Written by Joe

14 Apr 2011

I am in London on a visit to my best pal Craig and his German girl friend Lily. we are having a few glasses of wine and craig is grinning as he knows I can`t keep my eyes of Lily and my arousal is very evident. To describe Lily well, everything about her is larger than life she has a large mouth which I can assure you is big enough to suck 2 cocks, at nearly 6ft tall her legs go on forever, her tits are large 38D with large nipples and an arse to die for. She has a mane of long blond hair almost white in colour and a blond silky, curly bush between her legs. She may look big but there isn`t an inch of fat just a firm fit figure a very athletic woman. I would like to mount her right now and fuck her hard but Lily likes to play little games and so we wait.

Lily disappears into the bedroom Craig and I grin at each other, she appears she is now naked her long blond hair is now in pigtails with little ribboned bows keeping them in place and they are tantalisingly bouncing of her tits. We pour more wine chat Lily sits across from us opening and closing her legs by now Craig and I are breathing heavily at the sight of her cunt on full view. Lily `accidently` spills some wine and goes down on all fours to mop it up her tits and pigtails swaying as she rubs the carpet. I go behind her pulling on her hips till they are pressed against my hard cock Lily wriggles a little I gasp gripping her hips tighter. Craig kneels in front of her unzipping his trousers pulling his hard cock out pushing it into her mouth. Her head soon starts to bob up and down up and down. My hand goes between her legs her cunt is so wet it takes 2 fingers easily I take out my cock rubbing at her cunt and then I slip it in just the feel of my cock throb in her cunt, Craig is quickening his thrusts into her mouth and with a groan shoots his spunk deep into her mouth and throat, she chokes a little but now I am in my own rhythm riding her for all I am worth until I to realease a torrent of spunk into her. Craig and I our trousers round our thighs our cocks going limp, Lily on her back spunk trailing down her chin and globs of spunk ozzing out of her cunt grinning at us. She grabs a cock in each hand wanking us back to hardness we start to finger her spunk soaked cunt till she cums on our fingers. We do not take our clothes of Lily likes it that our trousers are round our knees and our cock and balls on show. She said it turns her on more like we are having a quicky.

We stand in front of her she guides our cocks to her mouth and she expertly sucks us to full hardness those pigtails bouncing of her tits what a sight of sexyness. We push her head further down our cocks she gasps but carries on, our cocks are rubbing together in her mouth it heightens the sexual excitement. We are moving as one now pumping her mouth I feel Craigs cock rippling I am sure he feels mine and with a groan Lilys mouth has had another load of spunk. She gags spunk spews out off the side of her mouth our cocks are empty for just now we, sit down gasping for breath Lily still on her back on the floor she wipes the spunk from the side of her mouth. The start of a fuck fest week-end.

Just writing this has given me a hard on the memories of all those years ago the thing we did with Lily I can wright more??