Written by Lucky Lady

19 Jul 2012

Once again thank you all for your kind comments. I have now submitted a new story which again is 100% true. How my husband knew about these places I don't know but I am just so glad he did. This relates to a holiday we had a in Paris which followed the normal pattern of sight seeing, galleries and restaurants. Fortunately his aim was not just to turn me into his slut but also a culture vulture which I now delight in. Anyway on to the story and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did xx

Life had changed a lot over the past year, we had grown happier, closer, more spontaneous, financially settled and with that had come an ever expanding sex life. Things I had never thought of or tried, things I would have been ashamed of before were now natural, dirty and I loved them.

He took me to Paris in the summer, to a beautiful hotel over looking the Seine, we walked, talked and made love every day and it was a perfect break for both of us. He had promised me something special for our last night but would not tell me what, “a surprise” was all he would tell me but he did say that it would be a new experience for both of us!!!!

During the day he took me out and bought me a beautiful sheer black silk blouse that was all but see through, with a matching black bra and thong. The difference with the thong was that where the string between front and back should have been was a string of pearls, the top one of which nestled directly on my clitoris when I wore it.

That night I coupled the blouse with a skin tight black pencil skirt, seamed hold ups, “fuck me” black patent stiletto heels and of course my new underwear. Before we left the hotel for dinner we showered together and I willingly sucked his cock before he turned me round bent me over and plunged his rock hard cock into my soaking pussy. He fucked me really hard but before he came and frustratingly for me before I did he pulled out and said “time to get dressed, but first lay on the bed and open you legs”.

I did as I was told; my legs spread wide showing off my freshly waxed, mirror smooth pussy. He said “close your eyes”, I did as I was told and felt his finger slide into my pussy, then it was gone to be replaced by something large and warm that slid straight inside me, suddenly whatever was inside me started to vibrate very fast and send spasms through my pussy. “Open you eyes” he said and then I saw the wire of my remote vibrator between my pussy lips. “You will be wearing that tonight” he said.

After a drink in the hotel bar where he would ignite my pussy without warning he took my hand and led me outside to a waiting taxi. Before we got in he held me close, kissed me and said “you look beautiful tonight, especially with your flushed cheeks” The taxi took us to a beautiful restaurant on a Parisienne Boulevard, the dining room was a vast area with a huge marble floor on which my fuck me shoes clicked as I walked. This had the effect of making everyone look up as I walked across the floor. The skin tight skirt kept my thighs together which in turn caused the pearled thong to rub frantically against me clitoris which just made me want to fuck plus he would occasionally give me the briefest of buzzes with the vibe and I was feeling like a rampant slut who could do nothing about her desires. My pussy was soaking, my cheeks flushed and my nipples rock hard. I wondered if the other customers knew or could see what I was feeling.

As we were looking at the menu he said “undo two more buttons on your blouse now”. Without thinking I did as I was told and when I looked down I could see my very shapely cleavage displayed for anyone to see. “Beautiful” was all he said. The waiter came to take our order and it was obvious that he was looking directly at my breasts, the push up bra showing an indecent amount of breast but I didn’t care. I felt so sexy and was flattered that he was looking at me. When he saw the waiter eying my breasts he gave me a concerted buzz with the vibe that made me groan quietly and my pussy throb like mad. When the waiter had taken our order I said to him “you dirty bastard, you are loving showing off my tits for everyone to see and you are making me feel like a real slut”. He just smiled and raised his glass and said “to the sexiest woman in Paris”

After a beautiful dinner he said to me “we will be leaving soon, go to the bathroom and remove your bra and put it in your handbag then walk slowly back to the table”. This wasn’t the first time he had made me do this but given the opulence of our surroundings it just made me feel so nervous. I protested saying “I can’t the blouse is see through and my nipples are so hard”. He just said “do it now”. Surprisingly for me I didn’t argue any more, I just got up and walked to the bathroom and removed my bra as I was told. The touch of the silk on my nipples made them so hard they hurt but the sensation went straight from my nipples to my pussy which was by now absolutely soaked. I thought about taking the vibe out but in reality I loved this total slut feeling. I walked out of the bathroom and as ordered made my way slowly back to the table, my breast swaying gently as I walked, the silk sending electric shocks through my nipples lighting a fire deep in my pussy. It seemed to me that every man in the place smiled at me and every woman glared. “Fuck them” I thought I love being this slut for the night.

