with its own street access and 2 flats underneath with access from the other street. Good plan and it all worked. Eventually we sold it and made a packet.

But this happened.

As I said we both worked and I would work all day then come home to build and renovate in the afternoon then well into the evening. The weekends were full on as well. I did thrive on the work. I love a project. The wife did a bit but she was busy with her work and kids so I guess we forgot about each other. But we still had good sex.

We both had this goal to get the house finished or so I thought. But I started to think that she might be seeing someone else. I had a few reasons. One was sometimes she didn’t want sex and turned me down. That was very unlike her. She used to always give me relief even if she didn’t want it or was tired. She would give me a quick hand job which is better than nothing. But she turned me down flat a few times. Another few times she was very wet. I don’t mean with cum but I thought maybe she had had some action and they had used a condom.

Also it was just the way she acted sometimes. It was like sometimes she was a little embarrassed when she finally got home from work and work shows she had to attend. This happened especially if I had completed a lot of work and I showed her the finished result.

Then one night she came in and I had finished the master bedroom. We had slept in another room since moving it. The new bedroom, complete with its own bathroom was ready. I had moved our bed in and all the clothes, fresh towels and everything in the bathroom. The children were asleep.

When I showed her she had tears in her eyes. I said lets christian it. Sex never said yes straightaway which was strange as we have fucked in every room in our other houses. Anyway she did submit and we stripped and started to make love. I was kissing her and sucking her nipples, she was getting very aroused as she does. I started to slide down to eat her pussy but she stopped me. She loves to be eaten and never stops me. She just told me to fuck her. So I did. She was wet, very wet and quickly got into it and she climaxed twice.

After I came we cuddled and talked about the new room. She said nice things about me and all the work. I started to play with her nipples and her soaking pussy again. This is normal for us as she does like to be fucked twice. Not all the time but every month or so maybe. She started to hump my fingers and I moved down to lick her. This time she never stopped me. Like I said before she likes to be eaten and I have licked her out many times after I have cum in her. I licked her pussy sucking out my cum and then licked down her bum crack as I lifted her legs higher over my shoulders. I pushed juice and saliva into her anus. I then got between her legs and slowly pushed my cock into her bum. She likes anal but with a difference. We have a dildo which we call Freddie. He is always in her bedside table. I had made sure I put him there in our new room. I opened the draw and grabbed it and gave it to her. She immediately pushed it into herself. Freddie has a set of balls which when you turn him upside down, the balls slam into her clit. With me fucking her arse and Freddie pounding her pussy and the balls smashing her clit she cums and cums. She is in ecstasy, her breathing changes and she draws her cheeks in and sucks and pants. Her head thrashed from side to side. It is a great fuck and this one was no exception.

Although it was good sex, it made me wonder more why she didn’t want me to go down on her to start with but let me do it later.

I didn’t have to wonder long as it all came out a week or so later. She told me that she had been seeing someone and wanted to split with me as she had fallen in love with him. I should have been more surprised but as I did suspect it I took it well. The new fellow was going through a divorce and shared a flat with another guy. She had been going there but it was pretty restricted with the other guy there. She asked me to move back into the other bedroom, which I did to save any more argument.

She hadn’t thought things out well. She wanted us to sell our house and spit our money. I pointed out that we would lose money as only a developer would buy it like it was. An estate salesman friend gave her the same advice. I was my suggestion that she live upstairs with the children and her new man and I would make a place for myself downstairs and continue working on the whole place. We could sell it when it was finished and divide the money.

At first she could not believe that I would stay in the same house as her with the new lover sleeping with her. I did my best to put her mind at ease that I could do it. Firstly for money reasons and that I would also see our children. Finally she agreed.

I quickly closed off a section downstairs which would later become one of the flats. I had a bedroom, bathroom of sorts and a kitchen. I put it at the other end of the house away from their bedroom. It was then he moved in. I had met him a week before but only briefly. I was determined to remain friendly with her and be ok with him. This surprised my wife even more but she accepted it. Basically we all got on. It was her family who told her she was a bitch.

