Written by Lucky Lady

30 Jul 2012

Thank you all for the lovely and positive comments on my stories so far. A little bit more about us. We are a normal everyday couple who found each other five years ago and have fallen more in love every day. However, we are not like this all the time, we do live a normal life, work and are both successful. The sex side of our relationship is spiced up by adventures and we enjoy them immensely however they are not the be all and end all. Most of our sex takes place between "just" the two of us, oh and a huge wardrobe and toy box!!

Just once in a while over the years do we play but when we do watch out ! Now this is a long story where I was introduced to some friends of his and this was the first meeting, there have been others and they have got kinkier every time. I hope you enjoy this one and if you do I will tell you about a little treat I set up for him.

The dinner had been exquisite, the food stunning, the most expensive wines I had ever drunk, and a different one for every course. The room beautiful, heavy silk curtains, candle light and subtle music playing softly in the background.

After the meal which had been served to us by an extremely handsome young waiter we retired to the very secluded garden and sat in the warm summer air drinking brandies and coffee and him smoking his favourite Cuban cigar. He was dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie now undone and draped around his neck. Everything about his dress was perfect, the patent shoes and the silver cufflinks glinting in the candlelight and I was dressed to match.

The dark blue silk dress clung to my every curve, my tanned legs naked and showing through the thigh high slit in the side, the black silk high heels extending my legs giving me favourite “fuck me” confidence and his favourite black, pearled thong. No bra of course, my nipples constantly made erect by the soft friction of the silk on my breasts. Tonight however there was an addition to my outfit. Before we had left home he had presented me with what I thought was a black jewellery box. “For you” he said with a smile.

The box contained a slim silver cylinder with a small wire attached to it, the cylinder glistened in the light of our bedroom and when I touched it I found it to be slightly slippery to the touch. “Lift your dress” he said, as always with him I did as I was told, I knew tonight would be another adventure and this was obviously the start. He pulled my thong to one side and after running his finger over my waxed smooth pussy lips he took the cylinder and slid it inside my pussy. He dropped the dress down and smiled “Was that nice” he asked, “yes you know I love wearing it, but why tonight?” I replied. “You will find out soon enough” was all he said and walked off to get his drink.

The car arrived to take us to his friends for dinner and dropped us at a large house hidden on the outskirts of the village. During the journey he had sat stroking my pussy through the slit in the dress whilst I had squeezed and stroked his hard cock. I’m sure the driver had adjusted his mirror to get a look but I wasn’t sure. When we arrived the driver took our overnight bag to the door whilst he helped me from the car. Although I was his slut he always without fail treated as the most precious thing in his life and always treated me like a lady, opening doors, holding my seat out, all the little things that make you feel special.

As we walked to the door it happened for the first time, a deep vibration started deep inside my pussy causing me to gasp as it was so unexpected. It only lasted for about five seconds but the thrill was unbelievable. I looked at him and he was smiling. He held open his hand and showed me the small black box, his thumb pressed the button on it and the vibration hit me again causing me to crush my thighs together in ecstasy. He pressed the door bell as I hissed “you dirty bastard” and as the door opened he hit the button again causing my legs to buckle slightly so intense was the feeling now coursing through my pussy.

The door was opened by a handsome man in his forties dressed in a dinner suit, he smiled and said “hello you two, do come in Helen is just coming down”. He introduced me to Paul who leant forward and kissed me gently on the cheek. As we walked in Paul said “Here is the Mistress now” which struck me as strange but they both just laughed so I took no more notice.

Walking down the stairs was Helen; I had heard about her but never met her before tonight. Late thirties, slim, short brunette hair, rolling hips and the most beautiful almond almost feline eyes. She was dressed in a black silk evening dress with a slit to match mine and obviously braless as well judging by her nipples. She kissed him lightly on the lips and I on the cheek, then taking me by the hand led us into the lounge for drinks.

