29 May 2016

I am an attractive (I'm told) woman in my late forties who has ever since I had my first real sex at the age of 18 had a full and satisfying sex life even if the last couple of years has seen me having to look further afield than home as my husbands interest has been waining and he has fell victim to the lure of the golf weekends with friends and has being paying little attention to me or my sexual needs.

As I said my first real experience came when I was 18, I had a boyfriend but he was fairly clumsy when we were getting it on and frequently came in my hand before getting my tights and panties off which left me totally frustrated and unsatisfied.

I was at the time between school and college and had a job over the summer at a local carvery helping to prep the food before the dinner service. One afternoon I arrived a little early and after changing into the uniform provided I went into the kitchen to see what was going on. As it turned out there was just the assistant catering manager in there as no one else would be there for half and hour or so.

This guy had ever since I had been there always had a good look at my legs and boobs whenever he could and had chatted to me a lot so I knew he fancied me. The night before my boyfriend had done his usual trick of messing up my undies with his semen before actually getting his penis in my pussy so I was both a little angry and horny at the same time.

The guy Mark was his name came over and said we could have a cup of coffee before the rest of the crew arrived so I agreed and he led me out and through to his tiny office. Once inside I went over to pour the brews but managed to knock the cups and spill some of it. Mark came over and took my hand and asked if I was okay, I said yes but he said let me see that. He was stroking my hand and standing really close, I looked down and could see his erect penis through his trousers.

He lifted my hand up to his mouth and licked and sucked my fingers, this hit me like lightening as I had never that kind of attention before, he pulled me closer and despite my half hearted attempt at saying no we shouldn't he dropped his hand which came up under the overall to touch my leg, he ran his hand up my thigh and his fingertips stroked my pussy through my tights and panties.

I felt his lips on mine so opened my mouth, our tongues met and he pulled me over to a small sofa where he sat me down and he stood in front of me. He pushed the dress up around my waist and I lifted up my bum to make it easier for him. He started to unzip his pants so I reached out to help, I soon had his fully erect penis in my hand and he pushed his hips forward so his dick was pointing at my mouth.

I opened my mouth and started to suck the end of his penis, while I was doing this he reached towards me and pulled down the front of my uniform then pushed up my bra so my boobs fell free. While I continued to suck him he touched my stiff nipples which made me gasp out loud and he pulled his dick out of my mouth so he could bend to suck the brown nipples.

We were both frantic by now so he pushed me back and completely removed my tights and by now soaking panties, I lifted up my knees so he could touch my hairy wet pussy which he stroked before I reached out to his dick and guided him in.

We both came very quickly together but it was a shattering orgasm which drained us both. We got cleaned up quickly and after dressing had a quick kiss before going about our jobs.

The whole thing had lasted precisely ten minutes from start to finish but had already convinced me totally that it couldn't get much better than that.

I completed the rest of my shift feeling great and had the added excitement of Marks semen still sticky in my panties and feeling it soaking thru onto my thighs and tights.

I have a few more "quickie" experiences to share from over the years if your readers show and interest in hearing.