Written by Ray

18 Sep 2008

Lovely Lady or so I thought

I am an avid Bird watcher/Photographer, and go to a reserve near where I live quite a lot, usually with my wife but this day she was called into work, so I went in alone.

I sat in the hide, saw lots of birds, and had the occasional person pop into the hide stay for a while and leave, all except for this lady, about 25-35 years old, who kept asking me what some birds names were, I didn’t mind as this is how I learnt to name birds.

After a while she moved closer to me and we started a healthy chat about life the universe and sex!! A bit of a strange topic for a bird hide, but I was enjoying what she was saying, and of course she was dressed to impress, mini skirt, blouse, jacket and boots, and long brown hair, that matched her eyes, I must admit at my age (57) I was having naughty thoughts about her, but if I tried it on with her what would her reaction be, so I put my hand on her thigh, expecting a slap around the face, but nothing happened, she turned and smiled and put my hand higher on her thigh.

I started to go under her mini skirt, with my hand searching out her honey pot, she then stood up and told me to pack up my kit and go with her, needless to say I was packed up in seconds and off we went, I thought she was going to take me to her place, but instead she took me to a wooded section of the reserve, through some bushes and into an open space, with a nice big fallen tree in it, we stopped and she kissed me, our tongues wrestled for a while, then she stepped back and took off her jacket, blouse, mini skirt ,to reveal white bra suspenders and stockings and the smallest white thong Id ever seen.

She came over and wrapped herself around me, kissing me, fondling my cock through my jeans, making me as horny as ever, she stood back and asked if I liked what I saw, who couldn’t like her she was slim, tanned and gorgeous, and to be honest I couldn’t wait to explore her body, she turned round and asked me to undo her bra, my fingers were shaking as I did this, then she turned round, and I saw this perfectly formed pair of boobs, not too big not too small just right, I stood there admiring the view, she came over to me and just stripped me off, I was as naked as the day I was born, with a raging erection, stood in a Nature Reserve that I was well known at, she started to tease me by starting to lower her thong then pulling it up again, she then told me to close my eyes, I then was taken by the hand and guided to her thong, she pushed my hand down it and as I was expecting a nice pussy, I was shocked!!, instead of a nice pussy there was a cock and balls!!

I stood back and took an eyeful of her cock and balls, that were completely shaved, and she had an erection too, a nice 7 inches of thick cut cock, she looked worried, looked at me and asked if I was still up for a bit of fun, I looked back and smiled and said that she could have told me about herself, as Id had experiences with Transvestites, Transsexuals, and Drag Queens, I walked over to her and gave her a cuddle, to reassure her I wasn’t the type to go mad and beat her up.

We moved over to the fallen tree ,and I sat on it and opened my legs and put her between them and we started to kiss and fondle each other for ages, the sun was beaming down on us, the temperature between us rose and rose, we were both as horny as hell, she asked me if Id make love to her over the tree, I turned her round, and tried to enter her cute little bum hole, but found it a bit hard to do so, she stopped me and went to her bag, and produced a tube of lubricating jelly, Bingo I went and spread a load around her hole and inside it, then a liberal coating on my cock, this worked well as I slid up her all the way in one go, she was loving it ,and I pumped away at her hole for 15 minutes , and then I felt like I was about to cum, I asked her where I should cum, she told me where you are now, so a few seconds later I shot 6-8 beads of cum deep inside her bum, as I did so she gripped my cock with her bum muscles and made it tighter, making me feel every shot of cum I let loose.

We rested for a while, I was spent for at least 30 minutes, she asked how I felt after making love to her, I smiled said wonderful ,and kissed her once again, she stood back and started to wank herself, she told me she was horny and needed to cum herself, I immediately took her cock in my hand and started to wank her and she started to fondle my now soft cock.

Then she asked me if Id ever been fucked by a guy, my reply of yes lots of times, made her eyes light up, I asked why and she told me, that although she gets fucked lot, she hasn’t fucked a guy before, I smiled took the tune of lubricating jelly and said, be my guest, her face lit up and said Really can I fuck you! I just turned round and waited for the cold feeling of the jelly, to be put in my bum, she lubed up and then started to enter me, she wasn’t small by any means, but we both started to fuck and boy could she fuck, I was well knackered after 30 minutes, she then told me to grip her cock with my bum muscles, as she filled me with lots of cum, far more than I could deliver into her.

We fell into each others arms, kissing and cuddling, until we heard voices in the distance, we cleaned ourselves up and got dressed, just in time to see a gang of school kids come bursting through the woods, to have their packed lunches.

We went back to the hide, and sat there, close together hand in hand, just enjoying each others company, it was soon time to go as the reserve closes at 5pm, we walked out to the car park, I told her I had to go to the bus stop, she offered to take me there in the car as it was about a mile away, I got into the car and off we went, she was still horny as she kept squeezing my knee, we got to the bus stop, and exchanged mobile numbers, and as I was getting out, she pulled me back in, shut the door ,,and drove off before I could say anything.

I asked what she was doing, and she replied she wanted to fuck me again, as she was now so horny ,she couldn’t let me go just yet, anyway we got back to hers, went in and was confronted by her wife, I started to panic, don’t worry she, said its a marriage of convenience, the wife is a Lesbian, we both have separate lives, and fuck who we want without any problems.

It turns out that both of them have parents that dislike gays, lesbians etc, so these two got together and pretended to be a couple, this way it keeps both sets of parents happy, funnily their both waiting for grandkids, yes right no chance I think.

Anyway me and my lady said bye to her and off we went up to her room and fucked each other for another couple of hours, before it was time for me to go home, to my wife.

But it didn’t end there, in fact it hasn’t stopped at all, after 4 years now, we still see each other at least 3 times a week, and as sex with my wife has stopped, I am getting it from my lady both ways, although we did have a major scare the other week, when her parents dropped in, his wife came upstairs and told her, so it was a quick clean up, taking the make up off and pretending to be in the shower, she went down to her parents who fortunately only stayed for an hour, and then went home, as soon as the coast was clear I came down and said thanks to her wife, we then went back upstairs, she went straight to her make up bag and was just starting to reapply it when I told her not to, as I wanted to see the real her, we got back into bed and you can imagine what went on.

There are more meetings I can tell you about too.