Written by Ben's wife

31 Aug 2017

This is another account of one of Lorraine's nights out with the girls. Please see my previous post.

As previously mentioned Lorraine goes out regularly for girls nights out with her friends. This is what she told me after she had been out last Saturday.

As it was one of our rare hot days Lorraine decided to wear a thin summer dress with a slit up the side, braless and with white tiny knickers finished off with flat Sandal type shoes. She put her hair up so it was off her shoulders, applied the warpaint and was ready. As usual she looked adorable.

Lorraine arrived home around 1am, a little worse for wear through drink. I noticed that her hair was untidy and her makeup almost nonexistent.

As she undressed and climbed into bed I noticed that her knickers weren't on. As she snuggled up into me I kissed her and asked her if she had had a good night and where her knickers were. She replied with a smile,’in someone's pocket’. I made her tell me all and this is what she told…

The girls had been to a couple of bars and then decided to go to a place what was near the outskirts of town as they were feeling peckish and knew that they served food till late. Once in the bar they ate and decided to stay put. A little later a group of lads started talking to them and bought them drinks. She was stood between several of the lads and after a while she felt a hand on her arse, gently caressing it. The hand moved down and she felt it on her bare leg then slowly slide upwards under the hem of her dress. As the group were tightly stood together she suddenly felt another hand on the front of her leg, slowly creeping upwards. Before she knew it she felt the hand at the back caress her arse and small of the back whilst the hand at the front had found its way onto the front of her knickers and was slowly applying pressure whilst rubbing her pussy. Soon she had a finger probing her tight arsehole whilst another was buried inside her pussy. And it felt good.

The lad fingering her pussy went to the loo so the lad behind whispered in her ear to go outside with him. She agreed and once outside he kissed her then pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and pointed to a van parked in the car park. It turned out that the lads were working on a job locally and it was there van.

He unlocked the van and slid open the side door. Lorraine climbed in followed by the lad. He switched on a light and slid the door shut. They kissed whilst his hand cupped Lorraine's tits, easing them out so he could suck her nipples. Her dress was rucked up and she felt her knickers being tugged down. He undid his jeans and pulled them down exposing his hard cock. Searching in his pockets he found a condom and told her to fuck him. Condom on and Lorraine lowered herself onto this stranger's cock. As she was riding him the door slid open and the other lad came in. Undid his zip and pulled out his cock. Lorraine sucked him whilst humping the other lad. All before long the lad filled the condom with his spunk. Move over the one in her mouth said, saying it's time he fucked the slut. He pulled out, slipped on a condom, pushed Lorraine over the other lads lap, and entered her from behind fucking her hard. Lorraine came then she felt the cock in her swell as he emptied his balls into the condom. Both spent they turfed Lorraine out, one of them stuffing her knickers in his pocket.

My wife the slut got her third cock that night, mine, but this time bareback as I filled her used slut cunt with my spunk.