Written by tudorman

22 Mar 2009

My wife, Sue, and I used to swing many years ago before we had children. Now they are both in their teens, the first at university and the second to follow this year. Over the past six-months we have talked about re-joining the scene after nearly 20 years. Sue is now 52 and has retained her figure and looks. She is 5’ 8” tall, size 12, with a full head of thick blonde hair. She always dresses smart, and I think sexily, something that pleases me.

We have been viewing this site for the past few months, but have not finally decided on whether to return to swinging or not. Last weekend we took to London to see a show and impulse took over. In the bar of the hotel on Saturday afternoon we met a young guy, Dave, who we discovered over casual conversation was in London on a short-term maintenance contract but on-call over the weekend. During the subsequent shopping trip, meal, changing for the show and the show itself, neither of us mentioned any thought of us involving Dave in sexual games.

After the show we returned to the hotel and decided to join the disco in the basement. After about 10 minutes I bumped into Dave at the bar. He was looking for talent but told me he was disappointed on what was on offer. I asked him to join us and he did. We sat at the side of the dance floor in a little alcove equipped with a couple of bar stools. We held casual conversation and Sue danced with both of us for the next hour or so. She was enjoining herself. Then the slow numbers started and Sue pulled Dave to the floor and then danced entwined in each others arm. I was only four feet away and felt my groin stiffen as I watched them. Sue turned to me and beckoned me to them. She turned to me and put her arms around me. “Both of you dance with me” she said as we sandwiched her between us. The floor was now packed and we were pushed together. This continued for a number of records. My hands would often meet Dave’s as we caressed Sue’s body. Sue turned between us, facing one then the other. Eventually when facing me she looked at me “This is nice. Can we continue upstairs?” I looked at her, “Ask Dave”, I said. She immediately turned and I saw her say something in his ear. He looked at me, questioningly. I smiled and without a word we all left the disco. Nothing was said as we made our way to Dave’s room (Sue’s request).

Once inside we started where we left off with Sue sandwiched between us. Our hands became more forceful and Sue’s breathing became heavy as we explored her body. She was now kissing us in turn, a misty look in her eyes. We removed her blouse and bra and began to give her a tongue bath, me at the back and Dave at the front. Sue was moaning softly as we worshiped her body. I unzipped her skirt and pulled it over her hips. It fell to the floor. I knelt and began kissing her buttocks, helping her step out of her skirt. I pulled her briefs down leaving her in hold-up stockings and high heels. I was stroking her legs when I sensed she shifted her stance and opened her legs. I now began running my hand up and down the inside of her leg. I heard Sue gasp and knew Dave had begun to touch her sex. My hand reached higher, above her stocking tops onto the soft flesh of her inner thigh. As my fingers pushed up I felt Dave was already finger-fucking her. I felt she was so wet so I pushed one of my fingers into her beside Dave’s. Sue let out a deep moan as she kissed Dave. Our fingers were working together as we probed her sex. Sue gasped aloud “God, that’s nice” she exclaimed. We continued as she stood between us, moaning softly. Suddenly, without warning, Sue stiffened as her first climax shook her body. She held onto Dave as we felt her muscles contract around our fingers.

As she relaxed, I stood and we moved her to the bed. She lay in the middle and we took a position each side of her. Dave moved onto her and positioned himself between her legs. With one movement he entered her, pushing himself fully home. Sue stiffened and shuddered as she came again. Dave began his thrusting into her as I stroked her stocking clad leg. Instinctively, Dave pulled-off and I took his place. “You are going to have a good fucking tonight” he told her as I pushed into her. Sue was clawing at my back as she gyrated beneath me. I continued thrusting into her for a while and she came again. I climbed off and Dave told her to move on top of him as he lay on the bed. I watched as Sue moved her legs either side of him. I watched entranced as she lower herself onto his manhood. I was fascinated as it opened her lips and disappeared inside her. Sue began to ride him as I kissed her back and fondled her buttocks. I moved behind her. Pulled her off him and entered her from behind. I thrust quickly making her gasp as I did so. Dave pulled her forward away from me and she sank back onto him. Sue squealed as he pushed his hips upwards, forcing him into her. We continued to abuse her in this way, each taking turns for what seemed ages. Sue was screaming, writhing, gasping and uttering abuse as we fucked her in this manner. She came again. As she was riding Dave she began to grunt loudly. I watched her stiffen as she came again. This time it was huge. She was moaning obscenities as she grabbed and collapsed onto Dave. Dave grunted as he shot his load deep into her. I could not help myself pushing forward into her. I tried to enter her whilst Dave was still in her. I pushed forward as she moved forward and my cock instantaneously replaced Dave’s. “Fucking Hell” she yelled as I felt her contract around me. Her climax continued as I fucked her. I came adding my come to Dave’s. We all collapsed on the bed. We lay there in silence, panting at the release of energy just expended.

We lay motionless together. Eventually we left Dave and returned to our room. I have never seen Sue like this, as soon as the door was closed she was kissing me and grabbing by manhood. We made love again, but this time passionately and slowly. We both came together and drifted off to sleep.

The next day Sue admitted that night was sensational and questioned if we should repeat it in some way in the future. Maybe more stories to follow?