Written by jadencpl_1

25 Oct 2012

Hi , Ive never done this before , so please bear with me , I am 60 now and my wife 58, we have been married for 40 years , its had its ups and downs , but mostly ups , Within a month of being married I started to fantasise over her with another man , I was turned on to the point of delerium , and thats how its been for 40 years , she knows and has always known it is the top of my to do list, and as such I have pestered her at every oportunity.

The problem is she is quite straight laced and although a turn on as a fantasy she said she would never do it for real. There have been some close calls in the past when it almost happened but I will tell you about this particular time.

Denise is 40DD size 14 ,5ft8 with grey blond shoulder legth hair , and unshaven but trimmed (REMENBER GUYS WHEN ALL WOMEN WERE au-naturale)she is now and as always been , the years have been kind to her and she looks great for her age and has always been a good dresser , clothes are very important to her.

I,m James 6ft 2 carrying a little weight but not excessive.

I had been experimenting online and chatting to people about sexuall matters , (as you do)

and Denise was ok with it , all the guys were obviously interested in meeting and if at all possible fucking my wife , it turned me on trmendously , and so it went on for months , until I got friendly with a guy on one of the sites who I seemed to click with and chatted to him most days , as time went by I actually managed to get denise chatting to him too , he was very respectful and not pushy at all , and very patient, very well educated and solvent.

Eventually he sugested we might try camming online , which I was very interested in and Denise didnt mind , so we set it up and thanks to the modern wonders of computers there he was in all his Glory, hard as iron and wanking as the picture sprang into life , it looked amazing , I called for Denise and she watched him wank untill he shot his load onto his table,He thanked us for helping him cum and signed off.

The affect this had on my wife was fantastic she stripped in seconds and jumped on my bursting cock , riding it and saying it felt like mikes looked (Mike was the guy on cam ) We hadnt fucked like that for years , but it was to become a regular thing , and she encouraged me to wank on cam with him , which I did most nights whilst she was wanking too but out of shot of the cam .

Mike was desperate to see her obviously but she wouldnt let him see her face or her bits, just her shoulder or arm so he could see she was there.

after some moths she got braver and even more turned on and she eventually let him see one of her amazing 40DD tits he came instantly as did I ,It took over a year to get her to show him her pussy but she did , and we were at it all the time , sometimes I would fuck her on cam as Mike watched and wanked , she was amazing , I never thought it would get any better but then out of the blue and after almost 2 years she agreed to meet Mike at his swish apartment in central Manchester, but hats a another great true story, let me know what you think ?xxx