Written by Julie_reading

26 Oct 2009

The club situated on the ground floor of the apartment block where we were staying. It has a large shop window onto the street and so it is possible to look into one of the two large rooms with a large dance floor and bar. Another shop sized window separated the dance hall from the foyer but allowed unobstructed view -except for the seating along its length- between pay point and the dance hall and vice versa and therefore it was possible for someone in the club to see who was coming into the club and for clubbers to see into this part of the club for friends before paying the entrance fee. The entrance was to the right of this window which took you into the large, well lit, foyer of the club you came to counter angled to funnel patrons for accurate counting, appraisal and charging; and watching for disturbances in the unpatrolled club room. From there you could go either into the bouncer free room (unpatrolled) or the larger back room that had no windows but was well lit. A huge bar dominated the middle of the room and to the left of the bar were a row of podiums that professional club dancers and more often topless amateur dancers danced upon. I was often tempted to give it a go and if I had been ten years younger I would have done. We usually used the unpatrolled dance floor because the music was far less loud and nearer to our era.

We found the atmosphere in the night club to be friendly and inviting. We also found many nationalities were more than happy to talk with us and so we spent all but two nights in the night club after visiting other venues earlier each evening. It was on one of these night’s that C had caught the interest of a French woman who chose to attract C’s attention by some sexy dancing, waiting until I was away from him before taking a seat beside him and asking him if he thought she was sexy. I’ll never know how C responded because I’ve never asked and he has never proffered. I certainly sent her off with a flea in her ear. I determined that I should do some sexy dancing for him instead and while I was swaying my hips in time to the music and occasionally lifting my skirt to show C my legs and white lacy knickers I noticed, that I had attracted the attention of the men in the foyer, one of their number was mimicking me, swaying his hips as I was and lifting a pretend skirt while the others laughed at his antics. The exception being that he would pretend to lift his top up which is something I hadn’t done. A little embarrassed at being mimicked I sat down next to C and told him he laughed and said, “I think he’s playing ‘Simon Says’ with you. I didn’t understand what he meant so he explained the bouncer wants you to carry out his mime. I decided to go and ask him and so left C went out to the bouncer and told him off for laughing at me. He told me in broken English he was only having a little laugh, that I was a sexy woman and this was a sexy club and perhaps I could be more sexy. A little drunk I said maybe l will and went back to join C via the bar for another round of drinks. The club was much quieter tonight and so there were maybe thirty or forty people dotted about this large room which made it look almost empty.

An hour or so later and after more booze I decided to dance again and as C no longer wished to dance I danced alone in front of him in my normal fashion. It wasn’t long before my eyes were drawn to movement in the foyer to the man swaying his hips lifting up a pretend skirt as he had earlier. The booze and the extreme flashing during the week had released the devilment in me and so I copied his movements but actually lifting my deep burgundy coloured, front box pleated skirt to show the tops of my barely black hold-ups. The exaggerated way he lifted his imaginary skirt suggested he wanted to see what I was wearing underneath and so copying his movement I raised my skirt right up and swung it to and fro in a mock Cancan completely exposing my heavily laced white knickers (full back as I hadn’t planned to flash tonight) to the cheers and claps of encouragement of my voyeurs barely audible through the heavy glass. Having been successful he then lifted an imaginary top and I copied by lifting up my violet coloured, sleeveless, button up, lace blouse and letting them see my matching 38DD bra (I always wear matching underwear). Next he lowered one strap of a pretend bra and I copied by lowering my strap. I was laughing and C said to me, “I take it you’re playing ‘Simon Says’?”, “Yes” I replied with a laugh. “It’s ok to go as far as you dare.” “I was going to anyway.” I copied each of his instructions by slipping the other strap down, reaching around and unclipping my bra through my blouse and pulling it through the sleeve as he showed me to and threw my bra to C. My heavy breasts sagged with the weight and I believed this would end the interest but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He lifted the pretend top over his head but as I was wearing a blouse I unbuttoned and removed it and threw that to C. I was now dancing topless and it felt great as I hadn’t thought it would. I was surprised that I only drew a little extra interest from the other clubbers who decided to silently watch developments. C was joined by three men in their twenties, two French men and a German who were doing construction at the Universal Studios Park. It was very exciting that my tits bouncing around to the music was being enjoyed by eight men including C. “Simon” left me to dance topless for the remainder of the song after which I went to sit down and grabbed my blouse. I was distracted by a banging on the glass, “More dirty dance” the Spanish “Simon” demanded, “Yes, we want to see more too” chorused C’s new friends. With a giggle I dropped the blouse and resumed my place on the dance floor. “Simon” then pretended to undo the zip of his “skirt” but I couldn’t see myself dancing in just my knickers and stockings and quickly became embarrassed enough to put my blouse back on. Realising he had pushed to far he called me to the foyer. On reaching him he asked if I would take off panties and he wanted to see my pussy. I declined but said I would think about it and if I dance alone again that would mean I agree. He was happy with that and as I left he said that as I had been very sexy like sexy club he would maybe give C and I free drinks tomorrow and if I show pussy he will give free drinks tomorrow. I repeated that I’d think about it. I told C what he said and he just laughed and said tomorrow never comes so there will be no free drinks. One of the French men immediately offered to buy a round of drinks if he could stay and watch if I show my pussy. C looked at me and said, “The ball is in your court and you have an eager audience both in here and out there.” I turned to the young Frenchman and agreed to do it. When the two Frenchmen went to the bar C turned to me and asked if I was sure I wanted to be naked in here. I told him that I wouldn’t go that far. The young German whispered that would buy my panties but I refused. When they came back I stepped onto the dance floor, gyrated and lifted my skirt showing my knickers as before and noted that “Simon” was no longer in the foyer and that part of the interest had gone, so, for c and his three new friends I put my hands under my skirt, hooked my thumbs into my knickers and sexy and slowly pulled them down. When my knickers were down to my knees the three men started cheering which drew the attention of the club room and the foyer, my eyes drawn to “Simon” who had his face pressed to the glass giving me the thumbs-up. I stepped out of my knickers and threw them to C who placed them with my bra under his seat. I danced, gyrated as before while also giving several good unobstructed views of my pussy while doing the Cancan skirt lift knowing that they could see everything including my landing strip (Brazilian) trim. I was asked to dance to another two records before the trio decided it was time to leave, each thanking me personally for the show.

The bouncer, “Simon” called me to the foyer again and when I went to him he asked if I had enjoyed being sexy and I told him that yes it was very exciting for me to be watched by many men. He told me he knew I had big heavy tities before he’d asked me to show them because small tities small arms, big tities big arms. He asked if he could see tities again without glass. I undid and opened my blouse and he reached out cupping a breast in each hand caressing each while trying to make my nipples erect but only one presented itself to be squeezed between thumb and finger, he was a bit too rough and so I wrapped my blouse over them freeing them from his grip. He tried to put his hand up my skirt but I pulled away, “That’s enough!” I went back to join C. We finished our drinks before I grabbed my bra from under the seat, my knickers nowhere to be seen but I knew who had them. Perhaps I should have sold them as now I no longer had a matching set.

As we left “Simon” called to us, “Come tomorrow! Free drinks tomorrow!” C and I had great sex that night as we had most nights during our holiday. We did go back to the club the next night. I behaved myself and true to his word, “Simon”, issued C and I with a coloured bangle and was not charged for a single drink all night.