Written by H

22 Jan 2013

One day at the gym Christine and I were in the hot tub. I was feeling horny and equally Chris also was hot, very hot. We were sitting opposite one another when she reached out with her toes to find my swollen circumcised cock. She skillfully rubbed and pressed it through my shorts and out of sight of another man sitting opposite me and next to her. Chris shifted her position and having already undone the drawstring pulled my shorts down. Chris's toes came back as soon as she had settled but this time they found my bare cock. It felt electric. Chris gave a smile and continued as if nothing had happened. I guess it was her love of sex in whatever situation but with a femininity and class that made her insatiable. She left me on the brink as she got up out of the tub and had a wicked smile on her face. I followed her out and was immediately behind her wet, soaked bikini bottoms which was all there was between me and her lovely little bum. After a shower we swam for a while then went in the steam room. It wasn't long before her gorgeous long legs were glistening with beads of sweat. The sight was too much. I put y arm around her and kissed her hard. I tickled her neck and ears with my tongue. She loved this so much. After another seductive shower this time together we went back in the tub. She started off opposite but came over in front of me and to one side kneeling on the shelf. Her legs were apart so I put my hand between her legs and felt her lovely fanny through her bikini then slid my middle finger along her gash. I stopped at her clit and rubbed lightly at first and then harder watching her close her eyes with the intensity of the tingle that was obviously building below. There were only a few people in the pool and no one except us in the tub now. Chris moved toward me and grasped my cock through my shorts. I pulled them down in 2 seconds flat and Chris tightened her grip on my bare shaft. She squeezed it then clamped her thumb and index finger round my cock and wanked me. She played with the underside and then rolled it between both hands. She slowed when she saw my face contort as she knew the signs and wanted to tease me for as long as possible. She did this for at least ten or fifteen minutes before she went for it. I knew she wasn’t going to stop this time and just let it happen. My climax was so intense partly because it was in the hot tub ( I would thoroughly recommend it) and partly because of Chris's unique touch. I felt so relaxed and certainly had a glow and I don't mean from the water. There were many occasions when Chris loved to wank me as well as tease and make love to me. She loved the power to be on top and as she said 'bounce around' and loved the control wanking me gave her. I wasn’t complaining. Chris always said she was oversexed and should never have got married. I agree with the second statement but she was perfect as she was, just perfect. This like my other recollections is completely true. I will recall other intimate occasions as long as you like reading them as much as I like recalling them. Just hope one day she stumbles across them herself. I am still seriously thinking about contacting her, I have her mobile, I’m sure she has the same number. I’m just worried about the response as I said it finished badly even though these moments were so good. Any suggestions welcome.