Written by Rob_Consort

9 May 2012

As a ‘young’ mature 57-year old, I have no expectations that my swing and extra-marital interests could regularly focus or draw on younger community members…women in their 20’s or even 30’s. Today, most gals of that age bracket are equally interested in their peers. Even ladies and wives in our swing social…40’s and 50’s…many of whom like to be ‘entertained’ by a younger gent OR gal…occasionally become my missed opportunity.

My wife, Ali, is considerably younger…by nearly 10 years…though she looks more like 35-40! We both keep fit…2-3 times weekly sports club and varied fitness activities. For me, Mediterranean genes have blessed my sexual capabilities, enthusiasm AND desire. My tools…fingers, tongue and cock…are in great working order and very effective…I anticipate them being so for the next 15 years or more…!

Ali is as well blessed by a great libido…she enjoys fucking and screwing with me…and with others…not always exclusive to our Swing Social. She’s been an RE agent for nearly 12 years…spends a good deal of time working with buyer and seller prospects…and on more than one occasion chooses to be ‘entertained.’ I can usually tell when “the entertain” has come…she’s tired late at night…sleeps a bit to the side of the bed… I naturally assume her cunny has been treated well…pleasurably fucked, sore and having no interest in my follow-up! There was a time…a few years ago or so…I would relish fucking her the same evening she’s opened her legs to another guy…or an occasion woman. BUT, that’s no longer the norm. Once in a while I do still push the opportunity…and invariably Ali accepts my attention, however I try not to over-use the efforts. When I do, however, it gives me a highten sense of sexual enjoyment...Ali may have been eaten or fucked by another...BUT I get all I want from her in OUR bed!!

BUT, this is NOT really about us. Rather, this chapter relates to some good friends and swing social neighbors…Neal and Janice. Perhaps a few of you will recall their names from an earlier swing story. In fact, now that I’m in London, Janice will be spending a week with me late in June. I’m looking forward to her being with me…treating her to a good time while in London, as I also will enjoy our sexual interactions.

Neal and Janice about a year ago hired an FT Nanny to take care of their child. Lucia graduated Community College at 20…following her 21st birthday last Spring, entered a Med tech program for Practical Nurse training and degree…classes in evening…working as Neal’s and Janice’s Nanny during day. Lucia is quite attractive…in fact, very attractive, of Italian and Portuguese ethnic. Ali and I knew where the ‘work relationship’ would likely take her…if she were willing to ‘play’ with Neal and Janice. It took a few months for Neal to discuss…tease…excite Lucia with our respective swing sexual interests…of course assuring that Lucia would keep the discussion private. AND, why wouldn’t she…? She is paid well…occasional gifts and perks…and seems to have a sexual play in her mind as well.

Within a few short months Neal bedded and fucked her… Love it! Age difference again…Neal 42…Lucia 21…disgusting! I was, and continue to be jealous as all hell! Neal makes time to ‘play and entertain’ Lucia at least 2 sometimes 3 and 4 times monthly… He even “introduced” Lucia to the sexual pleasure of woman-on-woman… Lucia gained an appreciation for Bi sex play with Janice. Ali and I suspect to this day that Lucia got to be more enamored with eating out Janice’s pussy…and vice versa…than Neal’s somewhat aggressive, no-quarter fuck style. BUT, when you’re young…you allow and give it a try…enjoy the pleasures. AND, as Woody Allen so eloquently said some years ago…”If you’re Bi Sexual…you’ve doubled your chances to fuck and be fucked…!” Good advice…!

Lucia is with Neal & Janice’s home today…will be employed until graduation next winter’s semester. Neal and Janice will need the services of a Nanny until about a year later when their child is in school full-time. Amusingly…to me…Lucia may have a “solution”…her sister, Amelie…who turned 19 last November. They interviewed Amelie last month…just to see if she had an interest in the job. Neal shared with me his belief that Lucia disclosed to her sister her sexual escapades while working with Neal & Janice. Amelie seemed quite enthusiastic with taking over Lucia’s “role.” IF true, I recommended Neal again ‘interview’ Amelie…in more comfortable surrounding…perhaps lunch or early dinner…even confronting Amelie. It’ll be a bit of a risk…but one-on-one…he said-she said…what was there to lose! Ali had a more pointed suggestion…ask Lucia directly if she’s told her sister…she’s the one who’s been playing with and entertaining Neal & Janice…and well rewarded for it beyond the joy of eating, BJ’s, fucking and so on…!

Ali and I are familiar with both young ladies. Again, I’m the jealous one…my friend is fucking one very attractive young lady…WITH the possibility he may keep it in Lucia’s family by fucking her younger sister soon…! When Janice is in London, I’m going to try and learn more. Though our Swing Social rules are pretty well defined, there may be a way to bring Amelie into our group. One of the ideal ‘exceptions’ for an outsider invitation is a sex party structured around a gang bang. Would ideally love Neal and Janice inviting either Lucia or Amelie into an “event.” Perhaps provide me and some others an enjoyable sexual play with “one of those” elusive younger women…;)

Ps: I’ve been in London since Tuesday…taken up my residence in Islington. I’ve been assured the light rain will stop…sometime…and, the chill will be replaced with moderating temperatures. We’ll see… As of now, my first few weeks will be engaged with local client meetings and travel. However, I am sincerely hoping to engage with one or two SH Ladies in the coming months. NOT demanding…looking for a mature single gal/single mom parent or wife…my preference wife since likely no anticipated attachment other than the pleasure of sex!! I’ve updated my advertisement on SH. Yes, I have Janice visiting me late June…and a colleague’s prime recommendation for a discreet escort service. HOWEVER, I joined SH to engage a Swing member…a woman who enjoys a lot of variety in her sexual choices…oral, cunny bang…perhaps even some anal pleasure. Our NY Swing Social gives me and my wife (who will be enjoying her own plentiful fuck sessions in my absence) an unusually pleasurable lifestyle. I’d like to return to The States late summer having some 'fun plays' to share about London at home…!