Written by markandjaq

7 Nov 2010

Hi im the jaq in the stories my husband has been writing about.He has persuaded me to write about my experiences in the caravan with my toyboy lover,I have read the other postings and thoroughly enjoyed them. Mark only knows the briefest highlights of my weekend away so its very exiting for me to tell him about it this way. I think even he will be shocked at his slut of a wifes behaviour!Here goes.

I woke up last thursday had left for work feeling nervous as tonight i was going to a caravan with Ian my lover, and had agreed to have a threesome, with his best friend Paul who he described as a bit of a ladies man.He wouldnt go into any further detail just saying i would be pleasantly suprised. It had taken him a while to ask me to do this with him and he had rewarded me with a fantastic evening of hard vigorous sex, during which i had orgasmed more than i ever had in one evening.Mark readily agreed, he is such a love allowing me so much freedom of expression,although the dirty old man gets what he likes out of it too!

The morning dragged only brightened by a call from Ian who had me squirming in my seat telling me what my two young lovers were going to do to me tonight and the following four days!

I finished at two the plan was to meet Mark at home he would help me pack and then drop me at Ians about 4.30.My boss was on his way back from lunch as i walked out of the office and told me i looked great and to enjoy my weekend(hes trying to get into my knickers too,didnt know that did you mark!)

Mark was home when i got there and he had the contents of my sexy undies drawer on the bed! He had bought me six pairs of stockings and told me he wanted photos of me taken on a mobile sent to him during the course of the four days! Such a classy man!

Anyway he packed while i had a bath, shaving myself as Ian had told me he had never fucked a shaven haven!Mark had finished my packing for me and was standing naked in front of me with a very impressive hard on.

I didnt have time to have full sex with him,and didnt think Ian liked"sloppy seconds as much as mark,but would find out this weekend!" So i gave him a long erotic blow job, he loves them, says im the best in the world at it and so it proved! I really gave him my all and i sucked him till he exploded in my mouth long spurts of his incredibly thick cum(took ages before i swallowed it when we first met it really is very thick!)He placed his hand on my head and gently fucked my mouth until he fell back on the bed totally satisfied.I dressed quickly and did my make up, much quicker than when we go out mark commented!I wore a shortish denim skirt, opaque black hold ups and a lowish cut top, mark approved especially when i put my thigh high black boots on too!He put my case in the car and drove me to Ians place, he still lives with his mum so we had to meet at the end of the road.They shook hands as they swapped the case into Ians car and mark gave me a kiss and put his hand up my skirt touching my hairless pussy(forgot to mention he persuaded me not to wear knickers, i also later found the cheeky bugger hadnt packed me any either!)He told me to enjoy myself and to keep in touch.His hand lingered on my stocking top and we kissed again i sensed a little uneasiness as he transfered me to my lovers car.He closed the door and we drove away.I sent a reassuring text and then concentrated on Ian! He told me Paul was meeting us at the caravan as he didnt want to provoke any suspicions in his girlfriend, who thought he was working in wales for the week.

Ian asked how i felt and i told him,truthfully i was very randy and wanted his cock inside me.He pulled into a layby and we kissed passionately his hand up my skirt stroking my stockings before finding my knickerless and hairless pussy.He said we needed to get to the caravan quickly as he was "gagging for it",He quickly drove off and we arrived at the site in record time!We were both disappointed to see a car parked in front of the caravan when we arrived, paul was here but we were both desperate to have sex and now we had an awkward meeting to deal with first.

So we went into the caravan and paul was sitting on the couch watching tv.He turned to greet us and i was very impressed with him.He was about 6'3" very muscular extremely handsome and very dark skinned.He gave me a lovely smile and kissed my cheek and shook hands.I hoped that he was as impressed as me with the first impression.He showed us around the caravan it was new and modern and larger than i expected.There was a lovely big bedroom with a large bed, a smaller room also with a double bed and a room with two bunks.Me and Ian had the big bedroom and Paul was in the middle one.We had a coffee and sat in the lounge.I was a mixture of feeling horny and awkward, but felt quite comfortable with the situation.Paul said we should all go to the bar on the site for a drink and something to eat so the three of us walked the short distance to the pub.

Paul got the drinks and we ordered some food, i noticed Ian was a bit quiet but put it down to Paul being so lively and outgoing.As we chatted about nothing in particular, i saw paul looking at me with his dark smouldering eyes and any doubts i had about what was to follow disappeared, and after a few drinks and some food Ian was his normal self too.After a while i noticed or at least felt we were being looked at and i felt a middle aged woman and two handsome young men together looked odd,and said i wanted to go back.Ian said he would walk to the off licence for some drinks and we should return to the caravan.Paul and i walked along he put his arm around my waist as we walked the short distance to the caravan.He unlocked the door and we walked in he immediately pulled me towards him and kissed me passionately.His lips were gorgeous and i responded with no resistance.He took my hand and pulled me to the big bed and lay bown beside me his hands moving over my body his tongue darting in and out of my mouth intertwining with mine.He was like an octopuss his hands were everywhere,up my skirt in my bra (which he expertly removed!)He pulled up my top over my head, i responded by unbuttoning his shirt he had gorgeous dark skin and a very hairy chest which i love.He stood up and his fantastic muscular body was further exposed as he removed his trousers leaving him stood in front of me in only his boxers, a massive telltale bulge at the front.He then pulled off my skirt leaving me in only my boots and stockings.He looked at my shaven pussy and said"wow".He lowered his face and kissed it gently with his lovely lips as his tongue delved inside me.I was desperate to see his cock the bulge had my imagination working overtime.I pushed his shoulders and he moved up off me we kissed again and i could taste myself as i did so.I moved my hand inside his boxers and was truly stunned to feel his massive manhood.It was huge.I took it out and as i did so he said "dont worry i will take it easy". I told him he would have too!I swear it is at least 13" long and so dark almost black.I said "what about Ian" its ok he said hes giving us a bit of time to get to know each other.

He told me how gorgeous i was and how lucky Ian was as he put the tip of his cock towards my mouth i accepted it and tried as hard as i could to get it all in my mouth but couldnt manage any more than just over half.He pulled out of my mouth and placed it at my entrance.He told me he was desperate to cum and didnt think he could hold out for long.I smiled and told him to relieve all his frustration in me.He didnt need telling twice.My god he rammed it in an out of me sooo hard mmm it was gorgeous, each time he did so his massive cock penetrated further into me.It actually hurt in a pleasurable sort of way and as i cried out he asked if i was ok and i just said"just fuck me",

I couldnt believe what was happening to me.I orgasmed and this spurred him on still further as he shot a massive amount of cum inside me.It was incredible, ive never seen so much.It sprurted at least six times and as he pulled it out i still got a pool of hot sperm on my stomach.The door opened and Ian came in "for fucks sake i could hear you two from the end of the main road" he looked a bit uneasy looking at me and his friend lying naked on the bed.I said "come on baby, be nice".

Have to leave it there for now more later