Written by Millie

2 Aug 2016

The reason I can now tell my story is helped by my friend (Iain) telling me of his visits to erotic sites on his PC, I was not familiar with these things.

As my arousal subsided after that first sexual event with Iain my mind immediately returned to the possibility of rejection again. I should have been more focused and aware that Iain had not ejaculated,my lack of experience,I was suddenly aware that he was seriously masturbating himself,I had obviously never seen this before. Sweat was running from him as his hand gripped his gorgeous member and pumped it, a loud deep noise came from somewhere inside him and then my first ever sight of a MAN ejaculating that was for me an awesome moment I watched fascinated as his "cum" emptied onto his tummy.

Was now the moment was that his sole purpose. Do you want to talk he whispered as he tissued away his "cum" ,I was unable to respond,I was dreading this moment.He started to talk softly about his own sexual anomalies,since a young boy he had his own sexual identity issue. He encountered his first homosexual adventure and though the resultant shame feelings at first, he quickly became hungry for more.

He visited public toilets to have sex with other men,when he could drive he began to frequent "dogging" sites where he was happy to indulge in sexual activity with both gender,particularly group sex, he married but it was short lived.

He stopped and looked into my face,needing to know, I suppose.my voice worked, please go on I whispered,he had no idea how relieved I was feeling.

Once before I've enjoyed sex with a person endowed with both sexual organs,I felt myself go weak,was this it. Oh how I envied him/her,probably the best sex I've ever enjoyed,we loved doing "things" together and on occasion with others with both different physical sexuality and different sexual needs.

His erection had subsided.it was of course his second ejaculation recently,little things I had to learn,but my own was enlarged and throbbing between my legs,nervously I started to masturbate,I want to watch he whispered as he got onto his haunches between my legs at the bed end .As he watched he rolled the foreskin of his own penis back and forward revealing the still reddened swollen head, I was suddenly in another place ,I was about to ejaculate,I can't expel cum like a full man but I do go through ,as I now know,the full ecstasy of overwhelming relief.

Thanks to my encounter with my friend Iain my sexual life had started to blossom.Millie.