Written by Ben's wife

3 Sep 2017

Just thought I would share another story about my wife's Lorraine antics. Those of you who has read my previous postings will know that she goes on regular nights out with friends and often ends in her being chatted up.

This account was retold to me by Lorraine after one recent night out. As she was a little drunk when she recalled this some of the details may be a bit hazy...

Lorraine arrived home one evening, fairly worst for wear through drink. I was already in bed when she got in. As she undressed I noticed that she quickly removed her panties and giving her pussy a quick wipe stuffed them rather deep into the laundry basket. As she curled up next to me I thought I could smell the tell tale smell of sex on her. I asked her if she had had a good night, slipping my hand down her back to caress her arse. As my fingers explored her cheeks I noticed that she was wet there.

Lorraine said that she had been chatted up by a lad, his hands was all over her, squeezing her arse. As the pub closed they were in the carpark kissing, his hands under her skirt feeling her cunt. He said that he lived nearby and she agreed to go back with him.

Once inside his flat, they tore at each others clothes, once naked he led her into the bedroom. Once on the bed he wasted no time in fucking her. Ramming his cock deep into her cunt. She said that she came then felt him cumming, realising that in the rush and drunken state she hadn't considered using a rubber.

Well it was too late, he shot his spunk into her, as he pulled out it dribbled out and down onto the bed. She said she sucked him back to hardness and he fucked her again. As he had cum inside her already she didn't see the point of using anything. He lasted much longer this time, giving her several cums before filling her bare cunt again with his spunk.

This got me so hard that I turned her over onto her stomach and pushed my cock into her used and spunk filled cunt, I could see his spunk coating my cock and all too soon I dumped my load inside my wife with his.

In the morning I fished out her panties and saw a huge stain on them from his loads. Before she could shower I fucked her again filling her hole .