Written by anon

10 Jul 2009

I have to share this event with you. It is in our minds since last week.

It was a hot night and was getting late on a Saturday night in the car park. We had just returned from watching the birds glide over the water catching their evening meal of small flies.

As I approached the car, I noted that there was a couple in the corner of the car park, seated in their vehicle. We got in and sat for a moment with some curiosity. The light went on briefly and then a response from a second car near by. Two men got out and walked towards the first car. They looked with purpose at the inside of the car. Then the window was would down and a female head appeared. Then an arm... pulling down the zip of one of the males standing outside. Grabbing his cock, she began to slowly wank him. I could see from the dim light that her partner was encouraging her more and more.

Soon the door was opened and she got out followed by her partner from the other side. I was not sure what was going to happen next ???

Then she proceeded to lay over the bonnet with her legs spread and her flowing skirt pulled over her. It was incredible thta this was happening some 20 yards away or less.

He proceeded to push his cock in her and fuck her silly until he must have shot his load inside of her. This was followed by another man in the same position. God I was getting so hard watching, I had not noted that my car door was open and my partner was starting to move towards the scene. I sat and watched.

Once reaching the other car, she kneeled and started to suck the first person, licking the cum and sucking his balls. Once the secons man had cum, she proceeded to do the same. I had not known this was inside her.. all these years and she had kept this a secret from me ! But neverthelass, I was getting turned on watching her. It was something I never thought I would see. But I have to admit to myself that I loved seeing her suck otehr men, particularly when I dont know them (in someways this was the best bit if I was being honest).

She then leaned against the side of the car and the two men fingered her in her cunt. It didnt take more than a few minutes and she was wriggling and gripping her legs together with extacy.

Straightening up, she slowly said her goodbyes and came back to the car. Once sitting down and composed, she turned to me and said "did you like that ?" She could see the question required no answer. "I wuld like to come back again soon" she said... "to continue where I left off". I agreed that we should. God it was so horny and I didnt believe I could be saying this to myself.

When we got home, she drove me to an amazing climax, beyond anything that was normally in our sex life. She was quite wild. I made her promise that I would not stop her attending this "dogging" night I think she called it, if she would allow me to watch and then when we got home, she would go wild with me.

The following week was a noshow. But the next was quite something. She has taken to wearing a very short tartan skirt. fishnet stockings and boots to her knees, with a blouse and no bra (she is very large). She just gets stronger and longer each time. I have to say I get quite sore keeping up with her in the car playing with myself.. until one night she waved me over to her and the 4 men.

My life has never been the same again. Little Paxton has opened my life to many things, including how my partner has a secret desire to be a "greedy girl", and you know what... I love it too.. even though I may be more of a spectator.

Thank you Little Paxton for some incredible experiences. If male wants to meet there them mail me.