We left the restaurant and to my surprise waiting for us outside was a Roll Royce. “How can we afford this” I asked. “Supplied by the place we are going next” he said. The chauffeur ushered us into the car and then drove us off into the night. The screen went up between us and the driver. He pulled me close and tongue fucked my mouth, caressing and pinching my nipples as he did so. He then said “suck my cock”. I looked up at the black screen and then down at the hard cock sticking out of his trousers. I leant forward and slid my lips over the top of his hot cock. He must have been as turned on as me as his cock was already leaking which of course I licked up and swallowed like a good slut. He started to thrust his hips up at my mouth, driving his cock to the back of my throat, the leaking continued, coating my tongue with his hot salty juice. Suddenly he pulled me up and said “enough now slut, plenty of time for that later”. My pussy was now burning, throbbing and leaking all at the same time. I could feel the juice running out and soaking the tops of my thighs. All he said was “you might want to re-do your lipstick darling”.

By the time I had re-applied my lipstick the car had pulled up outside a small chateau; the driver opened the door and let us both out of the car. My first time in a Rolls Royce and all I had seen was a cock up close. We walked to the big double wood door and he rang the bell. The door was opened immediately by a stunning blonde in a French Maids uniform complete with white apron. The only difference between her out outfit and a real one was that hers was totally see through and showed that apart from her hold ups and heels she was completely naked underneath. Her nipples were as erect as mine and her pussy as smooth.

The maid held out her hand to take his coat but when she took mine she looked me straight in the eye, ran her tongue across her deep red lips and ran her hand slowly across my right nipple. She again looked me in the eye and said “please enjoy yourself Madame”. The unexpected shock of being touched by another woman had left me speechless and breathless and did nothing to stop my nipples throbbing.

He smiled and took me by the hand into the large main room which was both a bar and dance floor although the music was very laid back and slow. As I looked around I saw that the room was packed full of very beautiful women, all dressed in gorgeous, sexy clothes, there were hundreds of beautiful breast in varying states of exposure and miles of thigh covered in everything from silk stocking to thigh high leather boots. The men were dressed very smartly in the Parisienne way and they too were very sexy in that rugged Gallic handsome sort of way. As I gazed around the room I felt the vibe buzz hard and deep inside me, the shock made my legs buckle slightly and made me bite my lip to stifle the groan. I had never felt so sexed up.

We left the room and went out into the rear garden which was furnished with deep leather sofas under Arab like tents. All around stood more beautiful people, all talking and laughing but all of them seemed very friendly, they all smiled as we walked past. He sat me down on one of the sofas and said “I’ll get us a drink; you sit and enjoy the scenery”. With that he walked back to the bar and I must admit he did look good after his gym regime and in his hand made suit and crisp white shirt.

As I sat taking the “the scenery” I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye, as I looked around I saw a slim blonde woman of about 40 walking towards me smiling. She was dressed in a sheer black jersey dress that went down to the knee, topped off with a round tight neck, bare legs, black high, high heels and judging by the movement of her breasts no bra and certainly no knickers as there were no lines to be seen anywhere on the dress. She sat down next to me and said “I am Christine, nice to meet you, is this your first time her, you look a little nervous”. I said “yes and I really don’t know where I am and I didn’t see much out of the car on the way here”. Christine laughed and said “did he make you suck his cock, they usually do in the Rolls?” I was shocked that she was so open but she just laughed and said “men, they can be so predictable”. I laughed with her and she then said “don’t worry and don’t be nervous, nothing happens in this place without your say so, this is a very special club solely run for pleasure but I do know that you will enjoy yourself”.

I hadn’t really noticed but as we carried on talking about this and that Christine would stroke my arm as she spoke and if she was telling me something outrageous, filthy or rude she lean forward and whisper in my ear, her warm breath tickling my neck and her hand moving to my thigh and stroking it gently. She was a very sexy yet funny woman with a fund of amusing stories about herself and the club. We talked for what seemed ages before I felt the briefest of buzzes in my pussy. I looked up and he was stood there with two glasses of champagne and another woman who was also holding two more glasses. He introduced the other woman as Francine; she was an immaculately dressed brunette wearing what looked like business suit but with nothing on under the jacket just her gloriously large, tanned breasts thrusting the jacket forward. Both of them sat down with Christine and I we continued talking and drinking champagne during which time Francine even got me to smoke a small Cuban cigar which she said made me look very, very sexy.

After what seemed about an hour Christine stood up and said to me “Come along we will show you around”. Francine stood as well and took my hand saying “ready for the sin tour?” and so they led me off leaving him sat on the sofa, as I looked back he waved and blew me a kiss. What was going on and more importantly what was going to happen?

