16 Jul 2015

I have been with my wife a long time now, Kay has always been flirty and played up to blokes and I guess she has taken it further when she had a chance with out me knowing, as time past she became a bit more blatant about it I would say it was a slow progressions over some time so in away it wasn't noticed, it wasn't till she got very friendly with her boss, I knew she was friendly with him and he had take her out for a meal with an excuse like a thank you for working hard it was always a lame excuse and she lied and said there was a couple others with them, I don't know if an affair has started at that time but it must of been about then as I remember it would be about then she became edgy a little moody and after that she started working late and going out telling me it was to bingo or pitches with a mate that sort of thing

You may ask why I didn't say or do something at that sage, to be honest I am a bit of a pervert I have harboured this idea for a very long time of my wife with her legs open and another man fucking the hell out of her, that is why I didn't make a fuss and let it go and by doing that I may of encouraged her I don't know but I never quested her excuses

I think Kay may of got laid before but it had been a one offs one night stands, this was quite different it was an exacta marital relationship and she was getting involved wreath I understood that at the time I don't know, as time past Kay stopped making excuses about going out alone and just would say she was going out, also our sex life had reduced and dwindled but I had made up for that by wanking thinking about what maybe going on it really aroused me so I didn't put any obstacles in her, as weeks past it was really obvious she had bought close to go out in and new underwear she never got dressed with me there but I used to look in her drawer and find G-strings thongs and stockings and suspender belts which excited me even more knowing she was wearing them for someone else

It had to be three months later Kay was going out about three times a week by then and sometimes work late and that could be nine o clock before she got home,and we not had sex for ages she had seemed to of lost interests with me

At this point I started wondering about her boss Barry I had seen him a couple of times but didn't know any thing about him I would guess he be about ten years older than Kay but it was a guess, Kay had always said how nice he is and I think she may of thought a lot of him as her boss but now she spoke about more like a friend but as for finding out about Barry I was at a loss

It was a little later I bumped into a bloke I had not seen in ages, we got chatting and I asked where he was working now he said he was driving for an agency and in the conversation he listed the firms he been to and one was the one my wife worked for, that is when I said I know someone that works there and he said good luck to them that Barry is a prick his the boss, I said my friend think his okay, he sais if you a woman he is but to me he was a sod, so I asked why to which he said (I know he was exaggerating) he fucks any thing that has a skirt on and they say his got a cock about foot long, I said really, he went on say he got sent there as a delivery driver and they gave him to many drops in a fay to get round and things like that, I asked if he knew Kay that worked in the office he said he did, then asked how I knew her I said she is a fiend of friend I don't know her very well I thought she worked there keeping it vague, he said they say Barry shag her, I said do he, he replied that is what they say, then he went on about where he works now I am glad I didn't say Kay was my wife, there had to be some truth in his bull shit but the thing it did do was add to my fantasy about my wife being shagged I wondered if there was some truth in the fact that this Barry was well hung and that is why she s not to interested in my average duck

I now needed to find more out, to do that I decided to fallow her on one of her on a nights out I had to keep my distance at traffic lights she went true and I got a red and lost her all I could do was keep going in the same direction it seemed wrong as we were heading out into the country there was a white car ahead of me that could be Kay's but to far away to be sure, so I took a chance and fallowed that, it headed on a road that leads towards a county park it went past that and on a away then turned right into what is a pull off the car had slowed right down to do that and I court up as I pasted I could see it going up a track at the back of the pull in it was her car, knowing my wife she would never go to a place like this alone if she not been there before,, I drove a short way on and parked in a gateway and walked back to the pull in looking up the track it looked like it went round to the right in the trees and she had to of gone past that, so I walked up to that point and about a hundred yards further on was Kay's car, I moved closer I could now see it was empty a little closer and I could see the front of what looked like a rang rover backed into a gap in the trees, I then went into the trees to get closer I got to about ten feet from the rang rover it looked empty then I hear voice, I move a bit to my left and at the back of the rang rover was two people on a blanket on the ground a topless woman with her back to me she was propped up on one arm with the other in front of her it was my wife, and in front of her was a man I could see his bear legs but Kay shelled the rest of him

