Written by H

4 Feb 2014

If you search on lover & soulmate you will get 4 factual stories about my lover Christine a gorgeous leggy blonde with small pert tits a lovely small tight firm arse and a smooth tight & wet little fanny. Well I did get back in touch with her and yes we did meet at a swingers sauna. It was somewhere we could relax not be discovered and at the same time get turned on to each other & as it turned out a couple of swingers around us. It was late morning when we went in. Excited and already with a raging hard on I paid and we entered the communal changing room. There were a number of naked bodies about of both sexes and with just a glance & a suggestive smile Chris started to undress. I followed & in what was only seconds we were both naked. Chris giggled at my erection and suggested I wrap my towel round. We entered the main part and I followed Chris who also wrapped a towel around her lovely soft body. We both got in the jacquzzi and I felt her warm body against mine. I stroked her thigh but was so excited my fingers went straight to her smooth warm and wet cunt. Her hand clasped my cock but I was too worked up and took her hand away for a few seconds. Chris's attention was taken by a guy just getting in. His cock was semi erect. He sat next to her and I was on her other side. After a short time they were talking but to my surprise when my hand returned to her inner thigh the guys hand was already there. I was surprised but more horny than ever. I watched Chris flush pant gasp and moan and could not hold back. My cock had been in my hand for a while and the sight of Chris cumming so hard and loud in front of me was too much. I came again in the warm water and relaxed to see Chris being fucked doggy by this lucky but very well endowed guy. I sat on the side of the side of the tub after a few minute as the water was sloshing about violently due to their fucking. He was really pounding her and from the look on her face she was in heaven. After a while he tensed and moaned shut his eyes amd with head right back he let out a final moan and pumped his seed right up her hole. Chris had been moaning and gritting her teeth all through as his cock which was quite a size had given her a good seeing to. She too had climaxed and was now pulling away from her opportune fuck to snuggle up to me. By this time the viagra tablet I took had livened up my own cut cock and I was amazed that my erection was so strong as 10 minutes earlier I was limp and shrivelled. We kissed hard and just savoured the moment. Barely half hour gone. The day was young and I was filled with anticipation of what was to come. I hope you visited the 4 previous stories as my next one will be to tell you what happened in the sex swing and the play room.