Written by Terry

8 Dec 2009

Now the kids have grown up and left home Mandy and me have more freedom to do as we like, fuck anywhere in the house without worrying that they are suddenly going to come home. Mandy is 45, slim but has quite large firm tits, nice rounded arse and good legs. Over the years she has worked in bars and restaurants to earn extra money, always being popular with the bosses and the customers as she would wear low cut tops and short skirts and willing to have a laugh and a joke. A few months ago she started at a new pub, everything went well, but it was quiet. The landlord decided he would get some exotic dancers in to try and drum up some business.

Mandy didn't mind, but told me that some of the regulars said they thought she had better tits than the dancers and wanted her to flash them. I asked if she had and she said she had refused pointing out that the girls were paid to show off their tits and pussys. The thought of her flashing her tits at a load of blokes was getting me hard so I suggested she let them have a look if they paid. She just laughed adding "I might just do that. He's having a lock in with some of the regulars tonight. Maybe you'd better come and keep an eye on me".

About 10pm I went to the pub which was still fairly busy, noticing several blokes at the bar chatting to Mandy as she worked. I didn't know them and come closing time they remained as the rest were shown out. The landlord knew me and I stayed and Mandy came round the bar, perching on a stool, letting her shirt ride up just showing her lace stocking tops. I'd joined the group who wanted her to show more. She glanced at me as she pulled the skirt higher revealing the white flesh above her stockings. The next request was "Show us your tits Mandy". "Show me your money" she replied. A quick whip round and some notes were on the bar. She stood and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, then parted it revealing her lace bra her nipples erect and visible. Turning she handed me the blouse before unclasping the bra, dropping it on the bar and facing them with her hands covering her tits. She then grabbed two of them pulling them to her tits saying "Suck my nipples". Having her nipples sucked gets her going so this was asking for trouble. Her nipples were hard as I noticed her reach for the zip on her skirt, sliding it down, pushing the skirt to the floor. All she had on was her hold ups and a thong. A couple of the men were rubbing there cocks as I wondered how far she intended to go. I soon got an answer as she gasped "One of you lick my pussy". Her thong was pulled down revealing her shaved pussy as hands spread her legs, pushing her bum against the stool as a face was buried between her legs tonguing her now wet cunt.

My prick was hard watching her, one of the blokes was openly wanking his cock so I got mine in hand too. The landlord was looking at me to see if I would stop her but I just moved closer and said "She wants cock. She needs to be fucked, Don't you Mandy". She nodded and moved to the pool table, bent over it, then used her fingers to spread her pussy saying "Come on then fuck me. Who's first". She was entered straight away, her cunt hole spreading as she took his cock and was fucked. Everyone else had their pricks in hand, wanking, waiting to fuck my slut wife's cunt as she screamed out to fuck her harder, that she was going to have us all. He came in her and she lay back on the table, parting her legs exposing her open cunt as his cum fell to the floor. "Don't stand there wanking, fuck me". Another cock penetrated her, sliding in and out of her sloppy pussy as she pinched and pulled her nipples, groaning that she was cumming, pushing back against the cock in her pussy until with a shout she came, juices running out of her cunt, soaking her legs and stockings. A few more hard thrusts and he came in her as well. She was pulled off the table and bent over a stool, a cock thrust in her from behind as someone lifted her head and pushed his prick to her lips. She opened her mouth sucking the cock, taking it into her throat as her mouth was fucked, lipstick smearing his prick. They got into a motion pushing their pricks in and out of her in time as they built to the point when they could hold back no longer and they both jizzed in her body. Before she had a chance to move I got behind and slid my cock in her as the landlord fucked her mouth. As I fucked her cum was running out, her cunt was so used and stretched I could hardly feel it. I then did something we have only done occasionally. I pushed my fingers in her cunt to lubricate them, then pushed them in her arse. I put my cock against her arse hole, then as I pulled my fingers out pushed my prick in to replace them. A spat on her for more lube then pushed my length straight up her and fucked her arse. Someone had reached between her legs and I heard her gasp "Fist me. Fist my cunt" as she was almost lifted of the floor as he fist fucked her gaping cunt. Her arsehole was tight on my prick as I fucked her, feeling the fist on the other side of her cunt wall, filling her fuck tube.

The landlord had come in her mouth and Mandy was gasping she was cumming again. I spunked up her arse and pulled out, watching as she was fist fucked until she came, layed over the stool, cum and cunt juices running down her legs and dripping from her cunt and arse on to the floor. We got dressed and she sat naked, as we had a final drink before the landlord found her clothes and coat and asked me to show her home, still not letting on she was my wife.

I fucked her again when we got home and in the morning neither of us could quite believe we had gone so far. But we don't regret it and she has stayed behind since, when she received a good fucking from eight different guys last time, telling me all about it when I returned from a work trip the next day.