Written by Sandra

28 Dec 2012

Hello again everybody I would like to reply to Keennyboy 82 for his comments asking if jimmy will his mates. I have not given this a thought as I am letting jimmy fuck me because it is my husband wish for him to do so. My husband as a fixation with jimmy mainly because of the way that he treats me and that he was the first man to fuck me. Our love making revolves around jimmy and his degrading words and that he treats me like a slut. I don’t know what it is but being spoken to like this as a dramatic effect on me and makes me want to submit to him. Jimmy taunts me about my husband being a good for nothing cuckold but my husband wants to hear me relay ever word he says. Also he loves the fine detail of my time with jimmy wanting to know does he take me in his arms and kiss me. I have to tell him that does not happen but that he is rough with me even sometimes ripping my knickers and tights. My husband wants to know where and how jimmy fucks me and I relay every single detail like the night that he fucked me in a shop doorway in Manchester city centre at 10 o’clock at night. He took me down the bottom of Deansgate and dragged me into a shop doorway and pushed his hand up my knee length skirt and rubbed my pussy through my knickers. You need fucking bitch , no jimmy not hear shut up and open your cunt bitch. With that he pulled my knickers down to my ankles and off one leg then opened his jeans and pulled out his erect cock. He then held my leg in the air and guided his cock into my wet pussy as he slid into me with ease. As he started to fuck me with force I lost all sense that we were in a public place. As he quickened his rhythm I was having an orgasm and he began to shoot his creamy spunk deep inside of me. It was only when I came back to earth that I saw four people watching us I almost died of shame, me a married woman being fucked on public display.

Later that night on returning home to my husband i related every single detail of what we had done and this made him so hard and he came second after entering my spunk filled pussy. My husband got hard a gain while he eat my pussy greedily lapping up both his and jimmys spunk mixed with my own juice. My husband asked if I love him, to tell the truth I love the way he treats me and how he fucks me, but no I do not love him. He asked me if jimmy is better than him well in all honesty I tell him that jimmy is far better and fucks me harder and longer than he does. This only seams to turn my husband all the more. He has now taken to telling me he wants jimmy to fuck my bottom so he can eat his spunk from there. There was one time that jimmy fucked me which drove my husband really wild. Jimmy picked me up at 10 pm outside the greyhound pub in Cheadle and drove into the country. I thought it a little unusual that the passenger seat had one of those plastic covers on it like you get when you have your car serviced. He drove to Alderly edge where he parked in a farm gateway where he stripped naked he opened the gate. Then he opened the passenger door and told me to step out and picked me up. This was not like in a nice way it was romantic. That was until we entered the field where he lay me down in a big mud patch. I struggled to get up but he pushed me back down and rolled me over and over in the mud. I was coved in it my hair my clothes, everything.

Love Sandra