Whilst Helen had prepared the food and selected the wine she had hired a local young man in to serve the dinner during the course of which I couldn’t help but notice that when he came to serve her she would discretely stroke the back of his leg and bum. I looked at Paul and him but neither showed any sort of reaction so I just ignored it.

After drinks in the garden Helen took me to our room and whilst there said “isn’t the waiter just gorgeous”. I smiled and said “yes he is a bit of a hunk”. She laughed loudly and said “I can see you are as bad as me”. Suddenly she leant forward and kissed me gently on the lips and said “come on more drinks”.

Through the course of the dinner I had noticed that Paul was quite quiet but very attentive to Helen and my needs, anything we wanted he got straight away and this continued in the garden. It was while Helen sat opposite me that she crossed her legs and her dress fell away from her legs, not only was she not wearing a bra but now her smooth pussy was exposed, the lips slightly swollen and shining in the candlelight, as quick as I had seen it she said “oops” and covered herself but not before looking me right in the eye and smiling. Then it hit me again but this time the vibrations went on and on causing my cheeks to flush and my bottom to squirm on the settee. “Looks like you enjoyed that” whispered Helen causing me to blush deeply.

The waiter appeared and said “Everything is clear down here now, would you like me get upstairs ready”. Helen said “yes, we will be up soon so as quick as you can and Paul Darling can you help him. After about 30 minutes the garden lights flashed and Helen said “come with me you two I have something to show you”. We both followed her up the stairs and as we got to the door of our room his arms snaked around me and held me tight, Helen stepped forward and placed a black silk blindfold tightly over my eyes “Relax” was all she said and kissed me hard on the lips her tongue just darting briefly into my mouth.

I was led forward then stopped. I felt my dress slither to the floor and the soft cushion of a chair touch the back of my knees, I sat down and felt my wrists being tied to the arms of the chair, not to hurt but definitely to stop me getting up. My legs were then parted and the same done to my ankles. The room went quiet for sometime broken only by the frequent activation of the vibrator. I could feel my juice running from pussy and onto the chair. After what seemed an age the blindfold was removed and the sight that greeted me was unbelievable.

Helen had changed into a black corset, stockings, high heels and black thong. Around her neck was a collar with a lead attached, he was holding the lead whilst she knelt at his feet holding his stiff cock in her right hand, in her left hand she had the more than impressive cock of the young waiter which she sucking vigorously. Around her neck hung the remote to my vibrator. It was then that I noticed another chair next to me, when I looked I saw that Paul was tied into his chair the same as me and whilst my pussy was leaking his cock stood erect from his groin, throbbing before my eyes.

Helen took turns in sucking both cocks, covering them in shining saliva and deep red lipstick. She swirled her tongue around the knobs, stuck the tip of her tongue into the eyes of their cocks and squeezed and massaged their balls, occasionally taking them in her mouth.

Suddenly he said “up slut” and pulled her to her feet by the lead. He sat on the end of the bed and pulled her over his knee; he ripped the thong down and said “you know what happens now slut”. She just looked at him and nodded. The waiter moved in front of her face and as the first spank landed he thrust his cock into Helens mouth, driving the whole length in before pulling it out and thrusting it back in time with the spanks. Every time the cock was taken from her mouth Helen groaned with pleasure and every time she groaned so did I. My pussy was throbbing, leaking and pulsing watching him and the waiter use her like this. Next to me Paul’s cock was leaking liquid that was running down to his balls whilst mine was soaking the cushion.

The spanking stopped and the waiter pulled Helen to her feet turned her around and bent her over the bed. Her arse was bright red from the spanking and her naked, leaking, swollen pussy was clearly visible. I had never seen a pussy so aroused before. The waiter moved out of the way to let him in, he stepped behind Helen and slid one, them two then three fingers deep into her pussy, her back arched and her first orgasm screamed from her lips. As more juice leaked from her lips he managed to get his other finger and thumb into her pussy. “Ready” he said “God yes” she said. He pushed forward and his whole hand disappeared inside her to the wrist. Helen screamed, groaned, swore and orgasmed again and again. Her legs seemed to give way but he held her up by the hand deep in her pussy. He pulled her hand out and the waiter took his place doing exactly the same to her until she collapsed forward onto the bed groaning and trembling, her pussy was wide open and juice poured from it onto the bed.

