Written by dave

24 Dec 2011

Over the past couple of weeks i have been visiting a local brothel in the town near where i live,so far i have had full sex with five different girls and three of these i have seen at least twice,i am in my mid fifties and the girls are all in there twenties its such a turn on fucking these young girls behind the wifes back.Yesterday i seen the new girl who was very petite she came into the room and took the money told me to strip off and get on the bed, this makes me so horny as i think about the girls being fucked where i am laying.she stripped off and joined me on the bed playing with my bare cock once hard she took me in her mouth and gave me a wonderful blow job,i then turned her round and went between her legs licking and sucking her fanny i licked her clit to orgasm this surprised her as she said that should not have happened,it is also a turn on when you can hear the girl in the next room servicing a punter,anyway she sucked my cock again before rolling on a condom and then sat astride me and lowered herself onto my hard cock its so horny seeing your cock enter a young prostitute as she starts to ride you, then changing positions i went on top as i fucked her and she played with my nipples to help me over the edge,i asked her how many cocks she had before me she said i was her third of the day and called me a naughty boy,its a turn on for me knowing i have licked and fucked a fresh fucked cunt,spunking the condom to completion, this was my christmas present to myself before going back to the wife.I cannot wait for my next visit to the local brothel as all the girls are fab.......