Written by Greenhorns

7 Apr 2011

I left messages on Chris' answering machine. I apologised, promised not to flash and asked him to please ring me so I can explain. 

To cut a long story short. Chris got back to me saying that he was cool with my flashing. He quite liked that trait in a woman. 

We started dating again. I began flashing again and as Chris became comfortable he encouraged me. I perfected the "accidental" bit. 

We often went to the pub where those men were watching me but never saw them. Often we would be joined by Chris' friends who we got to take photos. No one seemed to notice that you could see my knickers in most of them; "accidentally" of course. ;-)

In late October 1998, we were in the pub when the guys from our third date who had been sitting behind us moved to the section of the bar where I had first seen them in March.

Chris leant forward whispering that my audience was back. I told him I had already clocked them and asked if I should give them a show. Chris said to knock myself out meaning I could. 

I was dressed rather conservatively because the nights were drawing in and colder. 

A black, short, zipped jacket. 

Short black skirt too short for a split. 

Cerise, short-sleeved top

Cerise diaphanous bra and pants

Barely black hold-ups.

I never wear tights.

Black sensible shoes. 

I started off with my trade mark leg-crossing. At first they only took scant interest because I was only showing a lot of leg. I adjusted my position and shortening my skirt by two inches allowed my stocking tops to peek from the hem of my skirt. More leg-crossing shortened my skirt still further exposing bare skin above my stockings. This had the desired effect. I maintained this position much to their delight judging by the grins. 

I got up, straightened my skirt and went to the bar for last orders. I ordered our drinks and as I went to hand over the money Andy, the landlord, lent over the bar and told me we were invited to a lock-in and that because of the leg show the drinks were on the house. I looked at him, smiled and said that I didn't think I was showing that much. With a big grin he said that I wasn't but he was hoping that I might show more. I teased him by saying I didn't know if I should show more. He pointed at the men that I knew about and then pointed at three more at the far end of the bar and said they were also hoping for a flash of my panties. I picked up our drinks and walking away I turned and said maybe I'll show more than my knickers when it's quieter. 

Getting back to Chris I quietly told him what was said. He was not so keen. Concerned about our safety he said that he was not sure about 9 men (including) Andy becoming sexually excited over me. I assured Chris that I was a big girl and could handle a few horny men and that I wouldn't go any further than I didn't want to. I then asked him if he would let me carry on until I decided to stop. He promised not to interfere but was not comfortable with the idea.  

As the pub thinned out I improved the view by allowing occasion glimpses of my cerise knickers much to the delight of the groups at both ends of the bar. 

Andy locked the door after seeing out the last of the uninvited customers. He brought some more drinks and seating himself at our table opposite me and leaning forward proceeded to look up my skirt. Andy put his hands on my knees and tried to push them apart but I resisted because I could see Chris looked uncomfortable with this. I looked at Chris and mouthed I'm ok and I love you. Andy turned to look at Chris and without taking his hands from my knees told Chris that we could stop at any time. Chris said that it would be up to me and that if I said to stop it would have to stop. I said out loud that I would stop if I wanted it to stop. I then let Andy spread my legs.

Andy pushed my legs so far apart that my skirt rode up to my buttocks. My cerise panties so sheer and the lighting so good my Brazilian trimmed pussy was on show to everyone that had now gathered behind Andy and Chris. They were making appreciative noises and statements that was having a positive effect on my clitoris and wetness that also did not go unnoticed by all the men. Andy watched intently as my pink clitoris pushed more and more against the fabric. He asked if I would take my knickers off. Without a word I got up and went to the ladies.