Written by Harold

28 Jul 2016

After 27 years of marriage and still making love at least a couple of times a week with me, my wife makes sure it never gets boring. Of course, it helps that she's always loved sex and been very playful in bed right from the beginning. I know I'm a very lucky guy.

It was a Friday night at this wonderful local pub that serves this fabulous Irish stew. We sat at a table for two with our Guinness' and awaiting our food when she leaned over with a wicked smile on her face and whispered into my ear, "I think I'm getting wet just sitting here and thinking about what we'll be doing when we get home after our meal."

I placed my hand on her knee under the table and ran it slowly up between her thighs until she squeezed her legs together to stop further progress and whispered to me, "That's far enough for now. It'll give you something to think about for later, plus our food is on kits way here." The waiter placed our Irish stew on the table before each of us together with Irish soda bread and, as he turned to go, gave us a leer and a smile showing he had seen my hand action as he approached our table. I grinned at him, but my wife smiled back with a knowing look as if to say, 'Wouldn't you like to get some of this!'

I noticed her responsive look to him and asked, "Would you like to play with him? I could wait here while you take him out back and let him fuck you against a car or the wall at the dark end of the car park." She gave me a wicked grin and said, "You'd like to watch that, wouldn't you?" I quickly replied, "Yes, of course. Is that going to be our adventure for tonight?" "No," she said, "I want you all to myself at home tonight. But, maybe, we could do that some other night."

We've never done anything like that, but that's the kind of talk my wife has initiated over the years to keep our sex life interesting and keep me in an almost perpetual state of horniness for her.

Needless to say, we didn't linger over our meal and soon returned home with sexual tension in the air between us. We entered our lounge where we took off our coats and put them away in the closet. I said something about us going upstairs to our bedroom, but she said, "Let's be adventuresome and start here." Always up for something new, I readily agreed and pulled her into an embrace and began a long open mouthed kiss with lots of tongue on both our parts. Our hands quickly explored each other's body s we continued to kiss.

I knew before we left home for the pub that she had gone braless, but now I felt the absence of her knickers as my hands rubbed and caressed her bum, and I said, "No knickers, huh? The waiter would have loved that if you had let him take you out back. He'd just have to pull your skirt up to your waist and slip it in to fuck you silly." She moaned at the visualization of my words and replied, "Why don't you do that - here and now?"

Still kissing her deeply, I pushed her skirt up around her waist, ran a hand between her legs, and plundered her wet pussy, pushing two fingers in as far as they would go, then rummaged around inside feeling her swollen and wet flesh ready for my cock. I told her to lie on the thick carpet beneath of feet while I hurriedly pushed my trousers and pants down to my ankles, and wanked my semi-hard cock to a full erection.

She had grabbed the quilt we kept on one of the sofas facing each other and laid it folded lengthwise on top of the carpet, then lowered herself to lie on it on her back. I knelt between her legs and quickly lowered my hips and entered her with a series of short quick partial thrusts as I worked my substantial cock all the way up her. As she wrapped her arms and legs around me, she said in a sex charged voice, "Fuck me now. Fuck me good and make me come!" She then pushed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. This inflamed me just as much as her hips thrusting up into me urging me to get started fucking her. There is no one like her in bed when she needs to get laid - and this after being with the same man for so many years.

I loved the idea that we were fucking still fully clothed but with our essential parts exposed, just like a couple of randy teenagers having their first fuck. At that moment, I wished we were filming it so we could get horny all over again when we viewed it in bed. My short reverie quickly ended when she moaned, "When are you going to get serious about fucking me? I've been horny for you since the waiter brought us our food. Maybe I should have gone off with him like you suggested." I uttered a quick, "Sorry," and proceeded to fuck her with serious cock thrusts. By now, her pussy and expanded a bit to accommodate my thickness and she felt snug instead of tight around my cock. It felt wonderful to me and I knew from past experience it felt even better to her as evidenced by her moans turning into gasps as my thrusting became deeper and faster.

She was close because her gasping was now accompanied by her vocalization of how it felt as her climax approached. She was saying, "I'm getting close …. Keep fucking me …. Make me come …. I'm almost there … Oh, my God, it's here, it's here!" Then she suddenly wailed out, "Oh my God! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming so good!! Oh, don't stop, I'm coming so good!" I continued pounding my cock into her to prolong her climax until her gasps turned into long drawn out moans to mark the beginning of her come down. I slowed my thrusting accordingly and finally stopped when she went silent and I felt the deathlike grip of her arms digging into my back relax and her legs wrapped high around my waist slowly fall away.

