Written by Jake

7 Nov 2017

There I lay on the bed of the woman I had had a crush on all my life, who is also twice my age. Jess was knelt on the bed next To me, teasing my cock with her mouth. I was eagerly waiting for her to take it in, as her tongue tickled around my knob.

Eventually her mouth engulfed my cock fully from tip to base. She sucked beatifuly, I couldn’t help but stroke her cheeks and run my fingers through her hair. She cupped my balls as she sucked and I felt like I was going to explode, I held on as long as I could and then finally cum.

Jess didn’t stop, just kept sucking as my body convulsed. I looked down to see her with my cum on her lips and drizzling down her chin. She gently massaged my balls as I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes, my penis now soft and limp.

I thanked her but she said she wanted to do more, I wondered how I’d get hard again as she’d sucked every last fiber out of me already. She got up of the bed and started stripping of, first her vest then her tight silky leggings. She stood there looking like a vogue model. I was frozen in awe, waiting for what would happen next.

She went over to her bedside draw and pulled out a pack of condoms. She threw me one, however my hands were shaking so much I couldn’t even get through the rapping. Jess saw I was having difficulty and came and opened it for me. stretching it over my now hardening cock.

I sat up to and we shared another long kiss, I couldn’t help but run my hands up and down her body. She guided my arm up to the strap on her bra and I managed to undue it with some persuasion. The bra slowly dropped down revealing average sized but beautiful breasts. I took a handful straight away, feeling how they were both soft and supple but firm as well. Until you’ve felt a pair of tits it’s a feeling you can’t quite imagine. I rapped my mouth around them, enjoying there fleshy bounce.

My cock was ready for more now and Jess asked me to get up. I stood up next to the bed and she lay on her back, she turned to me and asked if I was ready, off course I mumbled yes.

I knelt down in front of her legs as she slowly pulled down her knickers revealing a shaved and swollen vagina, probably one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen. Jess asked me to go to the draw and get some a tube of liquid. I pulled out a small bottle of lube and gave it to her. She popped the cap and put some in her fingers, gently massaging her pussy.

I looked at her there and was in a state of satisfaction knowing what was to come. I got up on the bed and slowly moved between her legs. Jess guided me and finally my cock was just hovering over her pussy.

I was nervously hesitant for a second but she reassured me and encouraged me in.

Finally I leaned forward my knob parting her lips, slowly pushing in. It was heaven, Jess rapped her arms around me, pulling my weight onto her fully. I started to thrust slowly, feeling my cock brushing on her insides.

I got more confident starting to push in as deep as I could, Jess lifted her legs up resting her feet on my bum. I could feel our bodies become increasingly entangled. Before long Jess was moaning and whimpering, so was I !!!

I thrust as powerfully as I could getting drunk of her “ooos” and “arghhs”. I felt my balls starting to pulsate and my condom filling. I kissed her and caresed her savoring every moment. Finally giving a last thrust before laying exausted in her arms.

She thanked my stroking my body with her soft hands.

I stayed there for the evening, we lay together caressing one an other threw the night. She fell asleep in my arms and all I could do was watch her not being able to get to sleep, running my hands around the tattoo at the bottom her spine.

In the morning we had breakfast together and talked about what happened, I thanked her for taking my virginity and she thanked me for giving it.

Jess dropped me of at home and I was grateful for everything. We’re still good friends and she has a boyfriend now, I couldn’t be happier for her but we always catch each other’s eye now and again and know that we are both thinking about that night.