Written by First time special

17 Oct 2012

I came out of my national service and went to live with an Aunt and uncle.

They were not real aunt and uncle in those days kids always called mothers friends aunty and uncle instead of just thier christian name.

So Aunt Dorathy was the one I lived with, she was about 40 slim nice slim figure, long hair, brown eyes, and pretty pleasing to look at.

I was working shift work now and came home all hours of the day and night, she was always there as we lived in a large office block where she was cleaner come dogsbody.

One morning I came home about 7 and she straight away got my breakfast readya fter which I had a shower and went to bed

I had drawn the thick curtains and the room was dark.

As I lay just before going to sleep I heard my door open and then close again.

Thinking she had just peeped in I turned over and snuggled down but then heard a rustling sound in the room.

I eased up but couldn't see anything buy felt my bed clothes being pulled back.

Then a body slipped in beside me then snuggled up close.

I could feel the warmth of the naked skin close to mine as I always slept naked, then a hand slipped down and began to caress my prick which was hardening by the second.

I tuned on my side and put my arms round the body and pulled it close.

She soon had my prick fully erect then she slid down the bed the next think she was sucking gently with it fully in her mouth.

I told her ii wouldn't last long as I hadnt had sex for ages.

She mumbled something then sucked harder.

I took her head in my hands and slowly fucked her mouth, she just kept a tight grip with her lips as I pushed deep in as my prick throbbed as I shot my cum.

She sucked hard drawing the last drops as I slackened off the suddenly she was gone from the bed, the door opened and closed and I was laid there wondering what the hell hd happpend but a very happy bunny