Written by LUCKY AGAIN

30 Mar 2010

I posted a story a week or so ago about a lucky meet on the way home after a weekend at the coast.

Well I called again this Monday and was lucky again.

As I went in two guys were standing having a pee or looked as though they were so I went into the W.C and peeped through the hole in the door.

Sure enough they were wanking each other.

I stripped of my jeans and pants and then got myself nice a nice erection then eased the door open slightly to give them a view.

They both turned so I could see all and continued wanking each other.

The younger guy, about mid 20s had a prick about 7 inches and fully cut, the end was dripping pre cum in loads.

The older guy was the same guy I had sucked the week before.

I motioned to them by putting my finger in my mouth and sucking it that I would like to suck one of them.

The younger guy looked at the older guy who obviously told him about his previous luck

So he moved towards the door.

I sat down on the seat and he came in and partly closed the door, leaving it open so the older guy could still see.

I immediatly took his dripping prick in my mouth and sucked gently.

His pre cum tasted wonderful and I sucked harder trying to get more of it out.

The result was he grabbed my head in his hands and holding it tight fucked my mouth hard and deep.

He lasted about 10 thusts before he groaned and I felt his prick throbbing as his cum jetted to the back of my throat.

I had no alternative but to swallow as he held my head tight and his prick deep in until he had finished.

I held my lips tight as he drew out getting very bit of cum I could.

He then zipped up and was gone in seconds.

The older guy then stepped forwards for his turn.

Again I took it straight in my mouth.

He was to far gone and as soon as I had it in he jerked at the knees and his cum came

into my mouth.

I held his prick tight holding him in with my teeth until he slackened off and slipped out.

When he had zipped up and gone out to the sink I followed and he asked if I would visit him at his flat next time I was in town.

I took his phone number and most definatly will call next time through there.