Written by Magsxxx

9 Aug 2011

After chatting in the chat room on here a lot of guys seem interested in how, when I lost my virginity so I thought I'd tell you all!

Ok the very 1st time I was 18 and was with a lad over the park in the long grass and he put it straight in hurt me and after 3 or 4 pumps pulled out and left me in a sticky mess so I dont really class it as my 1st time as it was hardly sex and definatly not enjoyable and put me off for a while to be honest!

The time I like to class as my "first" was with a older man called Steve.

I was 18 and just started work in my first job as a shop assistant, I had just got in from work and found note from Mum and Dad "Gone to see aunty Julie dinner is in the oven, be home later tonight, Love Mum xx"

I was just about to switch oven on and begin warming up my dinner when the door bell rang, I opened it and there was stood Steve, dads friend.

Hi Steve I said Dad isn't in I'm afraid they wont be back for hours, was he expecting you? No he said I just thought I would drop back his drill I borrowed and pop in for a cuppa tea and a catch up at the same time.

Oh OK I replyed well do you wanna put it in his shed for me? Yes sure said steve.

He walked back into the kitchen and I felt duty bound to offer him a cupa tea anyway as you do! I had met steve a few times and felt comfortable with him.

Steve was 44 5'11 medium build brown eyes, brown hair and a brown beard, I was 18 at the time 5'5 size 10 32b with blonde hair and blue eyes!

We sat at the table and made small talk about my new job and what not and the subject came onto boys and did I have a boyfriend etc, to which I replied no one steady but a couple of guys who I go to the cinema etc with occasionaly, Now he was getting more and more personal asking am I sleeping with them both and who was the best in bed, I kept telling him that I wasn't sleeping with either and had no intentions to!

It was then that I noticed he was rubbing a rather big lump through his jeans and I knew then that he was getting excited from all his dirty talk! I took this as my get up and start to wash up both our cups hoping it would defuse the situation and Steve would leave!

I was washing up in the sink with my back to him when I suddenly felt his breath in my ear and he pinned me agaist the sink and whispered in my ear " I know your sort, your just a prick teaser" NO I said, but he didnt listen he was saying you want them both to fuck you dont you? I know your type!

Well to say I was frightened and shock was an understatment! I was speechless!

He now had his big hands round me and was cupping my titties through my white blouse squeezing them as he talked dirty in my ear!

Next he took me by the hand and dragged me upstairs, I didnt even try and stop him, I dont know if I wanted to or was scared or what but for some reason I just followed until he reached my room, sat on my single bed and began to unbutton my work blouse until it dropped to the floor, I just let him!!!

Take off your skirt he said! What? I replied, He growled take off your skirt you little prick tease!!! I jumped and did as I was told, letting it drop onto the floor I was now stood in just my cotton panties and white bra!

My heart was racing and head banging as he stood up roughly pulled off my bra and panties and proceeded to undress himself!

He layed me down on the bed and the 1st thing he did was bury his face into my hairy pussy (it was the 70's) I was surprised at how good it felt I hadn't enjoyed anything not even masterbation before after my 1st bad expirence I dont bother or get the urges!

I lay back and began to enjoy the feelings going on between my legs when just as I was starting to relax Steve stopped and started kissing his way up my body, his beard tickled as he worked up to my titties stopping to suck and nibble them and then up further to my mouth and began to snog my face off, pushing his tongue in my mouth roughly kissing me and squezing my tits while with the other hand he slipped his hard cock inside of me and to my surprise not only did it go in easy and not hurt but it also felt wonderful and he began to fuck me slow at 1st but with a steady rythem built up speed, then after I dont know how long he asked was I on the pill? Of course not I replied and with that he pulled out and knelt over me wanking his huge hard cock, this was the 1st time I had ever seen a man hard and was fasinated watching him wank untill he screamed out a massive groan and cum all over my breasts and some even hit me in th face and chin/neck! It felt warm, strange and beautiful all at once!!!

He got straight off me and got dressed! But before he left he wrote his home phone number down on my magazine at the side of my bed and TOLD me to call him tomorrow night as He wants to see me again!

Did I call him? Oh yes and after that I was smitten by him and he taught me everything there was to know and even introduced me to the swinging scene by way of meeting men through contact magazines (older readers will know about this before internet) and we had lots of fun until I met my 1st husband 2 years later and settled down to become a good house wife! That didnt last lol!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the story and have lots more in my memory banks if anyone wants to hear

Mags xxxxx