But I didn’t play the game totally straight. I put tiny microphones in the upstairs kitchen, lounge room and their bedroom. I put them in with the lights and they could not be seen. I ran wires back to my room and a power source and used ear phones. I never ever played anything aloud. I was set up when he moved in. I heard them have their first fuck in what was my bed. That was a very strange feeling to listen to.

Firstly did this of keeping a check on them. I wanted to know what they were saying or planning about me. Also what they said to the children about me. Remember I had said when the house and flats were finished we would sell and split everything. I wanted to know what they were planning and if it was fair. If not then I could be ready and have a counter plan to end up with money as well.

They got on well. They had plenty of sex. Then it was about 3 weeks after he moved in and on a Saturday night. They were in bed and fucking when she said to him that he could fuck her anal. I could hear that he asked her to repeat it as it was obvious they had not done it before. He did do her and she got Freddie out but I never heard her pant and carry on like she did with me. I only heard them try it once more after that.

I never intended to do this but I found myself masturbating as I listened to them every time they fucked. The sound was very good and I could even hear her slurping when she sucked his cock. I missed that as she is very good at that.

I was going well with the house and was about 3/4s finished. Incidentally he never did anything to help. He never mowed the lawn or put the bins out. It was like he was a boarder.

This night, I had been laying tiles in the other flat downstairs and it was late. I was cleaning up and had only taken the time to listen now and again. As I worked, I picked up the earphones. They were still in the lounge having an argument. They then moved to the kitchen. I tried to catch up on what they were saying. It was about money. He was still paying off the house his soon to be ex-wife was living in, he also had been paying some of the lease he signed up for when he lived with the other fellow. He was also paying maintenance on his children and on one from a previous marriage as well. He had no money and she was virtually keeping him.

She went into the bedroom to go to bed and he followed. She told him to get out. He said he wasn’t leaving and she needed him. He should not have said that. She went mad. She shouted she didn’t need him and that he was a terrible fuck. He replied that she enjoyed sex with him. She said that she didn’t and most times she was faking it. He then said that she must have always faked it as he was better than me. She screamed back that she had never faked or had to fake it with me. She said, I was a better fuck and my cock was bigger than his anyway. She was very nasty to him and kept at it. There was plenty more. I was silently cheering to myself.

She told him very loudly that she had thought she liked him and that the sex would get better. She went on to tell him that she had blamed herself for believing that but now realised he had nothing to offer and she was finished with him.

They were both shouting and I heard the children calling out. I could hear them my wife and her lover downstairs without the earphones. It was then I went up and got the children. I took them downstairs. I then went upstairs and told him that he had better leave or the neighbours would call the police. She shut the bedroom down and he started to leave when she opened it with a lot of his clothes. She opened the front door and threw them out. He then left.

She went to the bedroom and shut the door. I settled the kids down and waited till then they were asleep then I went downstairs to my rooms. I could hear her crying with the earphones. She went on for hours.

Next day I went to work. She didn’t and when I came home she met me and told me that she had gathered all his possessions and delivered them back to his ex-wife who was sucking all his money from him. He had called and she told him never to call again.

It was 2 days later and I was again tiling when she came down and begged me to forgive her.

She said it was all her fault that she had cheated and thought it would be better. She realised now and she had for a while, that we had been happy and it had been perfect and that I was only trying to work hard to make things right for her and the children. She asked and begged me to take her back. How could I not. I had never let myself hope for this but now the opportunity was here, I could not turn it down. Of course I wanted her, I always had.

I carried her upstairs to the bedroom and gave her the fucking of a life time. I licked her pussy, her clit and her bum until she could not take anymore. Then I fucked her. In her pussy first and then in her arse. I grabbed Freddie and pushed it into her pussy. This time though I had spun her around on her knees and fucked her from behind. She worked Freddie in and out of her pussy and I pushed her face down hard on the bed. I was on one knee just pounding in and out of her beautiful arse. I heard her sucking and panting as the orgasms ripped through her. It was only then that I shot my cum into her. I had so missed fucking her.

Married life settled down again. I removed the listening hardware and was never caught.

He was here 8 months and these days it is as though he never was. She is actually a more attentive wife. We fuck all the time and never seem to tire of each other. Sometimes I wish I had recorded the sound of him fucking her. I realise I did enjoy those wanks. Freddie still gets a run quite often, more than before.