I raised my head from where it was nestled in the bend of her neck during the energetic part of our fuck and looked into her face. Her head was still thrown back and her eyes still shut tightly as they are when the passion of fucking is at its height. As I stared, her head slowly rotated forward into its normal position on her pillow and her eyes slowly opened. I smiled and gently asked, "Did you like that?" She took a few seconds to response, then she said, "You know dammed well I loved it. That was an intense one, just like you wanted.' She paused for a few seconds, then continued, "Yes. Yes, I loved it. You know just how to do it so I go out of my mind." I replied, "Well, I can't take all the credit. You know very well our sex talk beforehand had a lot to do with it." She just smiled knowingly and nodded her agreement.

We cuddled with me still between her legs with my hard cock inside since I had not come. She noticed my hardness and asked if I had come. I told her, "No. I'm savings it for round two." She flexed her hips up into me, used her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock suggestively, and said with her signature wicked grin, "What are you waiting for? I could use another come!" She started before I could react, rolling her hips in a steady rhythm.

Instead of following her lead, I pulled out saying, "Let's do it 'doggie'. I want to really pound into you." She loves that position since, if I do it correctly, she can have several comes in a row. She got up on her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind and slipped my cock back in, going deep inside until the head of my cock was just barely nudging her cervix, which she likes. I built up a steadily rising rhythm over several minutes as I enjoyed the feel of her snug pussy around my cock. She was fucking me back and deliberately nipping and squeezing my cock with her internal muscles.

It all felt fabulous and I felt my passion rising. I wanted her to have serial climaxes so I started to pound into her with deep medium speed thrusts instead of the fast ones I would use if I wanted to come right away. It took a little longer, but soon she was right at the edge of coming, moaning and gasping out her pleasure, when I suddenly went into the fast strokes, fucking her a bit deeper. This drove her over the edge and she started to come. As soon as I felt her climax hit her, I slowed down, which shortened her orgasm and brought her back below the threshold for a climax. I fucked her at this medium speed for maybe 30 seconds, then suddenly deepened my thrusts as I sped up again. She went over the edge into another climax with deep gasps of completion. I again pulled back and shortened her orgasm.

She was now having serial climaxes every minute or so. After about six or eight more, she almost screamed at me, "Let me finish. Let me finish! I need to come! I need to come!" I immediately went into the short, hard and deep thrusts that would lead me to my own climax. I fucked her almost violently like that for maybe a minute or so until I felt my cum rising into my shaft. I grunted out my climax and shot my hot cum up her as I said in a deep voice, "I'm coming! I'm coming! God, it feels so good - so good." As I was coming, she was wailing out a final orgasm that went on for a long time.

We collapsed together onto the mattress, she on her tummy and me lying on her back. When my cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, I rolled off and lay on my back next to her. We half rolled into each other and cuddled with arms and legs entwined for a long time. She slipped her upper leg over mine and rubbed her wet pussy into my upper thigh. We lay like that, totally contented.

When we were fully recovered, I nudged her onto her back and ran my hand up between her thighs. She opened her legs and let me caress her wet and swollen pussy. My cum had mostly dripped out and smeared her pussy lips and the surrounding flesh of her groin. I loved the feel of it under my fingers and played there for quite a while. She soon looked at me with that wicked grin and said, "It's a good thing I enjoy you playing there, rubbing your cum all around between my legs like that, but if you continue, you'll have to do me again. Are you up for it?" I quickly replied, "Does my 'friend' feel like he's up for it?' She checked with her hand, and said, "No, so it's a good thing I need a little more time before I'm ready also."

We fell asleep for an hour or so there on the quilt on the lounge carper between the two sofas, then awoke. I was half hard and she quickly brought me to a full erection with her hand and mouth, then pulled me onto her between her legs and guided me inside. It was a quick fuck. I knew I wouldn't last long, so I fucked her hard and fast and deep, and brought her to a climax. I came with her, then we went to bed, leaving the quilt on the floor with several cum stains on it.

We overslept the next morning, a Saturday, the day the char comes early in the morning. Not finding us awake, she knocked on our bedroom (after closing it since we left it open) to wake us. My wife went to the bedroom door and said we were awake and would be down shortly. I heard the char say to her, "You left the quilt on the lounge floor. I was going to fold it and return it to the arm of the sofa, but I noticed it has some still wet whitish stains on it. Should I wash it or out it aside for you to handle?" My wife mumbled something to her, closed the door, and returned to me in bed where we both burst out laughing. She finally said to me, "You know the char is going to tell the other ones and pretty soon all our friends and acquaintances within a five block area will know we fuck on the quilt in the middle of the lounge." I said to her chuckling, "Well, it could be worse. There could be a video of us doing it on the Internet." I thought for a moment, then added, "But, actually, that could be interesting. Maybe we should video ourselves and 'accidentally' post it on one of those porn websites. My wife got a strange look in her eyes and said pointedly to her, "Don't even think about it! I was only kidding."