Written by John

28 Aug 2008

It\'s been sometime since I wrote about my ex & our threesome for several years with Bishop.

We had both been fucking her for several weeks on an almost daily basis, when one evening when I came home from work she approached me telling me that she felt horney as hell & needing some cock between her legs. Thinking I was lucky I made to go to the bedroom. At this she told me that the cock she wanted between her legs was Bishops. At this I told her to call him up & get him to come up to our bungalow asap. To my surprise she then told me that she had already done this & had arranged to meet him by herself at the secluded beach that we so often shared together.

I was taken aback at what she had told me & she could tell that I was a little concerned at her proposal & she immediately told me that she thought it was time for her to allow Bishop to have her to himself & she in turn wanted to have him to herself. She wanted to let herself go more than she did when the three of us were together & she felt that he would no doubt be the same. She then added that she was being honest about it with me, not doing it behind my back, & her love was only for me, with Bishop it was just the pure great sex that he gave her. The thought of her comming home to me with her pussy loaded with his sperm & her relating what the two of them shared made my cock start to rise, so I agreed.

She was dressed in her normal fucking attire, just a dress with no underware & a pair of flip flops. Her nipples were pushing out her dress in a state of erectness so I moved to her & felt in her pubic area. She told me that she was wet as hell with the thought of being with Bishop by herself. Kissing me she left the house got into our car, leaving me to go to bed & lay there with a hard on thinking about what she & Bishop were getting up to.

I was still awake when I heard our car pulling up outside at 3:30 in the morning. Comming into the bedroom she turned on the light, pulled her dress over her head & started to proudly prounce around the bedroom allowing me to see all the results of the sex that had taken place between them. Her hair was matted with his come as was her pubic hairs her body was covered in bites, her pussy lips were swollen & very red from obviously from being fucked & sucked on. She bent over allowing me to see that her arse had been pounded by his as I well knew very large penis. She continued to move around the room, saying nothing just showing her body to me. After several minutes of this she suddenly broke her silence telling me that she had just had the most wonderful sex with Bishop. He had fucked in almost every position she could think of including her arse a couple of times. He had eaten her pussy more than once, biting her pussy lips until she could barely stand the pain, she had in turn bitten on his penis each time he had it in her mouth. How many times she couldn\'t remember. Neither could she remember how many times he had fucked her. From the moment they had got down to the beach the sex between them had begun & never ended until they left at just before 3:15. They hadn\'t even smoked a cigarette or drank one of the four beers that he had turned up with. When one of them seemed to slow down the other would urge the other on. She had no idea how many times either of them came & she in fact felt that she was at a constant orgasm & it was here that she divulged especially when he had fisted her. This was a first for her & she related to me how much she had enjoyed it once his fist was inside her. Her orgasm had been the most intense she had ever had, as his tongue was working on her clitoris as his fist moved deep inside her. She indicated to me that she would like to have fisting on a regular basis & was even prepared to see if she could get both Bishop\'s & mine inside her.

Eventually she asked me if she had made me get a hard-on telling me about all the sex she & Bishop had shared together. I told her that I a hard-on the moment she had removed her dress revealing to me her body that had so obviously been sexually used & because it looked so sexually used she must have thoroughly enjoyed herself with Bishop who was certainly a a masteful stud.

At this she pulled the bed sheet back, came to me & mounted my cock, telling me that it was now my turn to have some of her. She told me that she knew I was going to come quickly but she would soon bring my cock to it\'s erect state with her mouth, so that I could fuck her in my favourite doggie position & of course she was as always right & when I eventually pushed my penis deep inside her in doggie position I felt her well lubricated cunt, which still seemed warm to me & I just wondered if she had somehow managed to keep hid sperm warm & inside herself for my enjoyment.

This was the first of many ocassions that Lorraine had with Bishop by herself & we did attempted to both fist her together, but only managed to get on fist inside her & four fingers as well. As her orgasm hit her she screamed out in great sexual pleasurse.

Even though we are no longer man & wife I still consider that the best sex I ever had was when I shared her with Bishop