They spoke quietly as they did Kay's arm was moving slowly in front of her, this carried on for some minuets , then she move on to her knees as she did I could see the man it was Barry his shirt was open and he was on his back Kay was bent over him, he lay there watching she could only be doing one thing she was moving her head and upper body

She had gone out that evening in a shirt top and tight black leggings it was a worm summer evening, her shirt and bra had been removed before I got there that was a surprise I never imagined my wife would ever be semi naked outside like this, or perform oral sex something she has never been keen on doing, she had her back to me but it was obvious that is what she was engaged in doing

This carried on for what seemed like some time, then Barry retched out and tugged on the waist band od of the leggings

Then Kay retched round and pulled the other side between then they came down over her bum and down her thighs, I could of falling over my wife had no knickers on she would never go out with out them I thought, she parted her thighs as much as she could I could see between her thighs and make out the shape of her pussy lips hanging under her then what must of been Barry's hand was there, my cock was as hard as rock trapped in my pants was I going to see for real what I had imagined all this time

I could see Kay was getting excited and a few moments later she moved to get the leggings off her feet , and there was Barry's cock it was true it was very large much bigger than mine by quite a few inches he was holding it and lazily rubbing it the thing that struck me was its girth it was a real fat one and the knob end it was a bell shape with a meaty flange that was wider than the rest, as Kay got her legging off her tits swung free she takes a 38 bra with a D-cup her back is not that brood so most of that is breast they are quite large her nipples look really stiff and were sticking out erect

I watched as she sat astride him trapping his cock under her, she lent down and kissed him it was a passionate kiss his arms round her, she then sat up smiling and moved herself foreword she lifted herself up one hand on his cheats the other between her legs, it looked like she was pulling on her cock as if to make sure it was hard, then bent forward and as she sat up she grounded loudly she had a look of concentration on her face as she pushed back slowly she seemed to stop as she grounded again then carried on pressing herself down after a moment or two she sat up looking pleased her hands on his chest, then she moved her hips slowly and gently after a time she was moaning as she did so her hip movement got faster her tits swayed with the movement the look on her face said every thing, the way her hips were moving she could of been riding a horse the movement was similar, it was almost to much for me I also thought its been years since we been this adventurous she would only do the missionary position with me and it's been weeks since we had sex, I could see why now I had seen the size of that thing she had got inside her

Kay was now groining moaning as she do when she is Cumming she must of cum she slowed and stopped then kissed him

Then to my surprise she sat up put her hands out on to the back of the rang rover then lifted one leg then the other so she was squatting, his cock had come out he put it back in her, she then started to lift up and down on it, with in moments she was bouncing up down her tits bounced with her she was going like mad I never knew she could do that she cried put OH MY GOG YES YES, then collapsed shaking on top of him

I think Barry wanted to cum or he was close to it, he pushed her off and got on top lifting her legs right up over her in doing so they had moved rounded so his back was towards me I could see Kay's pussy stretched round his cock he had a fair pear of blocks on him I could see his cock going in and out of her I was amazed at the amount of juice that came out of my wife as he fucked her like that she was almost screaming she had started climaxing again he fuck hard and fast then he grunted and gasped as his arse cheeks clenched he was shooting his load inside my wife

Just before he cum I had my cock out wanking and cum just before he did, he let her legs go she lay then down he was still on top od her with his cock inside her, when he rolled off she stayed like that for a moment or two I could see her pussy gaping open a white river of cum running out, the she closed her legs and said pass me my handbag, he did and she got some tissues out and put between her legs

They lay together talking then got dressed as he picked the blanket up she said I will fallow you to the pub she repined okay I need to do my makeup , I stayed there as they left, I had mixed feels I had seen at last what I wanted and it excited me but I now knew the truth my wife was having affair

I went home with this in my head, I didn't want to face her so I went to bed she got home about eleven and came to be a bit later, the next day she was as normal I have been watching her getting screwed for a number of weeks now she do things I never would of imagined she would do when she was having a period I have seen her wank him off suck him off and swallow his load I have seen her let him fuck her tits and cum in her face it seems even having a period she still want him but this was not all they did together