As they showed me around the beautiful house it was obvious that Christine hadn’t been joking when she said the place was built for pleasure, the sights and scenes I saw would have in the past made me run in terror now all they made run was my pussy. Combining what I saw with the attention being lavished on my by my two new friends and I was desperate to get fucked. All the while as we walked around they stroked my arms, ran there hands over my buttocks and at one point when I was stood between he two of the in a doorway watching a petite blonde being fucked from behind by a guy with a huge cock while she sucked on another one, I could have sworn I felt Christine’s hand run quickly over my pussy.

Eventually we approached a huge, closed wood door. Christine said “this is your room, now close your eyes”. I looked at her nervously and she said “Don’t worry you will enjoy this more than you could imagine; now close you eyes”. I did as I was asked and closed my eyes and then felt a very soft blindfold being tied around my head. I heard the door open and I was led slowly into the room, the sound our all our heels echoing around the room.

After a few paces we stopped and I heard the women moving around me, then I felt warm hands on my shoulders slowly massaging my neck and hot breath as soft lips kissed the back of my neck. I started to shake gently when I heard “just relax this is all for you”. I then felt the buttons of my blouse being opened slowly until it had been pulled from my skirt and I could feel the cool air on my now heaving breasts. The buttons of the cuffs were undone and the hands massaging my neck stopped and slowly removed my blouse totally. I heard the blouse fall softly to the floor. The hands behind me then moved down and slowly, millimetre by millimetre lowered the zip of my skirt, the button was undone and the skirt slid slowly down my thighs until I could feel it resting on my shoes. Apart from my hold ups and thong I was now totally naked in front of two strange albeit beautiful women. Whoever was standing behind me ran her hands over my hips and around to cup both of my breasts. She lifted them up slightly one finger on each hand running over my erect nipples. A voice whispered in my ear “so sexy and so hard, you are going to love this evening”. My pussy was now working overtime in line with my brain, it felt so fucking good, so sluttish, so wanton, what had he gotten me into?.

Then it happened, warm wet lips fastened onto my left nipple and gently sucked, pulling it away from my breasts then moving to the other nipple, each time spending just enough time to make my pussy tingle before moving away to the other nipple. My hips started to rotate involuntarily as the heat in my pussy built up. Suddenly fingers crept into the top of my thong and pulled them up causing the pearl to crush softly against my clit sending exquisite pain through deep into my pussy, I’d just cum, a small female induced orgasm and I loved it.

With a sudden swish my thong joined my skirt on the floor and a voice said “what have we got here then”. It suddenly dawned on me, I still had the remote vibe in me and I could feel myself blush from head to foot, the heat coursing through my cheeks. “You naughty slut” a voice said as I felt a slim finger slide into my wet, wet pussy and remove the vibe. Again the voice said “I don’t think you will be needing this anymore tonight”

Slowly I was walked backwards and told “just bend you knees and sit down”. I did as I was told and gasped as the cold material of the seat touched my naked buttocks. “Now lay back” a voice commanded and again doing as I was told I lay back onto the cold surface.

My mind was now racing, I had been stripped, had my nipples sucked and had a finger inside me all from two women. God knows what was going to happen next but I didn’t really care, their hands continued caressing my naked body, gently pinching my nipples, kissing them, sucking them. Running there hands up and down my wide open legs but strangely never touching my pussy and if somewhere needed touching it was my pussy. As their hands ran up and down my thighs my hips lifted of the seat I was on, unspoken thoughts begging them to touch it, finger it, lick it anything just fucking touch it. Then they were gone from my nipples and then I felt it, a long wet tongue lick oh so slowly from the bottom of my pussy to the top, up, down, up, down occasionally probing just inside my swollen lips. The wetness was now pouring out of me and I could feel my pussy opening and closing all by itself. The whole situation had turned me into a desperate slut, inwardly begging to be used, even abused.

I felt a hand on each ankle lift my legs into the air exposing my pussy; gently they parted my legs until I was wide open and could feel my juice running between the cheeks of my bum. I couldn’t remember the last time I was so turned on.

Bang!! Suddenly it was in. A cock, a fucking hard cock had plunged straight into my pussy the balls banging against my arse. I felt absolutely full, the cock thrust into me fast and hard, the owner of the cock pelvic bone crashing hard against my clit, my ankles now over his shoulders. He fucked me silently, no words, none were needed; he seemed to know my pussy was desperate to be filled and that is what he intended to do, just who the fuck was it? Who was fucking me so hard; I matched him thrust for thrust greedily trying to get as much of his cock as I could into my pussy. My legs slipped from his shoulders to around his waist, my ankle desperately pulling his bone against my clit, trying to hold him there for as long as I could until it happened. I could feel myself cumming, I don’t think I had ever cum just by being fucked, just by a cock but cumming I was, my legs were shaking, my breast heaving up and down and heat charging from my clit and pussy to all corners of my body. As I groaned and moaned the orgasm slowly subsided and the cock was gone.

