Written by PINKS

20 Aug 2012

Louise and i are having an affair at the moment, we work together, her at head office and meat a remote office further North. Meeting up is irregular so we have taken to having long telephone calls during the day, she closes her office door and i park up and call her from my mobile.

During some recent sex with Louise she told me that her husband (before they were married) and his mates got her to play a game with them after a big drinking session. I told her i was feeling particularly horny on the phone and was going to wank myself off while she told me what had happened, so i told her to give me all the details.

She started off by telling me that her husband is/was a pig and often humiliated her in front of his mates and told them that Louise sucked his cock last night or that she took it up the arse. She said that his mates would all make comments about wishing it was them etc etc.

On this particular night she said that he and his mates had been drinking all afternoon and she had arranged to meet up with them later. when she arrived she saw Paul and noticed he was very drunk and was being loud. When he spotted her he called her over and for fun squeezed her breasts in front of his mates, she just laughed it off. Pauls mates bought several large drinks for Louise and she said that after a while was feeling the effect and a little 'wobbly'.

Paul, Louise and his mates went back to theirs and they started to play cards, Louise didnt know how to play poker so sat it out for a while and watched. After a few hands she realised she could see one of the guys cards and would signal to Paul what he had and Paul would bet accordingly but after a few losses the guy realised and told louise if he saw her do it again he would spank her arse, Louise mistakenly thought Paul would say something but he just announced and what a lovely arse it is to. Louise again signalled to Paul and this guy saw it, got up and chased Louise round the living room until he wedged her against the sofa, whereby he slapped her arse over her trousers and she shrieked. Paul looked up and said she looked like she enjoyed it and saying it was his turn and started chasing after her. Paul was a little worse for wear and so called for his mates to stand in her way. At this point Louise became surrounded and every way she moved she was blocked. Paul told his mates to grab hold of her and carry her to the chair, they grabbed an arm and a leg each and manhandled her to the chair and Paul pushed her body down over the arm of the chair and instead of just spanking her arse he put his hands around her front and undid the clasp and zip, she was aghast and said enough was enough but he wouldnt have it and pulled her trousers off of her waist and showed his mates her arse in her pink panties and then slapped his hand down several times which created a red mark immediately.

They let Louise go and after her protest said that she felt it was wrong for them to see her arse and for a laugh Paul said she was right, stood up and got his cock out and waved it at her and signalled for his mates to do the same. Paul said that it was only fair and that she should decide who had the biggest cock, Pauls mates duly obliged and cock in hands rubbed them to attention, Louise didnt know what to do but on Pauls instruction said that she should grab hold of each one and see in her opinion who had the biggest and the winner would get a prize. Louise asked what the prize was and he said that the winner could spend ten minutes in the broom cupboard with Louise. Paul being confident he had the largest got quite smug but on examination Louise said she felt so horny and whilst apologising to Paul she announced that Chris had the biggest cock.

Chris wanted to claim his prize but thinking it was a joke Louise just laughed it off. Paul was quite miffed but in his drunken state told Louise that she had to see it through, grabbed her, pushed her into the cupboard and Chris followed in behind her. Once in there and with the door closed it was pitch black but Louise said that Chris wasted no time grabbed her trouser catch, opened it and yanked her trousers down whilst muttering sorry love but a bets a bet. Louise tried to push the door open but she knew Paul and his other mates were outside leaning on the door. Chris put one hand inside the back of her knickers and the other down the front and his fingers made their way to her pussy. Not having much room to move she said that body contact was inevitable and her hand brushed the front of his trousers and she could feel his sweaty cock hanging and whilst having a momentary lapse in his fingering he took her and hand and told her to wank him and pulled her hand back and forth afew strokes. Paul and his mates outside were asking Chris what he was doing and he gave them a running commmentary and Paul was telling Louise to touch his cock and she could show him later what she had done. Louise felt that her only way out was to get this guy jacked off as soon as possible and then say they had finished so she rubbed him hard and fast while Chris mauled at her tits and was roughly kissing her face and neck. Louise said that she was feeling strangely turned on by the event and started to respond to Chris's touching, grabbed his cock bent forward and then held the head of his cock at her pussy entrance and rocked back and forth and managing to accept the first few inches of his cock. Paul was asking what was happening and Chris said thye were just having a grope and slowly fucked Louise until ready to shoot his seed and he whispered to Louise "is it safe" to which she said no but this is and sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. On finishing him off and sorting their clothes out they announced that they had finished and Pual duly opened the door. On asking what had happened Chris said that he had been making it all up and that they had just had a cuddle because she was his mates wife. Chris winked at Louise and to this day Paul believes his mate bottled out of the bet.

I couldnt help but have a wank while she told me the story and i told her when i was cumming. She has other stories to tell me and if the feedback is positive i will try and relay them in my nxet post.