Written by jadencpl

29 Oct 2012

First of all thanks to all those who have left comments , if you contact us through SH we will chat to you.

Final part of this liason was the week after.

We arrived back at Mikes pad the following Wednesday at 7 pm , Mike was waiting at the car park to usher us in and lock the gate after we were parked , this time he waited by the gate and not in the lift as we expected , we walked over to him slightly bemused and very horny, and he announced he had booked a table at a local restaurant for an evening meal,

whilst it was a very nice gesture , and he had said earlier that he would prepare some food so dont eat before leave home , we assumed he meant , we would eat in his apartment , visions of candelit food and drink with den stripped to her holups and matching silver bra and panties had been in my mind for days .

Anyway of we walked into Manchester centre as I thought , and after about 10 minuites walk we arrived at the eatery , modern kind of place , probably an old mill beside the canal, very pleasant and up market kind of place, we all ordered our food and Mike ordered a bottle of Moet Chandon, Den doesnt drink much but adores champagne,its one of the few alchoholic drinks she will drink which actually relaxes her , obviously Mike had remembered one of our online conversations.Anyway we ate our food , and were getting down the bubbly when there was raucus laughter in another part of the restaurant , we all looked around , and was shocked to see about 6 youngish men walk into the room dressed in what I thought were fancy dress , for those of you who havnt guessed yet , we were in a restaurant beside a canal in Manchester , the street was Canal street , right in the middle of the Gay area of Manchester, I had heard of it, Mike looked at me as he realised the penny had dropped and burst out laughing ,I must have given him the wrong impression or something , Denise was blissfully unaware of what we were laughing at.

After I explained it to her , and i have to admit i wasnt sure if she would react at all ,or the effect the champaigne would be a factor , but she howled with laughter , I was relieved as I didnt want anything to ruin the evening, she was still laughing when 1 of the guys who were veryscantilly clad in hotpants and a see through shirt, walked past Den and winked at her , the slapped his own bum and walked off , den thought it hilarious , and was really enjoying herself .

I was keen to get back to mikes , and get the evening underway properly so was hinting to go , Mike seemed happy to stay a while longer and den was relaxed with it , so I backed off as we sat watching the guys , who were really funny and entertaining , in short bloody good company , anyway the bottle was now empty , and den had drunk most of it , so we said our good byes to the boys and began to leave , as den walked by the lads table the 1 with the hotpants stood up and rubbed his bulge aginst Dens left hip , and just laughed , we all laughed , and left , Den was really flushed as we walked back , I asked if she was ok , as I thought she had a little to much wine , but she said NO, it was the guy in the hotpants his cock was rock hard when he rubbed it against me , a short conversation followed about how it felt and would she take him on, as you can imagine when we got back to the apartment I was as hard as iron and as we walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor mike turned around to me and showed me how hard he was by gripping his cock through his trousers, I wispered to den that Mike was bursting , and she replied so am I, it was one of those magical moments that rarely happen , I was in heaven , and we hadnt entered the house yet.

As mike opened the door he led the way in followed by Den then me , as Mike was closing the door I slipped my hand up Dens skirt to feel how she was doing, she was wet through in her panties , It felt amazing, we all sat in our origional places from last week .


So that said , Mike prodeuced another bottle of wine to which I couldnt have any as i was driving home later , but thought den might have a small glass but she declined saying she had drunk enough , and were we trying to get her drunk , to which in unison we said NO of course not , thats good"she said because i feel pissed already, I said really you dont look so drunk, at that she stood up smiled at me and let her deep red gypsy skirt fall to the floor, she then lifted the black very tight top over her head and just stood , hands on hips in silver bra and panties and silver holdups black patent 3 inch stilleto,s she looked like she ruled the world that was another of those rare moments, Mike gasped WOW you look fantastic , I just nodded, and just got my cock out, it felt like the natural thing to do , MIKE CAME OVER SAT BESIDE ME ON THE COUCH AND TOOK HIS LARGER COCK OUT , AND WE BOTH SAT THERE WANKING AS DEN JUST STOOD IN FRONT OF US.

she then cam over and took hold of our cock 1 in each hand, and slowly wanked us , Mike then jumped up and said can we go into the bedroom as if you do that too much ill make the same mess as last time , we laughed and strolled to the bedroom.