He walked towards me his erect cock thrusting out in front of him, the knob shining with her saliva. He stood in front of me tormenting me with his erection and slowly one by one made lick Helen’s juices from his fingers. As I savoured her taste he grabbed my head, pulled it forward and thrust his cock deep into my mouth, his salty liquid covering my tongue covering the sweeter taste of Helen. My pussy was now opening and closing by itself, my clit was throbbing and then the vibrator went off again. Helen was stood behind him stroking his balls whilst I sucked his cock. The waiter was stood behind her fingering her clit and biting her neck. Every bite made her eyes roll back just like when he found my map. The lucky slut.

He pulled his cock from my mouth, leant down and kissed me passionately, “you will join in soon but he, indicating Paul won’t”. He likes to watch and if we let him wank his cock. Helen stepped forward and slid two slim fingers deep inside my soaking pussy, she bent them up and found my map causing my bum to lift off the seat and present even more of my pussy to her. She took the fingers out and licked them clean. She kissed me and said “I can’t wait to taste you properly darling”

She stepped back reached up and pressed the button of the remote and my first cum hit me hard causing my held to flop forward and the breath to rush from my body. My legs had shaken violently on the first God only knows how I was going to feel later.

Helen was taken by her lead back to the bed, bent over and the waiter just thrust his cock into her pussy, “Fuck my cunt, fuck it now” she wailed as he thrust his cock deep into her pussy. The waiter absolutely pounded her pussy forcing her face into the duvet. As I watched open mouthed he came and stood behind me pulling, massaging and twisting my nipples. He leant down and bit my neck gently and said “would you like his cock darling”. “Yes” I gasped “and yours and her cunt, God I want it all, I need it all, please untie me and fuck me” “All in good time” said and quickly twisted both my nipples hard causing me cum for the second time in five minutes. How much of this could I take?

He continued to twist my nipples back and forth and then pull them away from my breasts; the pain was exquisite and burnt like fire from my nipples to my clit. I could feel the heat of his naked cock against my shoulder and tried to turn my head to suck it but just couldn’t quite reach.

My eyes turned back to the bed, the waiter was obviously close to cumming, his arse had tensed and his pace was now even faster. His cock literally slammed into Helens pussy and with each thrust she screamed. Quickly the waiter pulled his cock from Helen and wanked it fast. With one final shout he shot a huge stream of cum up Helens back, followed by another and another and another. The spunk was running down her sides onto the bed. The final jet went all over her arse.

The waiter then straddled Helens back and proceeded to cover his cock in the spunk he had shot over her. Helen lay motionless beneath him as he bathed his cock in his spunk. The waiter got off the bed and slowly walked towards me, his cum and her juice covered cock swaying in front of him. As he stood between my legs he lifted his wet cock and placed it against my lips. I opened my mouth wide and slid my lips over the thick, wet head of his cock, sucking the spunk and juice off quickly before he could take it away. Amazingly his cock started to harden between my lips and the more I sucked the harder it got until it was fully erect again and starting to leak more of its liquid onto my tongue. Agonisingly he pulled his cock from my mouth but did not walk away; he grasped the shaft and rubbed the wet knob all over my face leaving streaks of cum and cunt juice all over me. The smell of pure, unadulterated sex made me cum, yet more juice ran from my pussy, soaking the chair.

The waiter stepped back and gently untied the ribbons around my wrists and ankles and then offering me his hands he helped me from the chair. I stood up and gently leading me by the hand he led me to the bed. He laid me down next to Helen who was still struggling to get her breath from the fucking she had received. Immediately his head went between my legs and his tongue probed deep into my pussy and I immediately orgasmed. My hips rose from the bed and I pulled his head harder against my clit, demanding that he make me cum again and again, which he did. My legs started their familiar shaking and my chest heaved as wave after wave of lust ran through me. By now he had lifted me so far off the bed only my shoulders were touching it and I could clearly see his tongue reaming in and out of my cunt, his face covered with my juices.

