Written by Doc Phil

16 Apr 2016

I am a doctor and married but some years ago when as an Intern, I was working at a hospital and scored the graveyard shift as we called it for about 8 months straight.

That was a 12 hour minimum shift, all night, 5 nights a week. I had Sunday and Monday night off only.

I hooked up with a girl about the same time and we had a lot of fun. But working every night except 2 does not help with the social life. I suspected not long into the relationship that she was seeing someone else when I was busy at work. Not that I worried as I didn’t own her.

Let me tell you about her. I must say she was very beautiful with a fantastic body. She worked for a firm of lawyers and the job gave her lots of freedom. She was employed for her looks for sure.

The law firms in this city all employed stunning young girls. It sort of measured their success. She would accompany lawyers to business meetings, deliver paperwork to other law offices, courts to file cases. She always dressed immaculately and the firm paid her even more to do it.

Anyway we would always spend Sunday, Sunday night and Monday night together.

Often when I finished work at 9 or 10 in the morning we would meet for coffee if she was nearby. Usually I never got to fuck her then as she didn’t want to spoil her clothes or makeup for the rest of the day. But she usually would blow or give me a hand job in my car if she had time.

But if we couldn’t do that then it was just great to have coffee with such a beautiful girl and have other people look and admire her. I loved the feeling that they must think that I was fucking her.

She also knew how much I wanted to fuck her when she was all dressed for work and on Mondays evenings when she finished work and came to my apartment and she would let me do her dressed.

I would just slip her panties aside and play with her then slip my cock in and fuck her like that. I would also ease her tits out of her bra but leave most of her clothes on. We would get naked later but the first was usually like that. We both loved doing it.

Even though I was pretty sure she was having sex with someone else it never worried me. But it was confirmed when one of the nursing staff I worked with told me that she had seen her a number of times with the same guy. It was in nightclubs and they were all over each other.

It never changed anything for me until I finished my stretch of doing that night shift. It was then she came clean and told me about the other guy and that she was getting serious with him.

She never ended it straight away but was truthful to me saying that although she liked me a lot she wanted a future with the other.

I got to fuck her a few times over the next 6 months but that was it. I still know of her and she left that guy as well and eventually married a lawyer and now lives the very high life.

I stated going out with the nurse that told me about her other activities and we eventually got married.

When I started going out with my wife she could not understand why I continued in the relationship with the girl when I knew she was cheating. I admitted to her I actually liked her doing it.

After we married my wife came to understand my thinking and has had numerous lovers in our 10 years together.

My wife also meets me for coffee sometimes and she blows or gives me a hand job in my Lexus. I also get to fuck her fully clothed. It’s hot and she is a hotwife.