Written by sellonikki

1 Mar 2016

I'm bill liveing the life both here an abroad , I live 2 months in Rochester in a small flat which I own an live in a small house which I also own in halkidikki in Greece , I wouldn't say I'm wealthy but I don't need to work but I do enjoy working the bars where I live , its a fairly small place with a reasonable holiday trade but the cost of living is now pretty much on par with the uk , anyway this happened in June last year. I was working the britnar in pollichrono it was Wednesday evening pretty quiet when a couple an there teen daughter came in they was loud but pleasant people the mum sn dad really liked a drink , so within an hour I knew they wasn't going to get much past midnight , as it was so quiet I was walking the tables keeping them clean an myself busy when the woman said sny night life round here , not Wednesday its pretty dull but there's a night club near kriopiggi , another hour passed an a fair amount of good banter the bar was empty apart from them an myself so I invited them up to the bar for some local juice , she laughed oh an you gonna give me your juice , you never know your luck I chuckled , they joined me , he was Dave his wife was Lin , the daughter is jenny , she was 19 second year at uni , we chatted for a short time when Dave allmost rolled off the stool , bedtime Lin said he's reached his tipping point , jenny said I'm gonna stay for a little , Lin ok hun cya in the morning an off the sort of strolled , leaveing me an jenny , after about 5 mins she said look your being primed , pardon I was taken back , oh no like you think she hurried , mum n dad are swingers , mum choose you for the night so dad looks like his drunk she will come back get you to fuck her dad will creep down an watch , I stop frozen not knowing what to say , better get out of here then , if she dont get you now she will over the next week or so , she smiled at me its ok I'm not shocked by it , so what should I do then I asked , fuck you instead , maybe later but best to get her off your back , with that she slid off the stop an walked off waveing an saying goodnight , I really wasn't sure what had happened ,

I switched off the lights an cleared up just as I was washing the glasses Lin appeared , ok i thought she ok bit plump but fuckable she came round the bar , anything I can do she asked , well apart from suvking my dick I said nothing really , she looked a bit taken back , oh fuck I thought iv stuck me foot in it now , but she knealt pulling down my shorts an really gave me a deep throating I was really enjoying this when I saw Dave creeping in the bar , I lifted her head an whispered tell Dave to come over an get a better veiw , she sort of half smiled you knew then , sort of I half lied , he likes to cleanup , fine I said I'm bi myself so he can suck me clean , she actually shuddered hmmmm like seeing that , she called him its ok love he like his coc sucked by blokes , he all but ran over he knealt by Lin watching closely as my 7 inches slid down her throst , you passive Dave he looked st me with puppy dog eyes , sub he said , I pulled my cock from her mouth then suck my cock bitch , he gave a better blow job than Lin she was busy trying to get under his chin to suck my bollicks , I knew I wouldn't last long an said so at that Lin stood up bent over lifted here skirt sn said spunk me up het cunt was dripping wet my cock felt like a sponge in a bucket lol but I banged hard for just seconds an emptied a fair smount of spunk deep in here cunt , Dave went stright I slurping an lapping at her spunky cunt as he jerked on my deflating cock , I stepped back to watch them for a while , Lin turned an asked maybe another night for more fun , I said sure but maybe my place next time we can relax get naked an play for longer , they walked away hand in hand looking very happy with things. I was soon wondering what to do next , so I finished the glasses shutip shop an headed out a small voice Sai ok so you feel better now , jenny stepped out of the doorway , I hope you didn't see that , she grinned no hun I don't watch them but know them, I felt really clumsy , so what now , well maybe we can go somewhere lighter an brighter so I took her to a club not so far away had a great laugh danced a fair bit then took her back at 6am , no we didn't fuck ,well not for the time Lin an Dave was there