Once there Den just let herselfe fall onto the bed , and I was on her right Mike on her left , we began fondling her tits and soon had them out , Mike was in a frenzy again Den had to tell him not to be so rough , he said he was sorry and did she mind if he gave her a lovebite , she said ok but not a big one , he set to work on her left tit as I watched as I was kissing her , he left a 2 inch wide lovebite , almost as big as her nipples lol, she was now very turned on and was arching her back , Ithen saw Mikes hand slip into her pants and for the first time I knew another man was feeling my wifes cunt and may have had his fingers in her , Den was writhing now so I knew his fingers were in, this was another of those moments, they were coming hot and heavy now , then as I was telling her how fantastic she was Mike moved down the bed between her legs and was pulling her pants down , i was trembling more than she was as I saw her pubes come into view , as I said at the beginning she trims but doesnt shave , she lifted her bum to aid the removal as he slipped her panties completly off , Den was naked now apart from the silver holdups and silletos,I was in heaven, Mike in slow motion moved back between her legs and began to lick her,I put my cock in her mouth , as she sucked on me I kneaded her tits as mike gave her the tonguing of her life (her words after that night )

he just licked her very deeply for at least 15 minuites , I had to get off the bed and away from Den on a couple of occasions to avoid cumming too soon , the atmosphere was electric and Den responded to every contact,and for me to stand by the bedroom door and watch these two hornty people have oral sex was incredible, for one of them to be my wife was beyond my expectations.

\mike was slowing down on the licking as I watched from the doorway , and came up for air , as he did so his tongue was replaced by dens fingers , she was desperate to cum, and was wanking herself as Mike looked on from the bottom of the bed , her legs as wide as they would go and her cunt gaping and soaked with her juices and Mikes saliva , i couldnt resist walking over and slipping 3 fingers into her , as Mike was playing with his cock at the foot of the bed ,I slowed Dens wanking with my hand as i wanted it to last longer, she subsided slightly then started again as i moved away , Mike, still stroking looked intensely at her and said I cant believe you are the same woman that would only show her arm on cam , and now here you are openly wanking your wet cunt for me , SHE EXPLODED, ina screaming orgasm that eclipsed anything I had seen before or since, like a banshee she thrashed around on Mikes bed untill eventually it subsided , GOD she looked amazing , I was so proud of her , and fit to burst , Mike as though someone had just shot at him , retuned to the moment and slid up the bed , and to a draw in bedside cabinet and retieved a pink condom , no words exchanged he just looked at Den and she nodded, he extracted the condom from its pouch and rolled it on his throbbing cock , slid back down the bed and lay ontop of my wife , lifted ger legs I saw my oportunity and opened Dens cunt to allow him better access to her , he slid effortlessly into my wife, even though he was much bigger than me , such was her state of sexual excitement,I felt Mikes cock slide past my fingers as i held her open , I was trembling as he was pushing this big cock into her , 35 YEARS I HAD WAITED, for this very moment , and I have to say it was worth the wait , it was the best moment by far of my life , melodramatic you may think , but if you knew my wife , you would know how true that was ,She was being fucked before my very eyes by a nice guy with a big cock , what could be better? Mike was in his stride now fucking her hard , just the way she likes it , I took a bit of a chance at this point , and put my hand between his legs and slid my middle finger onto Den clit , she jerked as I pressed her button and mike with my wrist touching his inner thighs started to cum , they both went wild as Mike pumped his spunk into Den, and she cum strongly on him as I pumped her clit , IT WAS FANTASTIC,I kneeled on the floor as Mike withdrew from her soaking cunt , I half expected the condom to have split or at least come off his cock, as it was it hadnt , but as it left her cunt it reavealed a condom so full of Mikes cum that it had forced its way past the condom and was smeared all over his balls , Ive never seen so much cum ,as he stood up and moved away from the bed with the bulging condom still on his now semi erect cock , I was ontop of den and in her like a rat up a drainpipe, My solid cock hardly touched the sides of her cunt she was so wet , it surprised me she even felt it in her , though she said she did, as you can imagine I came in seconds , without a condom , I filled her beautiful cunt with my cum , i slumped after I cum and lay there ontop of her almost passed out , The culmination of 35 years of planning and inventing scenarios and plans to make this happen had taken its toll on me , and I was exhausted , but had achieved my goal. I HAD JUST WATCHED MY WIFE STRIPPING WANKING AND FUCKING ALL IN ONE NIGHT.and I am still in orbit.

Well we left after cleaning ourselves up , and stopped on the way home for a fuck in the car , and guess what brought that on ?

Have a guess and i,ll post the answer ,


Please let me know what you think , it may encourage me to tell you more , Thanks JAMES and DEN xxx