As hard as it may seem I had nearly forgotten about him until I heard him say “is her cunt ready now”. The waiter looked up and said “yes” and slowly lowered me down onto the bed. The waiter slid across the bed and stood behind my head, he reached forward and grasped my ankles lifting them up towards my shoulders. My pulsating pussy was now completely exposed to him. Then he said “for you now my gorgeous slut” as his cock slid straight into my soaked cunt. As I looked back the waiters cock was now directly above my mouth and as I gasped at his first thrust into my pussy the waiter plunged his cock into my mouth. The harder he thrust into my cunt the deeper the cock went into my mouth. As it touched the back of my throat I would swallow and grasp the knob tightly in my throat causing the sexy young waiter too groan with pleasure. Such a good trick

The double fucking of my cunt and mouth became relentless until it suddenly stopped and they were gone, only for them to changes places, the waiter now mercilessly fucking my cunt and him plundering my mouth. The sweat was now pouring off me adding to the juice running from my pussy, so much juice that I could feel it between the cheeks of my arse, lubricating my other fuck hole.

Out of nowhere I felt fingers running between my arse cheeks but couldn’t see who it was, the fingers found my arse and one then two slim fingers thrust deep inside my forbidden hole. This was just too much for me and I let his cock slip from my lips as I screamed in sweet agony as the most crushing orgasm burnt to the depths of my soul. I shook, I couldn’t breathe, I swore and begged them to make me a whore, a slut to use me and take me and then they were gone. Leaving me spread eagled on the bed my legs and mouth wide open but my eyes shut. I felt like a shell all the energy had gone but my brain was telling me “get more, give yourself and make them do it again and again.

My head was lifted from the bed and a glass of water placed to my lips whilst a hand stroked my hair softly until I regained normality.

As I opened my eyes he was there smiling and said “did you enjoy that”. “God yes I have never cum like that before”. “Good” he said, “now we have got a present for you”. I looked up and Helen was stood by the bed her lead being held by the waiter, his cock still stiff. She was now naked except for her thong and heels.

“This slut is your present, she is yours to fuck, lick, spank and use. She will be completely subservient to your wishes and do exactly as you tell her. Tonight you are in charge, you make the decisions and the slut will obey”.

I had never really been into women before him but the more I experimented the more I came to enjoy it and now I had one who would do exactly what I wanted!!!!

Then he said “Slut, show her what you have for her”. Helen took my hand and led me to a chest of draws, she opened the draw and “For you to use”. Suddenly he snapped “For you to use what” in a very stern voice. “Sorry” said Helen “For you to use Mistress”. The draw contained every type of sex toy imaginable, vibes, huge dildoes, strap on cocks, bottles of lube, a riding crop and a pair of hand cuffs. I’d often imagined what it would be like to dominate someone sexually and now I was going to find out. As I selected a large dildo from the draw he said “and the boy is yours as well to use”. Now my imagination was running riot, two sex slaves for me. The waiter handed me her lead and I pulled her sharply towards the bed.

“Lay down slut” I commanded and open your slut legs. Her pussy opened in front of me the lips red and swollen. “Finger your cunt and arse now”. Without a murmur Helen proceeded to slide two fingers into her cunt and one into her arse. “Don’t you dare stop until you cum slut”. I stood and watched as Helen fingered herself to an orgasm, her lips trembling and sweat running down her face. The scene was intensely erotic, being able to order someone to do something and them obeying without question. My throbbing pussy was telling me just how much of a turn on it was.

As soon as her hands had fallen away I leant forward and plunged the dildo deep into her cunt, I was going to make sure that she got no rest and that her orgasms kept coming and coming. She was my slut and it was delicious to watch her being used the way I normally love to be used.