But not for long, as I lay there gasping for breath the cock slid straight into my mouth from which I hungrily licked my juices from the head and shaft, his hot liquid running onto my tongue at the same time. I was desperate to see whose cock I was sucking, who had fucked me like a whore in front of two women. My hands moved up to the blind fold but were slapped away quite hard so for the time being I left it on. The cock in my mouth was still hard so whoever it was hadn’t cum yet, maybe they would fuck me again, I knew I wanted more cock, more fucking, more anything, I just wanted to be fucked like a slut.

The cock moved away and hands turned me onto all fours, my arms were draped over the end of the seat and my bullet like nipples rubbed against the hard cold surface. Then a tongue was at my pussy, lapping me from behind while I knelt like a bitch on heat, it licked and licked and once even licked over my other hole causing me to shudder, that was absolutely filthy and another first. The tongue probed deep inside me, parting my lips and fucking me like a small cock only to be suddenly replaced by a real cock. Slowly at first he fucked the cock in and out of me so as I could feel my lips gripping his cock as it slid back and forth. He pulled the cock out so just the very tip was between my lips before fucking it back in all the time building up steam, faster and faster. He gripped my buttocks so hard my cheeks parted and my arse was exposed to his gaze as he fucked me. I felt one hand move away and a finger slide into my pussy alongside his cock, when his finger was wet he removed and without warning placed it at the entrance to my other hole, gently he pressed the finger forward until it penetrated deep into my arse. As his cock came out his finger went in building up an incredible rhythm until another orgasm screamed through my body causing my back to arch and for me to shout “you bastard, fuck my slut cunt, fuck it, fuck it”.

As I slumped forward on the seat, my arms hanging over the end, panting, sweating and shaking, he pulled his cock out and thrust his fingers deep inside my cunt, two then three then four fingers deep in my cunt. My pussy soaked his fingers as he screwed them deep inside of me. He pulled his fingers out of my pussy and pushed them straight into my mouth, filling my mouth with my own slut juice and as soon as I had cleaned his fingers he replaced them with his rock hard cock and literally fucked my face, gripping my hair and ploughing his cock in and out of my mouth, the head causing me to gag as it touched my throat. I could also feel his hand banging against my lips as he wanked his cock into my mouth.

Suddenly my eyes were blinded as he tore the blindfold off, the light flooding in, as my eyes adjusted to the light I looked up and saw him but not for long, he pulled his cock from my mouth and wanked furiously firing jet after jet of scalding hot spunk over my face, into my eyes and mouth, the spunk dripping noisily onto the wooden floor, I had never seen so much spunk but I wanted it all and with my fingers scooped it of my face and slipped it into my mouth swallowing it as if I was starving.

As I looked to my left I could see myself in a huge gold framed mirror hanging over the end of the leather chaise longue , my arse in the air, cum running off my chin, my make up streaked and my lipstick smudged. I looked at him and smiled, “I thought you were still down stairs having a drink, I thought I had just been fucked by a stranger” I said. “Not tonight darling, some other time perhaps, you were mine tonight”. He knelt down and kissed me, licking the last drop of cum off my lips and forcing it into my mouth. Slowly he wiped me down with a thick soft towel and helped me dress, all the time my legs shaking as the sexual urges subsided.

He led me from the room which was completely empty except for the chaise longue and the mirror, the women gone, where the women ever there or was it my imagination, had they undressed me, stroked me, licked me or was it just him.

On leaving the room he led me into the room next door where I was greeted by the sight on Christine and Francine naked, entwined in each others arms sat on a deep sofa. As he led me over they both stood and kissed me on the mouth, their tongues gently probing between my lips. Christine put her hands on my shoulders and turned me round to face a huge mirror, it took a couple of seconds for me to realise that it wasn’t a mirror at all but a window into the room where I had just been fucked and spunked on. I gasped and said “how many people saw me like that”. “About 10 “said Christine, “I wish you were here to have heard their applause as you took his spunk”.

Both Christine and Francine gave me lingering, pussy tingling farewell kisses and we left into the night, driven back to our hotel in the same Rolls Royce, this time with the screen down, giving me a chance to enjoy something else new on the night.

As we pulled up outside the hotel the driver handed him a small package and said “For you and your lady Sir, compliments of the ladies and may you come back soon”.

“What is that” I asked in the lift, “A DVD of you fucking like a slut, everyone else has seen you so this will be your chance to watch and your memory of being a slut” With that he kissed me slowly on the lips and said “I love you darling”.