Written by zakk1900

4 Aug 2015

My next door neighbour lost her husband a while ago. She has always been one for popping in and as I have started to do more gardening she has popped in more often - frequently when my wife is at work. We usually chat and drink coffee.

The other day I was feeling horny and logged in to an adult site and was watching a couple fuck on cam.

I nipped to the loo then heard her come in and I realised my lap top was still on in the conservatory. When I came out she said - hope I'm not disturbing you too much. it looks like you might be busy. I said dont worry - just a bit of amusement. She asked what the site was and I said you should log in when your on your own, especially if your feeling horny. she asked if she could have a look so I put the lap top between us on our knees and turned the sound up.

The guy was going for it big time when he pulled out and came all over her. She collected it in her fingers and sucked them clean.

Do you want to see any more I said and she said ok but needed to be careful as she was feeling very aroused.

I told her not to worry as I was also aroused and it was quite normal. She asked how aroused I was so I took her hand and placed it on my cock and said see for yourself. She didn't move her hand but started to slowly squeeze. I asked her how aroused she was and she said why dont you find out. I said I would love to but there was a danger we might end up fucking - she surprised me by saying yes please its been a long time.

I found another cam where the woman was sucking a guy and slid my hand between her legs and soon found she was drenched. I moved the lap top onto the coffee table and undressed her and immediately started to eat her clit . Instant orgasm. You needed that I said. she said she wanted whatever I would give her so I stood up and undressed and offered her my cock. She sucked greedily and wanked me into her mouth. I told her she would make me cum but she kept on sucking and I filled her mouth. She told me she wanted me in her pussy and I said you mean your cunt. She told me she didnt use that word when her husband was alive. i positioned my cock at her entrance and said where do you want it. In my cunt she replied so I slide it in as it started to harden again and as soon as I started to thrust she started moaning and begging me to fuck her. She had multiple orgasms before I came inside her.

She asked if we could try oral next time and I agreed. Often when she comes round now, even if my wife is here she will be without knickers and will flash me whenever my wife leaves the room and get me horny. We fuck regularly now and she has found she loves anal and is making up for lost time