The huge dildo went deep into her cunt and with every thrust her hips rose from the bed trying to force even more of it into her leaking pussy. As I looked around the room all three men were wanking their cocks slowly, Paul’s right hand having been untied. Not only did I have my own slut I now had three cocks at my command who were going to do whatever I wished and they would believe you me.

I said to him “lift her legs darling” and to the waiter “fuck her slut arse while I dildo her cunt”. The waiter used some of the lube to wet his cock and then moved forward as he lifted he legs from behind her head. As soon as her arse was up the waiter pushed his big knob into her arse causing a huge groan to cum from her lips. Her tight arsehole gripped his cock tightly as he slowly fucked her, as he drove his cock in I could feel the pressure of his cock push the dildo in my hand downwards.

When I looked at him he was rubbing his cock all over her face but never let her get it in her mouth. He said “try to suck it slut and you will be severely punished, do you understand”. Helen just nodded.

As they fucked her I went back to the draw and inspected the strap on cock. The harness was leather and the cock enormous. As I put it on I noticed that on my side there was another knob end curving upwards, this had to be slid into my pussy before I could do up the straps. Whilst the thing looked faintly ridiculous on my frame I just couldn’t wait to fuck my slut with it.

I walked back to the bed, the cock swaying in front of me. I moved the waiter out of the way and stepped between my sluts legs and thrust the huge cock straight into her pussy causing the knob on my side to push deep into mine. As I leant forward plunging the cock to the hilt deep in her cunt I gripped he wrists and said “tonight slut your are mine and I will use you as I see fit”. As I thrust again she whimpered “please use me, I need to be used and when you have finished please spank me for being such a slut”

Where was this going to lead ………………………….

Helen had by now collapsed back onto the bed, fucked to standstill by me and the strap on. Her make up had run , there was spunk all over her body and face, her cunt lips were swollen and red as was her arse but still she thrashed her fingers over her clit, screaming as every orgasm over came her. She looked how she wanted to be a used slut, a fucked and spunked on whore.

To finish what I had started I thrust the juice covered strap on onto her mouth for her to clean, she licked and sucked the juices from it as if it was her first time and the collapsed back onto the bed. I unbuckled the strap on and walked towards the waiter, my juice running down my thighs, my nipples now huge, engorged with blood and burning with lust. The waiters cock stretched out in front of him twitching slightly as I approached, a small drop of liquid at the eye.

I reached my hand out and grabbed his cock which was rigid hard and smeared the liquid all over his knob with my thumb causing him to squirm. “Stand still” I said and squeezed his cock hard. I bent it down and rubbed it over the lips of my cunt and especially my clit, causing me to shudder as the heat of his cock lit up my clit. I turned around, bent over and said “fuck me hard”.

His large knob pressed past me soaking lips and his long, thick shaft slid deep inside my cunt. His hands gripped my hips and began to slam his cock faster and faster into me, the sensation was unbelievable as it went soooooooo deep. His fat cock seemed to go right into my womb; I had never felt anything like it. Every time he pulled back I could feel my cunt lips stretch out then be fucked back in. Time and time again he fucked it into me until I felt myself start to cum, my legs shook and my eyes rolled as the monster cock fucked me like a slut. Then it came, tearing through my cunt, burning to my nipples, the orgasm was huge and I slumped forward onto the bed. The waiter fell forward with and still he fucked me, on and on and on until I was screaming, begging him to stop, the sensation was just too much. I could literally feel my cunt lips gripping his cock as my body orgasmed again and then again.

As I lifted my head I saw that Helen now had his cock in her mouth whilst the waiter still had his cock in my cunt. The waiter had stopped fucking me and just let me savour the feeling of his huge cock deep inside me. Helen kept sucking him until he grabbed her hair and started to fuck her face, his balls slapping her chin, her nose pressed deep into his groin as his cock went all the way into her mouth.

