Written by LONELY Angharad

16 Mar 2011

I am 44, size 18 so a bit bigger than average and quite conscious. Love having sex, I am a bit naughty when I get going but feel a bit shy about my size. I was in a hotel as I frequently have to travel for work. I am single, and I have been for 5 years, I have met a few guys on here for sex. I went for supper and decided to have a drink in the bar before retiring to bed. It was busy in the bar, so I sat next to a group of slightly older men. I started to chat to one of them, and he flirted a bit, I think he was a about 60. One thing led to another and a few wines later I was feeling very horny and having a good time...the men were local but I asked them all to join me in my hotel room. They purchased some more alcohol to take up to the room for us to enjoy. As soon as we got up there I was like a dog on heat, I started to kiss one of the men and grabbing his cock, before I knew it I was lying on the bed with a hard cock down my throat and another guy performing oral sex. The first guy came quickly in my mouth and I swallowed his spunk. I then washed it down with half a bottle of champagne. We all then took stock and we agreed that we were all up for sex sex and more sex. I have big tits, and 2 of the men started to suck on my tits whilst another guy started to fuck my cunt, they all took turns in fucking me. I then asked if someone could fuck my arse, so although difficult I managed to get 2 cocks in me and then I sucked on the oldest guys cock there....they came in all my holes... which was lovely I couldn't get enough of them. 2 of the guys had to go, but 2 stayed with me. We had a shower together, I sucked both cocks and one of the guys asked me to drink his piss, I could only manage some, but we got out of the shower and I sat on his face and peed in his mouth. I had some toys with me, as I get very lonely and horny when I am away, one of the guys then put my vibrator up my cunt and a big but plug up my arse...god it was so intense then he started to suck and lick my clit...I was screaming until I came. We then all slept but had loads of cuddles and kissing in the night. In the morning I sucked both the guys off, both came in my mouth...they then left me. I had a little play with my toys..I wish I could have gone out and found a few more men, but had to go to work. I realise that I was so lonely and desperate for sex I would have been anyone’s or done anything.