Written by Him

27 Nov 2009

I'm a guy in my early forties. I'm still unmarried although I've had a couple of relationships and one or two affairs, it just hasn't happened for me. I'm OK looking. Six foot one or there abouts and still in reasonable shape. No George Clooney but I've looked after myself and when I'm togged up in my suit and tie for work I look very presentable........and I work in your wifes office.

I'm the guy who fancies your wife. The guy who would love to be more intimate with the woman you've been married to all these years. The guy that you assumed you didn't have to worry about any more. Afterall who would fancy your wife these days. Who would would give her a second glance.

You see a woman who was once younger, perhaps thinner, more fun to be around and not so tired in the evenings when she comes home. You remember the fantastic sex life you had together when your love was new and fresh. You remember how she couldn't get enough of you or you of her. You recall a woman who other men use to admire...But she was yours! The trouble is, you still think like that.

Life has been a bit predictable and comfortable for a few years now and you have taken things and especially your wife for granted........haven't you? You don't notice her any more. A quick peck on the cheek as she leaves for work and a "See you tonight" and off she goes. She looks nicely turned out, as usual, but nothing exciting. She's dressed for the office afterall.......isn't she?

I, on the other hand, see a very attractive woman in her late forties or early fifties. I adore the look of a mature woman in her office skirt suit.....what size is she? A twelve or fouteen perhaps? Whatever, as she moves around the office I can't take my eyes off her. Her hair is cut very well and suits her. The colour is just right for her age. I told her so last week. She smiled and said thankyou. Did you know that I think that she wears just the right ammont of make up. Her eyes are lovely and I've often wondered how that shade of lipstick might taste as I pushed my tongue into your wifes mouth!

When she takes her jacket off the blouses that she wears are just a little too tight these days but the lacey bras and slips that she has on underneath sends my blood rushing into my cock........never fails, and have you ever noticed the way that her nipples change throughout the day. Sometimes I can see them gently poking against the thin cotton or nylon. They would be wonderful to suck hardening against my tongue as I lifted her breasts out of her bra to squeezed and stroke them. I'm sure she would enjoy that kind of attention!

Her skirts are usually knee length or just above. Very, very repectable. Oh...but when she sits at her desk they ride up of course. Your wife is not very careful about making sure that the hem of her skirt stays at a modest height but don't tell her because I really enjoy the sight! My desk is just across from hers and boy what a view! Infact shall I tell you what I can see right now? She sat down just a second ago. She hasn't pulled her chair in yet. Her skirt slid up as it became tight around her bottom. She's showing at least four inches of knee below the hem of her skirt....Your wife is sooo gorgeous!

The other day she was in a meeting with me. She sat down beside me and crossed her legs. The sound of her nylon covered thighs sliding against each other was delicious to hear. I kept on glancing over and down at her legs. At one point she noticed and scratched her knee. I had such a hard on while I sat beside her.

I keep trying to catch a glimpse up your wifes skirt. Well, can you blame me? I think that she knows this and once or twice she has been a little bit relaxed about keeping her knees together. Especially when they are pointing towards me. Are you always in the bedroom when she gets dressed in the morning because just the other day I caught the best flash yet. Your wife....Your fifty year old 'boring' wife was wearing stockings!! Twice I was presented with this glorious sight. A quick white flash of flesh above your wifes holdups. She had white knickers on that day. To flash me once may have been an accident but twice....Well, what do you think? I spent the rest of the day oggling the tight material of her skirt across her thigh to see if I could see the line of the top of her stockings pressing through the material. To cap things off I had to visit the mensroom to relieve the tension that had built up inside my trousers.

We get on together very well!

We have lunch together every so often and the occasional drink after work......Has she told you or does she say that she's working late? Sometimes the pub is so crowded that we are forced to touch. I'm sure that she hasn't noticed but her hip has accidentally pushed against my hard crotch. Just imagine that. Your wifes arse separated from my throbbing penis by just millimetres of clothing! Just recently, as we left work it was raining and I offered her the protection of my umberella as I walked with her from our office to the station. She linked her arm under mine. My forearm pushed into her breast. The smell of her perfume. Precum was dribbling from the end of my cock inside my pants. If only she had known.

I wank most days thinking about your wife. I want to fuck your wife.....and do you know what. I think that she wants to be fucked by me!