Written by Jake

7 Nov 2017

I’ve decided to share the experience of loosing my virginity as I think I had a quite unique first time.

Last year I turned 18, which was a nice milestone like it is for anyone I guess. I went to the pub with my dad and a few mates and celebrated like anyone else. As I had a last pint before heading home. I got a text of one of my best friends, and secret crush.

Jess is 33, divorced with two kids, an unusual friend for an 18 year old but she’s been friends with my my Mum for years, she even used to baby sit me when I was younger. Anyway I’ve always had a thing for her and she is a thing of beauty. Gorgeous brunette hair, blue eyes and a nice womanly figure. I remember wanking myself stupid when I was younger every time she’d been round. So like I say she’s been a good friend and someone I’ve grown up around.

I look at my phone feeling a little drunk as it buzzes In my pocket, a text of her. “Hey, just want to say happy birthday, hope u have a good night xxx “.

I’ve texted her loads since I’ve had a phone and never have I received 3 kisses of her. At the time I didn’t think out of it and just enjoyed the rest of the evening. I went home pissed and crawled in bed barely standing. As I lay there I could here my phone buzzing on the bed side table a few times, after about the fourth I looked to see who it was. It was Jess, I had received 4 images of her.

I opened the text and I was confused. I had received 4 selfies of Jess who I presume had had more than a little to drink, she was lay in bed in her nighty, it really turned me on. I was just about awake enough to get a hand on my cock and wank off to her.

The next morning I had a text on my phone again from her, “sorry had a bit to drink didn’t mean to send those, hope that’s ok. Pls don’t mention it to anyone”. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just said not to worry. I asked if I could drop in at her work and see her while she was on lunch and she said that would be fine.

I had so many questions !!! I wanted to know if she had really accidentally sent me those pictures. I made sure I looked my best before leaving the house and put on my best t shirt and jeans to go see her. I got to the salon she works at and saw her sat at a table eating a sandwich, I walked in a little nervous and she looked up and said hi. She looked a little awkward about seeing me, and I felt pretty uncomfortable as well.

We made small talk for a while and then I finally plucked up the courage and asked her wether she meant to send the pictures to me. She was super embarrassed and said she shouldn’t have sent me them, but I said it was ok. I could tell she didn’t want to talk about it any longer so I just told her that I’m attracted to her and I’d love to spend more time with her. She smiled and said she appreciated me telling her, but it wouldn’t be right because she’s so much older than me. I thanked her for being gracious and left soon after, all day I thought about her wondering if she did like me.

I wanted to be with her so much, I imagined what it would be like getting in bed with her.

Later on that day I got a text of her, asking if I would like to come around and have a drink, because the kids were staying at there grandparents, of course I jumped at the opportunity imaging what could happen !!!

I walked over to hers about 20 minutes away and knocked on, she answered looking stunning, in silky leggings and a scimpy vest. I was rock hard as soon as I walked in, I kept thinking that it was the first time I’d been alone with her as an adult. She poured me a tall glass wine and sat down next to me on the sofa.

She apologized for earlier, said sorry if she had hurt my feelings and that it just wouldn’t be practical for us to go out together. I said it’s fine even though I was gutted. She said that she wouldn’t want me to get tide down with a single Mum twice my age when there’s lots of other nice girls out there my age. I new she meant well but it still sucked.

We had a few more glasses of wine, and she asked how long I’d been attracted to her. I said that I’d always liked her from being a kid. As we talked I felt we were moving closer together, I knew she didn’t want to be with me but she was definitely attracted.

As she talked about when she was my age, and her first love and all that I took a deep breath and leaned in for a kiss she put a hand out to stop me at first but gave in and we kissed. It was amazing my cock was literally bursting by now. We sat there for a minute and I managed to get an arm around her during aour embrace.

Eventually she pulled away, both of us breathing heavily. She kissed me again on the cheek and lead me upstairs by the hand, I didn’t know whether to say anything or not so I just kept silent and let her guide me up. She took me into her room, which was small but nice, with a double bed. Jess asked is it was my first time and I said yes. She told me to lye in the bed and I gladley obliged her, not sure what to expect. She knelt down beside me holding my hand and pulled down my trousers and boxers releasing my desperate cock. As she started to bestow kisses on my cock shivers went all over my body. It was the time I’d waited for all my life ...

part 2 soon