I felt the waiter pull his still hard cock from my cunt and walk away, now my juices were pouring down my legs and my cunt was opening and closing by itself, desperately trying to regain the feeling of his cock, it was if my cunt was begging for more cock. I wasn’t to be disappointed, the waiter and him just changed places. The waiter forced his cock into Helens mouth causing her cheeks to bulge and he fucked his cock into my used cunt, although not as big it still felt wonderful to be being fucked again. God only knows where this side of me had come from but I am so glad I had found it.

He held my hips as he fucked me, slowly at first then faster and faster. Then I felt something unusual, he had slid a finger into my pussy alongside his cock and then it was gone. It was then I found out why, he had used my juice as lube to slide his finger into my arse, first one then two. I knew what the bastard was going to do but I was to far gone to care. He pulled his cock from my cunt and rested it against my arse, I tried to say no but either didn’t have the energy or more likely secretly wanted it. The one time he had lubed his fingers and fingered my arse had made me feel really dirty and I so love feeling really dirty.

I felt him press forward and his cock slid into my arse, he was slow and gentle and I found that the sensation was quite delicious, not anything like I had thought it would be. Slowly he got faster but never really fucked me hard although I think with a bit of practice he could fuck me there fast. Then his cock was gone and back in my pussy again fucking me frantically his balls slapping my arse and his cock throbbing inside me. My cunt was so alive that I could feel every ripple and throb of his cock which was now absolutely rock hard, the way I love it.

As I lifted my face from the bed I saw Helens cunt right in front of me and it was literally throbbing, I could see her lips moving as the waiter continued to fuck her face. I leant forward and slid two fingers deep into it and fucked them in and out as fast as I could, banging my knuckles onto her swollen clit. I tried another finger, then another until I had my hand deep in her hole, her lips gripping my wrist tightly as she shouted her orgasm out. As I pulled my hand out I licked her juices from my fingers.

He stopped fucking me, this was never love making this was out and out fucking and stood me up and then laid me on my back onto the bed. Through the haze of orgasms and the smell of sex I heard him say “get in position slut”. I felt the bed move and suddenly Helen straddled my face, her cunt over my mouth, small drops of her juice dripping onto my lips. The next thing I knew was her head went forward and her tongue lapped at my pussy, parting the lips and sliding inside. I saw him standing at the side of the bed and knew that this was what he had always wanted to see, me licking a woman’s cunt. After all that had happened tonight it would have seemed stupid not too.

My hands gripped Helens hips and I pulled her pussy down onto my tongue, the taste was lovely and if I could now swallow spunk I could certainly swallow this. Faster and faster we both licked each other, the juice pouring out of both of us until she thrust her cunt tight onto my face and my hips rose up to her tongue as a simultaneous orgasm hit us both together. As my cunt throbbed yet again he slid his cock into me at the same time as the waiters cock appeared above me and slid into Helens cunt.

This was unbelievable, not long ago I wouldn’t even play with myself now here I was having been fucked twice by a strange man, watched her husband wank, had my arse fucked and licked a pussy. Now I couldn’t resist as the waiters cocks plunged in and out of her I stuck my tongue out to lick his cock and her cunt at the same time. Now this was fucking dirty. He kept on fucking my cunt and she was obviously doing the same as me as I could feel her tongue on my clit as he fucked me.

The fucking continued until both of the men started to groan, he hadn’t cum yet, God knows how. The waiter pulled his cock from Helen at the same time as he pulled his cock from me. Roughly I was pulled over and laid next to Helen, our heads touching as they both knelt on the bed, fierce erections in their hands, wanking hard and fast. The waiters cock over Helens face and his over mine. With a massive groan they both came, spunk erupting from their cocks, splash after splash hit my face, some was his some the waiters and Helen got the same treatment, spunk covering her face and tits just like mine.

As the men rocked back Helen rolled over and began to lick the spunk from my face and kiss it into my mouth, she really was a slut so I decided to return the compliment and plunged my spunk covered tongue into her mouth until we were both totally clean.

Helen looked at me, smiled and whispered “next time I think I’ll hire a waitress as well”