Written by TD

30 Dec 2007

Like many men who visit this site I love my partner having sex with other guys preferably unprotected allowing me to use my tongue to clean her spunk filled cunt which really turns her on. But there is more to it than that, I love the preparation. I love to watch J get showered and dress in sexy underwear and clothes. It really turns me on thinking that later on some lucky guy will be taking off her clothes, feeling her tits through her sexy bra before taking it off and sucking and playing with her large erect nipples. He will be sliding his hand up her stockinged legs, rubbing her cunt through her pants, putting his hand in her her sexy knickers to play and finger her wet hole. She will be undressing him pulling down his zip and reaching in to release his cock (The bigger and harder the better) She will remove his trousers and shorts and suck him until her fills her mouth or cums over her face hair and tits. He will remove her soaking knickers and see her neatly trimmed fanny hair. J will unashamedly lie there her legs open displaying her eager wet cunt and sexy tits, with luck he will bury his face in her pussy licking and sucking her to an orgasm. J will open her legs and ask him to put his cock in her giving a moan as he does and if he is on top she will wrap her legs round his back as he bangs very hard into her cunt. She will be moaning screaming and begging to be fucked hard until he fills her with his hot creamy spunk. If I am not there watching and joining in J will tell me all about it after I licked her cunt clean and given her an orgasm as she tells me I will kneeling between her legs wanking until I shoot my cum over her body.

We have had many adventures and one that still turns me on was the night she came home after a good fuck, she stood in front of me removing her dress and bra and told me to take down her very lacy black knickers qhich were soaking as I slid them over her thighs I noticed dry spunk on her fanny hair which she made me lick off when I got her pants further down I saw white cum stains on them. A young lover had fucked her twice and came in her mouth once that night. She made me put my head between her legs and lick ger cunt spotlessly clean having a huge climax and coming all over my face before I wanked myself silly over her sexy body