Written by Glenda

25 Oct 2011

Several years ago as a young Fresher starting at Uni in the south of England I managed, against the odds, to get myself some fairly good lodgings with a married couple who lived on the outskirts of the city. Everything was going well till I lost my part time bar job, the owner tried it on with me and I wasn’t having it so I had to leave. I thought honesty would be best so I explained my predicament to Mr Taylor, my landlord, he was very sympathetic and asked if I wanted to take the matter further but I said I didn’t. He promised to try and work something out and said he would speak to his wife about it. Well nothing happened for just over a week then one evening he knocked at my door and he came and sat next to me on my bed. In a very quiet voice he asked me what had happened in the pub so I explained that after closing time when we were clearing up there were just the two of us in the pub and as I was loading the glass washing machine Shane the barman/owner came up behind me and groped my breasts. Because I didn’t move at first he must have thought that I was OK with it because his next move was to put his hand up my skirt. At that point I turned and pushed him away but he kept trying to cuddle me so I slapped him pretty hard; that was when he started calling me names and told me to get out, which I did. Mr T then surprised me by asking if I was a virgin which made me go very red with embarrassment. Eventually I told him that no, I wasn’t, as I had had several boyfriends at school and college. He then asked if was seeing anyone at the moment, I replied that I wasn’t, but why had he asked. He said that if I was willing to have occasional sex with him it would be a way to cover my rent. I was totally gobsmacked, I didn’t know what to say. Eventually I said he would have to give me time to think it over, he agreed and left. I thought long and hard about this proposal and even put the question hypothetically to a couple of my friends, the consensus seemed to be, if you have no alternative then go for it. I didn’t mention anything to Mr T so it was several weeks before I got the knock on my door. He started with a bit of small talk, asking how I was etc, then the $64,000 question, would I do it? I hesitated for a moment then said yes I would try but, if I didn’t like it then I would have to leave, he said he understood and that he would return the following evening. I was very tempted not to return home the following day but soon realised that I would only be putting things off so home I went, showered and waited. The first visit was a total anti-climax. Mr T arrived and sat next to me on the bed in his dressing gown and started to fondle my breasts, when I asked him if he had a condom he cursed and said that he had not, so that was the end of things, he just got up and left. When we eventually made it he just got me to lay on the bed with my legs open, he entered me and after about two or three thrusts he became breathless and collapsed on top of me. I wasn’t sure if he was OK but when I rolled him off me he seemed to recover and, as before, he thanked me and left. This was the routine over the next few months about once every other week he would visit me and the performance was the same. Shortly after one visit there was another knock at the door, it was Mrs Taylor, I invited her in and she came and sat next to me on the bed. She said that she had guessed something was going on between Mr T and me for some time but that she had just confronted him about it and he had confessed all. I started to cry and she put her arms round me telling me not to get in a state and that everything would be alright. We sat like that for a few minutes then Mrs T started stroking my face and hair and asked me in a very quiet voice what it had been like having sex with her husband. I really wasn’t sure how to answer her so I said it wasn’t bad but that it hadn’t taken very long. She said that he had been like that with her for years and that secretly it left her very frustrated she admitted that she often brought herself to a climax afterwards. All the time she was caressing me and when she touched my breast it was like a small electric shock and I could feel his wetness stirring in me. Mrs T explained that she had never made love to a woman, I liked the fact she said ‘made love’, and not sex. She went on to explain that she was one of three sisters with only a year between each and as teenagers they had often played around with each other, sometimes all three but mostly in pairs and how enjoyable those days had been. She gently pulled back on my shoulders and now we were laying on the bed together, her hand opened up my gown and teased my nipples, first one, then the other till they were both hard and sticking out. Her hand moved down to my crotch and because I was naked under the gown all I had to do was move ever so slightly and she had access to her target. All this time I was just laying there but I must say it was a very pleasant experience and the air felt charged. I had no experience whatsoever of being with another woman and for a moment I panicked slightly but her gentle massaging was having the desired effect. It was then that she took my hand and guided it down between her legs; I had to pull her dress up to get at her and her pants felt very damp. When I slid my fingers inside her pants the first thing I noticed was that she was very hairy, I am fully shaved and waxed so it was a slightly strange sensation. Not being sure what to do I tried to follow what she had been doing to me and judging by her reaction I was doing it pretty well. As I inserted first one then two fingers in to her she started to move in time with my rhythm, I noticed her breathing was becoming heavier and that she had stopped touching me. Suddenly she started bucking her hips quite hard and she clung on to me very tightly as she reached an orgasm and then gently relaxed back on the bed. We lay there for a short time then as though remembering the situation she gently kissed me and asked if I had ever had oral sex to which I replied no; I had given one of my boyfriends a suck once but didn’t like it.

She rolled on to her side and slid down the length of my body, kissing it as she went, it was very erotic. When she reached my crotch there was that electric shock effect again when she touched me, but then everything changed when she started work with her tongue. She was licking up inside my lips and then using her fingers to open me up she stuck her tongue inside and the sensation was nothing I have felt before, God she was good. It didn’t take long before I was exploding to probably the biggest climax of my life grabbing at the bed covers in ecstasy it was wonderful. This was the start of a whole new adventure, we met up every other week for almost two years, I managed to get her shaved and waxed and she introduced a variety of toys including a strap on which was really good. Poor Mr T was not allowed to visit me any more and I don’t know if he ever knew what was happening. I gained my degree and paid no rent so it was a double win for me. I am still in contact with Mr & Mrs Taylor, (but not in that way), and I am due to get married later in the year to a very nice man, so a happy ending all round.